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Stella Kowalski

comfort from temporary affairs with other men. It can be implied then that the circumstances surrounding the traumatic loss of her husband have weakened her mental and emotional strength so that the distressing events that occur during her stay with Stella and Stanley only further cripple her psychological condition. Blanche depends on men for financial assistance, social support and ultimately her sense of self-esteem. It is clear that Blanche and Mitch both feel attracted to one another on the...

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Explore the methods Williams uses to create dramatic tension for an audience in 'A Streetcar Named Desire'.

instance of this occurs in the second scene. Blanche is bathing, whilst Stanley questions Stella about the loss of Belle Reve, referring to the so-called "Napoleonic code". As an audience, we sense the tension being created when he says "And I don't like to be swindled." We see Stanley's aggressive nature and his increasing anger towards Blanche through his actions and words, "Open your eyes to this stuff!" When Stella cries, "Don't be such an idiot, Stanley", he becomes even more enraged, "[he hurls the...

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Destiny of Hamlet

DuBois from A Streecar Named Desire is a loquacious middle aged women. Blanche has had many lovers yet she still can not fulfill her sexual urges. After moving in with her sister Stella reality comes closer to Blanche that it ever has. The two sisters have a very distinctive relationship because of how unlike they are. Stella treats Blanche with affection even though she knows that Blanche is captured in her imaginary world. Stanley which is Stella’s husband has no patience towards Blanche’s twisted...

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Comparison of a Street Car Named Desire and the Piano Lesson

Charles's old piano. Belle Reve is a special place near and dear to the hearts of the children who grew up there, Blanche DuBois and Stella Kowalski. In the country, the home sheltered the girls and their white family for years, but became too much for the dwindling family to bear. Williams's play "A Streetcar Named Desire" takes place in the city of New Orleans, where Stella has created a new life for herself, away from the past and Belle Reve. When her sister Blanche comes to stay with her for a while...

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The fusion of Eros and Thanatos in A Streetcar Named Desire

exposed light bulb in Stella and Stanley’s apartment with a Chinese paper lantern and her refusing to go on dates with Mitch in daylight. Only in darkness she is able to blur the truth to herself and others. However, the avoidance of light is at the same time also an obvious indication of Blanche’s so called tragic flaw in the story: Her vanity. This becomes clear from in the reunion with her sister Stella: “Now, then, let me look at you. But you don’t look at me, Stella, no, no, no, not till later...

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Explore How Williams Presents Stella

Explore how Williams presents Stella. Choose two or three sections from the play to  analyse in detail. In your answer you should consider:  ­ Williams use of language  ­ Dramatic Technique    Stella   plays   an  important  role  in  ‘a  streetcar  named  Desire’,  even  though  she  is  not  the  protagonist.  Williams  presents  her  in  the  middle  of  Blanche  and  Stanley’s  conflict,  this  is  mainly  because  they  both  have  continuous  battles  over  who  gets  to  have  her  love  and  affection.  Stella  is ...

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A Streetcar Named Desire

Throughout the play, Williams demonstrates a number of different themes that some of the main characters portray. One of these themes is a primitive theme, which the one of the main characters dominantly shows, Stanley Kowalski. Tennessee Williams uses the primal actions of Stanley Kowalski to really depict the time frame in America to the reader, the 1940s, where man was certainly the head of all families and always in control. Stanley’s primitive behaviors grow more and more noticeable as the play...

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Streetcar named Desire

chivalry but cannot control her desires. Although Blanche is to blame for herown demise, society did play a role in the person she became. The story is about the fading and desperate Blanche DuBois and how her sensuous and brutal brother-in-law, Stanley Kowalski, pushes her over the edge. The story takes place in a working-class neighborhood in New Orleans during the late 1940s. When times get rough, who is to blame for your downfall, yourself or the ones around you? Society can be used to argue Blanche’s...

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The Line Between Reality and Fantasy (a Streetcar Named Desire Essay)

The Line Between Reality and Fantasy In the play A Streetcar Named Desire (ASND) by Tennessee Williams, one of the big themes from the play is the theme of illusion. Stella, Stanley, and Blanche allow illusion to shape and control their lives because they all see it as the best way towards happiness. Blanche’s life is an illusion because she wants to believe that she is still young, beautiful, and innocent while trying to hide from her past. While the role that illusion plays in Stella’s life...

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A Streetcar Named Desire Essay 2

To what extent do the Kowalskis and the DuBois represent a clash of cultures in “A Streetcar Named Desire”? “I am not a Polack. People from Poland are Poles, not Polacks. But what I am is a one hundred per cent American, born and raised in the greatest country on earth and proud as hell of it, so don't ever call me a Polack.” - Stanley Kowalski In “A Streetcar Named Desire” the clash of cultures between Stanley Kowalski and the two DuBois sisters, Stella and Blanche, becomes very noticeable...

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