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Substitute Good

forces Threats of Substitutes (Low) Product that able to represent other product function can be defined as substitute product (Wheelen and Hunger, 2002). Currently, there are no perfect substitutes for airline service, as airline service has the best range of destination, time-efficient and convenience. However, the fact that trains and air-transports are substitute is true, but the threat will only be high if it’s applied in domestic travel. Currently, the threat of substitutes for airline industry...

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Economics Commentary

of a particular good. In this article, Paladol raised the price of its product, which was a mistake; there are a lot of other medicines for a headache and most of them would be cheaper which is what Paladol should have considered before raising their price. PED= Percentage change in quantity demandedPercentage change in price=%∆QD%∆P Cross-price elasticity of demand (XED) measures the responsiveness of consumers of a particular good to a change in the price of a related good, both complements...

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Mgmt Midterm

--> Competitive Advantage Mission: A firms long term purpose. A desire future state: the aspiration of the organization. - Long term Mission Statements: Good ones are: graphic, directional, focused, flexible, feasible, desirable, easy to communicate, challenging. Bad ones are: vague/incomplete, not forward looking, too broad, bland/ininspiring, not distinctive, too reliant on...

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Consumer Theory and X1

how consumers buy their goods? Economists assume: consumers choose the best bundle of goods they can afford. Two aspects: ----Consumers choose the most preferred goods. ----They are limited by economic condition. The Budget Constraint Consumption bundles: (消费束,商品组合): a list of numbers of goods and services. X = (x1, x2, …, xn,) In the case of two goods: good 1 and good 2. Bundle of goods: X = (x1, x2) Prices of goods: (p1, p2), The amount...

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Swot for Intel

customers. This good reputation seems the existence of barriers to entry ,compare with new entrants. * Industry profitability: demand for such products is seasonal, and its marketing efforts are typically concentrated around tax preparation time, and during that time, Intuit always make many promotion and advertised it products through a number of marketing efforts, such as web marketing, mail, television ads. As a new entrant, it is hard to share the market with Intuit. Threat of substitute products...

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Uniqlo Supply Chain

C) Threat of Substitutes Casual wear is one of the basic wear among the loose fit and relaxed fit wear. There are so many substitutes circulated into the market. One the main substitute of casual wear is active wear or athletic wear. Casual fashion clothing have been anticipated into the industry. The differentiation into the casual clothing could be provided a new line of clothing which could be nearest substitute of the product. The specialised stores could have been offered semi casual, smart...

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Mktg 303

-scale economies. -Threat of substitutes: -substitutes vs complements; substitutes increase the intensity of rivalry; DVD adds pressure on all existing VCR manufacturers substitutes increase the bargaining power of buyers -seemingly strong substitutes may pose little threat if they are prices too high -Bargaining power of suppliers: -suppliers can squeeze industry profits if; -suppliers are concentrated and there are few substitutes (monopolise/have greater bargaining...

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Porter's Five for Lining

Incumbent's proprietary knowledge | h | 0 | | Incumbent's access to raw materials | h | 0 | | Incumbent's access to government subsidies | h | 0 | | | | | Threat of a Substitute Product | Rate of improvement in price/perf. relationship of substitute product | H | 1 | | Profitability of industry producing substitutes | L | 0 | | Switching costs for the buyer of a product | L | 1 | | | | | Power of Buyers | Concentration of buyers relative to industry members | h | 1 | | Volume...

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The Big Cheese of Mouse Traps.(a view)

your hands clean”. 4. Product:- Innovative mousetrap – the Trap-Ease. Price: - $2.49 per 2 units Place: - National grocery, hardware, and drug chains such as Safeway, Kmart,Hechingers and CB Drug. Promotion: - $10,000 on advertising in Good Housekeeping and other “home and shelter”magazines.- $50,000 for travel costs to visit trade shows and to make sales calls on retailersConsidering the Place, I think, Trap-Ease can be also distributed through supermarkets (likeWal-Mart and others)...

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Abercrombie & Fitch Executive Summary

Substitutes outside the clothing market are another way to build the image luxury apparel is trying to sell (watches/jewelry, technology, etc.). Substitutes are likely and dependent on trends and economic conditions. o Substitutions made on brand perception; little loyalty based on quality. o Easy for buyer to switch to substitute due to little added cost/effort. o Industry positioned between casual and luxury brands, therefore, fares well against substitutes. Firm...

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