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  • Alveolar Surface Tension and Surfactant in the Compliance of the Lungs

    Alveolar Surface Tension and Surfactant in the Compliance of the Lungs Alveolar surface tension is important for the lungs to function efficiently. Surfactant is a lining in the alveoli made of lipids and proteins. Surface tension of the alveoli are important to keep the alveoli shape‚ but surfactant is needed to regulate surface tension. Also surface tension promotes movement of fluids across the alveolar membrane‚ therefore the surfactant also regulates the movement of fluids. Attraction of

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  • Physics coursework - marked A* (60/64marks)

    30m/s due north. Meanwhile‚ acceleration is definitely not the same as velocity or speed. Acceleration is the change in velocity in a certain amount of time. The factors affecting the terminal velocity of a falling object include: its mass‚ its surface area‚ the viscosity of a liquid and the height of where the object is dropped. In his First Law‚ Newton explained the effect of a net force‚ greater than zero‚ upon an object at rest. In his Second Law‚ Newton explains the effect of a force upon a moving

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  • Agar Cube Lab Report

    through several ways‚ like diffusion? Aim: To plan and carry out an investigation to show the relationship between volume/Cm3‚ surface area‚ and diffusion using agar cubes measured in time/s; and to demonstrate‚ using diffusion‚ why the size of cells is limited‚ keeping the room temperature and pressure constant. Hypothesis: I expect to find that when the surface area to volume of a cell reaches a certain level‚ diffusion alone won’t be able to supply the cell materials needed‚ and as single-celled

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  • Centre of Pressure on a Plane Vertical / Plane Inclined Surface

    Centre of Pressure on a Plane Vertical / Plane Inclined Surface EN1702: Thermofluids 1 – Fluid mechanics – Laboratory Date of Lab Report Submission: 18th March 2013 Date of Lab Exercise: 8th April 2013 Table of Contents Page Aim 3 Objectives 3 Theory

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  • osmosis and diffusion

    piece must be kept the same in each experiment primarily because they affect the surface area of the piece‚ and varying surface area could have a great effect on the rate of osmosis. This is because in an experiment where the potato chip has a large surface area‚ there is a larger area of partially permeable membrane and therefore more opportunity for water particles to pass through. I will keep the surface area the same by keeping the mass and length of the potato piece the same in each

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  • The Rate Of Reaction Between marble Chips and Hydrochloric Acid.

    Introduction We are going to do an experiment to see how surface area effects the rate of reaction when added to hydrochloric acid. I will add calcium carbonate (marble chips) to hydrochloric acid. When calcium carbonate is added to hydrochloric acid a reaction takes place. The solution fizzes and gives off the gas carbon dioxide. I will collect this gas in a gas syringe and will time how long it takes for the reaction to produce 100cm3 of carbon dioxide. CaCO3 +2HCL Co2 +CaCl2 +H2O CalciumHydrochloricCarbonCalciumWater

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  • Surface area to volume ratio

    the Ratio of Surface Area to Volume on Transformation Efficiency in Escherichia coli K-12 Eliana Pouchard‚ Steve Teng‚ and Cameron Wong Department of Microbiology & Immunology‚ UBC In the process of transformation‚ bact eria take up DNA fr om the environment through their cell wall. To induce competence in the cells‚ the DNA for uptake must first attach to the cell surface prio r to passing throug h the membrane. Previous studies on the effect of surface area on transformation

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  • Surface Area Lab Report

    find out if surface area affects reaction rate‚ and this experiment proved that surface area in fact does affect reaction rate. My experiment used a berocca tablet that was either cut into sections or left whole‚ the smaller fractions had a larger surface area as there was more area to cover‚ the pieces were then put into water to see what sized tablet reacted to the water the fastest. My hypothesis was supported as it was proven that the smaller pieces which had a larger surface area were much quicker

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  • Enzyme Lab Report

    Problem- How do variables temperature and surface area affect the rate of reaction occurring in the enzyme? Information- Enzymes are proteins that act as biological catalysts. They speed up chemical reactions that take place in cells. Enzymes can be found in both liver and potato. They provide a site where reactants can be brought together to react. These reactants are called substrates that fin into the enzyme. The changing of heat‚ surface area‚ chemicals‚ and pH will denature the shape of

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  • effect of temperature on hydrogen peroxide

    concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide Hypothesis I predict that the breakdown of Hydrogen Peroxide will be quicker when the surface area is increased. If you cut the same size piece of potato into smaller pieces‚ I believe‚ the breakdown will be faster. I predict that an increase in surface area will result in an increase in kinetic energy. Since the size of the area increases‚ I think that more oxygen will be released from the Hydrogen Peroxide and Catalyse. We will be measuring the

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