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measure of location. This is due to the fact that the mean has valuable mathematical properties that make it convenient for use with inferential statistical analysis. For example: the sum of the deviations of the numbers in a set of data from the mean is zero; and the sum of the squared deviations of the numbers in a set of data from the mean is the minimum value. Central Measures Measures of central tendencies are nothing but the measures to describe the "central" values of a collected sample...

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Comm 371 Marked Problem Set 2

[ασ (RA ) − (1 − α)σ (RB )]2 . Therefore, the standard deviation of portfolio P is σ (RP ) = ασ (RA ) − (1 − α)σ (RB ). As assets A and B are perfectly negatively correlated, we can construct portfolio P such that its standard deviation is 0. The weights of such portfolio are 0 = ασ (RA ) − (1 − α)σ (RB ) = 0.14 × α − 0.23 × (1 − α). Solving the above equation for α gives α= 0.23 = 0.622. 0.14 + 0.23 Portfolio P with standard deviation zero has weight 0.622 on asset A and weight 0...

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Supply & Demand

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Click on Stat. Click on Basic Statistics. Click on Display Descriptive Statistics We need to get a value for the standard deviation in order to conduct the test. Double-click FILL. Click the OK button (note the value for the sample standard deviation, .512 for this example). Click on Stat. Click on Basic Statistics. We will use a large sample test of a population mean because our sample size is >30. Therefore, click on 1Sample...

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Risk-Return Relationship

+ (0.20) (0.15) + (0.40)(0.20) + (0.20) (0.25) + (0.10) (0.30) = 0.20 or 20% 5. The risk of a single asset is measured by its standard deviation or coefficient of variation. The standard deviation measures the variability of outcomes around the expected value and is an absolute measure of risk. The coefficient of variation is the ratio of the standard deviation to the expected value and is a relative measure of risk. FORMULA OF SD and COEFFICIENT VARIATION: Let’s look at problem No. 3 Problem...

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MBL Final

interval measurement. Descriptive statistics are used because in most cases, it isn't possible to present all of your data in any form that your reader will be able to quickly interpret. The mean, the mode, the median, the range, and the standard deviation are all examples of descriptive statistics. The mean, median, and the mode are all measures of central tendency. They attempt to describe what the typical data point might look like. In essence they are all different forms of 'the average.'...

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Sales Professional Salary Case Study

Analysis 1. All Sales | Inside |   | Outside |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | Mean | 64925 | Mean | 59289 | Mean | 70562 | Standard Error | 989 | Standard Error | 1115 | Standard Error | 1276 | Median | 61490 | Median | 56407 | Median | 69000 | Mode | 53464 | Mode | 53464 | Mode | #N/A | Standard Deviation | 10839 | Standard Deviation | 8639 | Standard Deviation | 9884 | Sample Variance | 117476832 | Sample Variance | 74634297 | Sample Variance | 97692326 | Kurtosis | -1 | Kurtosis |...

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tere bin

which the performance of portfolio in a given period of time is measured. In Sharpe index, three things must be known:  the portfolio return,  the risk free rate of return - use the average return (over the given period of time).  the standard deviation of the portfolio – it is measure the systematic risk of the portfolio. The ratio describes how much excess return you are receiving for the extra volatility that you endure for holding a riskier asset Properly compensated for the additional...

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Effect of temperature and SDS concentration on cell membranes of beet root cell

using the standard curve formula. The curve was prepared by plotting various known betacyanin concentrations with their respective absorbance. The concentrations were calculated using the formula x=y/0.0084. Where x is the independent variable representing betacyanin concentration (µM) and y is the dependent variable representing betacyanin absorbance (460nm). Data was collected from the same studies done by other people and the mean and standard deviation calculated. The mean data and standard deviation...

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Descriptive Statistic Paper

tendencies could be very misleading. The measure of dispersion will describe the spread of the data and the variation around the central value. There are two measures of dispersion, variance (range) and standard deviation. A common measure of dispersion is using the standard deviation. The standard deviation is simply the square root of the sample variance (Lind, Marchal, Wathem, 2005). Based on the statistical data collected for Team Solutions of the Georgia High School Graduation tests we have made...

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Flirting with Risk

expectations realistic? Please explain. Below is the table (Table 4) which includes the expected return and the standard deviations for equal investments in High-Tech and Counter-Cyclical stocks. Expected value is 0,0545 and the standard deviation is 0,0132. The risk level is less than the risk level of investing in only one of the two stocks ( See the excel file for standard deviations of non-diversified portfolio). The expected return is realistic since there is not much difference when compared...

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