"Strategic Analysis Of Air Asia The Best Low Cost Carrier Airlines In The World" Essays and Research Papers

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Strategic Analysis Of Air Asia The Best Low Cost Carrier Airlines In The World

Marketing Principles Assignment one Air Asia Section 101 Ibrahim K. Al-Zuwaid 200800196 Company Case Q. What are the micro and macro environmental factors that have contributed to the early success of Air Asia? Micro factors: 1. Fernandes (the CEO of Air Asia) contributed heavily to the success of Air Asia. He was seen working alongside with the employees as a baggage hander to get to know his staff members and to listen to the customer’s wants and needs. Mr. Fernandes...

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Air Asia-Marketing Plan

 AIR ASIA Executive Summary  Strategic management has played a key role in the success of many business organizations in the world including airlines and Air Asia is no exception. Commencing in 1996, within fifteen years, Air Asia managed to expand its operations into another ten countries. In addition, through its associate company AsiaX, it launched long-haul low-cost air services from Malaysia to Australia and the United Kingdom. This paper will look at the award winning Malaysian low cost carrier-...

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Air Asia Swot Analysis

AIR ASIA 1. a) Air Asia’s vision: • To be established as the leading low-cost carrier in the Asian region. AirAsia’s mission: • A low cost airline carrier that offers five-star service with 95% of on-time performance. • To be able to provide affordable airfares, at the same time promoting Malaysian hospitality and the local food. • To focus on customer’s needs by stimulating demand and offers the lowest fares, comprehensive distribution channel and developing various products and services...

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Low Cost Airline

Company profile | | Nok Air is a low cost airline in Thailand. Destinations of the flight are served within domestic with affordable price. Thai Airways International Public Company Limited holds 39% joint venture with the company. Thai Commercial Securities Co., Ltd. (Thai commercial banks. Co., Ltd. (Thailand), CPB Equity Company Limited (Crown Property Bureau) and other shareholders include Krung Thai Bank (Thailand) holds 10%, Dhipaya Insurance Company Limited (Thailand) holds 10%, Pension...

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Low cost Carrier

Introduction The airline industry has been plagued by factors such as overcapacity, commoditization of offerings or competition, high level of rivalry, entry of low cost carriers. other factors include several macro-level socio economic troubles, SARS crisis, 9/11 attacks, bird flu, Asian Tsunami and other terrorism concerns, due to this there has been a big impact on airline profit. As market condition is continuously changing, it is difficult to predict the future of the airline industry. the overall...

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Cost Management in Air Asia

INTRODUCTION Background, History and the Business Concept AirAsia is a brand of airlines operated by AirAsia Berhad. A Malaysian based low-fare company. AirAsia established in 1993 and start the operations on 18 November 1996 (Wikipedia, 2011) Inspired by the success of Ryanair and EasyJet as low cost carrier, Toni Fernandes saw the potential of having the same concept in Asia. Air Asia executed the cost leadership strategy with introduced ticketless travelling, one type cabin, free seating...

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Future of Low-Cost Airlines

Outline two possible ‘likely futures’ for the low-cost airline industry. The low-cost model in the airline industry, pioneered by Southwest Airlines, continues to bring profitability, success and challenges to airlines in markets across the world. Low-cost airlines continue to put pressure on the traditional ‘legacy’ airlines to compete while engaged in an intense rivalry with direct low-cost competitors. This paper argues that the low-cost airline industry is likely to (i) look to long haul operations...

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air asia

Air Asia’s local presence in few countries such as Indonesia (Indonesia AirAsia) and Thailand (Thai AirAsia) has successfully “elevated” the brand to become a regional brand beyond just Malaysia. The links with Manchester United (one of the world’s most famous football teams) and AT&T Williams Formula One team have further boosted their image to a greater extend beyond just the this region 1. Operation effectiveness and outstanding efficiency One of the Air Asia strategies to solve the current...

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Swot Analysis Air Asia

SWOT ANALYSIS FOR AIR ASIA Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis for AirAsia Strengths The first phase of the swot analysis is the strengths analysis for Air Asia. There are some unique strengths of Air Asia that others company could not defeat them. First and foremost, Air Asia has a very cooperative and strong management team with strong connections with the government and the airline industry leaders.This is partly contributed by the diverse background of...

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Low Cost Carriers

ERAU With airline deregulation and the spread of increased competition to airline markets around the world, control of operating costs and improved productivity have become critical to the profitability of airlines. The emergence and rapid growth of “low-costairlines is due in large part to their ability to deliver air transportation services at substantially lower costs and at higher levels of productivity than the traditional “legacy” airlines. In response, legacy airlines have had to find...

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