"Take Part In Continuing Professional Development That Is Relevant To Own Goals And Targets" Essays and Research Papers

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Take Part In Continuing Professional Development That Is Relevant To Own Goals And Targets

 Yvonne Hemmings Leadership and Management Level 5 Assessment Task: Promote Professional development As a manager in your setting you know that the ability to reflect on your own practice is an essential skill. You have decided to prepare a set of guidance notes on the principles of professional development for your staff team which; 1 – Understand principles of professional development 1.1 Explains the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice. In my opinion I believe it is important...

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Fact Sheet – Continuing Professional Development

FACT SHEET – CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (CPD) KEY MESSAGE – If you are planning to take any form of extended leave such as maternity leave and intend to resume your nursing or midwifery career please take the necessary steps to ensure you meet the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia’s (NMBA) Continuing Professional Development Standard. CPD – Continuing Professional Development To maintain registration all nurses and midwives must meet the continuing professional development (CPD) standard...

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Advance Professional Development

Advance Professional Development Description: This unit is designed to enable learners to take responsibility for their learning and development needs to meet personal, professional and organisational goals and objectives. This will be achieved through analysing current skills and preparing and implementing personal development plans. This unit highlights the importance of seeking feedback from others to improve performance continuously reviewing learning needs as these skills will equip the...

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Continuing Professional Development

Continuing professional development On the ninth of September I completed my first ever teaching session. This is my reflection of that session and my plan on how I will develop my skills as a teacher to deliver a more professional teaching session. I initially approached the session organiser by emails to establish what resources are available, the amount of learners attending and any other information I may need to teach my session. On reflection, I could have done this over the phone, to be more...

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Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of Continuing Professional Development to professional associations, employers and employees.

over the recent past, are outdated. In order to update their members, many professional groups have introduced the concept of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). (Foot and Hooks, 2002). The Royal Town Planning Institute (2001) holds that CPD is the means by which members of professional associations maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge and skills and develop their personal qualities required in their professional lives. A guide for employers of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science...

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Continuing Personal and Professional Development, and Reflective Practice

Unit 5 Dtlls Assignment title: Continuing personal & professional development & reflective practice. In the lifelong learning sector, employers have the responsibility to work closely with their teams and develop their teaching and delivery skills. it is important that their staff members and team are qualified to teach at all different level and take steps to develop their expertise. teachers must also actively research and develop their assessing skills, what other learning materials...

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UNIT 502 PROMOTE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT In my role it is important to continually improve my knowledge and practices. In health and social care ways of working and legislation as well as good practice are constantly changing. Therefore it is important to keep up to date with training and also any changes in legislation. This will enable me to deliver the best service possible to the tenants I support and also enables me to keep staff upto date with any changes in the way that we work. It...

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Personal and professional development

_______________________________________________________________ 3 Task 2.1 – Evaluating Skill and Competencies_____________________________________4 Task 2.2 – Own Development Needs____________________________________________5 Task 2.3 – Identify Development Opportunities____________________________________6 Task 2.4 – Personal and Professional Plan________________________________________7 Conclusion ________________________________________________________________ 8 References ___________...

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Professional Development Plan

Introduction This assignment describes my own Professional Development Plan (PDP) for the first six months of my nurse registration. Following a PDP will show my commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD), otherwise known as PREP (CPD). PREP stands for Post-Registration Education and Practice and is a set of Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) standards and guidance that help nurses give the best possible care (NMC PREP Handbook 2006 p3); part of which is a commitment to CPD. CPD is...

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promote proffesional development

often tell our caregivers that they are ‘the face of Home Instead’ they are the ones out there providing the care, and our reputation, standards and overall success is heavily dependent on the care that they provide. Therefore, their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is key to the success of the organisation. It would be foolish to believe that putting caregivers through Induction training, and then the mandatory annual training updates; in order to tick all the boxes required by CQC, would...

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