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Calibration of Pipettes and Burettes

Calibration of Pipettes and Burettes Names TA Name, Thursday Lab: 1:40 P.M. - 4:10 P.M. Aim: This experiment sought to gather data regarding water volume gathered in glassware, then to statistically analyze the data, focusing on average and standard deviation, along with relative error gleaned from linear regression. Introduction: This experiment was divided into two parts. For part one of the experiment, 25 mL were transferred from a glass pipette to a tarred beaker and weighed using an analytical...

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Quantitative Estimation of Sugars to Soft Drinks

Trial 5 | Trial 6 | Trial 7 | | Glucose Concentration | Transmission (%)± 0.1 | Transmission (%)± 0.1 | Transmission (%)±0.1 | Transmission (%)± 0.1 | Transmission(%)±0.1 | Transmission (%)±0.1 | Mean (anomalous data not included) ±0.1 | Standard Deviation | 0.00 | 100.0 | 100.0 | 100.0 | 100.0 | 100.0 | 100.0 | 100.0 | 0.0 | 0.25 | 83.8 | 99.9 | 85.9 | 80.9 | 5.8 | 90.9 | 88.3 | 7.5 | 0.50 | 84.8 | 73.0 | 75.5 | 52.4 | 5.2 | 83.3 | 73.8 | 13.0 | 0.75 | 85.1 | 90.6 | 67.3 | 71.5...

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Mutual Funds

Customer Service ………………….. The 3 year risk is a statistical measure of the month-to-month ups and downs of a fund's returns. Money market funds, which have stable asset values, have standard deviations close to zero. Volatile, aggressive, growth funds can have standard deviations of 12% or more. Standard Deviation - Detailed Definition Risk may be defined in terms of the uncertainty of the expected return, and uncertainty is generally associated with variability. Available empirical evidence...

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price Annual dividend High growth £68 £2.5 Normal growth £54 £1.5 No growth £45 £0.5 Assuming all three scenarios are equally likely, calculate: a) the expected holding-period return; b) the variance and standard deviation of the holding-period return; c) the expected return and standard deviation of a portfolio invested 35% in Beta Plc and 65% in Treasury bills. The return on the bill is 5%. 2. Consider an investment in a broad portfolio of stocks (e.g., an index fund), which we will refer to...

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exercise 11

describe by ratio data that can be described by using mean, range, and standard deviation. it is also called as interval/ratio level data 3. What other statistic could have been used to describe the length of labor? Provide a rationale for your Answer. Nominal level data could be used to describe the length of labor. This would have done by using frequencies, percentages, and mode instead of using mean, range, and standard deviation 4. Were the distributions of scores similar for the experimental...

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Statistics essay

Statistics site” “The quantities most commonly used to measure the dispersion of the values about their mean are the variance and its square root, the standard deviations. The variance is calculated by determining the mean, subtracting it from each of the sample values (yielding the deviation of the samples), and then averaging the squares of these deviations.” Statistics 3 According to Tanner, D. E., & Youssef–Morgan, C. M. (2013), “When certain conditions prevail, the sample can be a mechanism...

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Psy/315 Week 3- Individual Assignments

c) Sum of square deviations is 56. d) Variance is 2.666 or 2.7 e) Standard deviation is 1.632 or 1.6 12. a) Mean is 1312.4 or 1312 b) Median is 1361 c) Sum of square deviations is 76092.2 d) Variance is 15218.44 e) Standard deviation is 123.363 13. a) Mean is 3.166 b) Median is 3.25 c) Sum of square deviations is 0.44738 d) Variance is 0.074 e) Standard deviation is 0.272 16. a) Governor-Mean is 43 and Standard deviation is 5.916 CEO- Mean...

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Life expectancy

lowest life expectancy at birth is 45.10 years. Maximum = 82.70 The highest life expectancy at birth set is 82.70 years. Range = 37.59 The life expectancy at birth of the highest country differs from the lowest country by 37.59 years. Standard Deviation = 9.41 9.41 years is a measure of the spread of actual score around expected life expectancy at birth of 69.52 years. Skewness = - 0.71 The skewness indicates an asymmetric tail and it is skewed to lower to the left. Kurtosis = - 0...

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set of replicate measurements. Standard deviation, in the other hand, is the measure of variation or the degree of dispersion of the data acquired around the sample mean. It shows the precision of the gathered measurements which implies that the measurements are less precise when a greater value is obtained. Otherwise, a lesser value should be calculated [3]. However, standard deviation is usually expressed in parts per thousand. That is, Standard deviation may only measure the variability...

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Statistics Regression About Capm

and a standard deviation of 0.018 inch. The customer will buy only those pins with lengths in the interval inch. In other words, the customer wants the length to be 1.00 inch but will accept up to 0.02 inch deviation on either side. This 0.02 inch is known as the tolerance. 1. What percentage of the pins will be acceptable to the consumer? In order to improve percentage accepted, the production manager and the engineers discuss adjusting the population mean and the standard deviation of...

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