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Stand And Deliver

Reflection: Stand and Deliver Jaime Escalante has a steady job but left it for a lowly position math teacher at James A. Garfield High School. Knowing that the school is where rebellion runs high and teachers are more focused on discipline than in academics, he is determined to change the system and challenge the students to soar high in excellence. Of course, the students will not like a teacher who engages them in the things they don’t like. But as days passed, Escalante was able to convince...

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Stand and Deliver

Seminar 2 Film Application Paper Stand and Deliver Stand and Deliver is a true story of Jaime Escalante, the East Los Angeles mathematics teacher who challenges the systems and stereotypes to raise the standard of life for his inner city students. Escalante became an advocate for change and initiated, stimulated, and facilitated change in his school. As an internal OD practitioner, Escalante used the pathfinder style to evoke a high degree of effectiveness and high degree of student...

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stand and delivee movie critique

Areli Garcia 02/22/2013 Hist. 121 Movie Critique Stand and Deliver is the movie I chose because I want to learn about latinos and how they are  qualified in their education in America and because I want to learn about how much a person can  succeed when their surroundings aren’t the safest to their life and future. I’ve seen many occasions  where latino’s intelligence has been put down to the floor because of their culture, their background,  and/or even the barrio they are from and aren’t given the support that they need...

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Stand and Deliver

encourage his students in every way possible. He always told his students not to give up no matter how hard the situation was. He was always there to hear and give advice to his students. Moreover, the self-fulfilling prophecy in the movie Stand and Deliver is that at first the students did not know as much. The students would get lost when Jaime Escalante was trying to teach them. Staff at their school didn’t believe that Jaime Escalante’s students would be able to pass the calculus exam. However...

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Plan and Deliver Reaction Paper

There were moments in “Stand and Deliver” that moved me very deeply and other moments so artificial and contrived that I wanted to edit them out, right then and there. The result is a film that makes a brave, bold statement about an unexpected subject, but that lacks the full emotional power it really should have. “Stand and Deliver” tells the story of a high school mathematics teacher who takes a class of losers and potential dropouts and transforms them, in the course of one school year, into...

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Jaime Alfonzo Escalante

awards, including the Presidential Medal of Excellence in Education. His life inspired many other teachers and schools around the country. The success he had in the poor neighborhoods of Los Angeles, California was the inspiration for the movie “Stand and Deliver”, starring Eduard James Olmos, Lou Diamond Phillips and Andy Garcia. A PBS television instructional series called “Futures” featured professor Escalante with famous celebrity guests explaining how math and science were applied in their careers...

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disease won in the end. Jaime Escalante may have passed on, but his legacy and contributions will live on for many generations, he was a true educator to be looked up to,if anyone questions what type of educator he was, I encourage them to watch ‘Stand and Deliver” the movie that was written about his life. This movie deplicted Jaime Escalante from life in Bulgaria to his accomplishments and awards. Jaime Escalante brought hope to students that society had given up on, he took these kids under his wing...

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Character Analysis Stand and Deliver

[pic] Character Analysis The characters in “Stand and Deliver” went through a great deal in this movie and all brought something else to the movie. The star of the movie is Jaime Escalante played by Edward James Olmos. Escalante is the teacher of the students that quits his job with a computer company to teach at Garfield High School. He comes to teach computer science, but the school did not get the computers and he has to teach math. He takes over the math class and expects...

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Stand and Deliver Reaction Paper

Stand and Deliver Reaction Paper By: Princess Ong The movie stand and deliver was inspired by a true story. The fact that it is realistic, further initiates the possibility of improving at something, which I think was the main point of this movie. The movie started with the East of Los Angles Scene, things weren’t pretty. Crime and corruption was obviously rampant and emphasized. Children were not properly equipped with education, and were prone to live a life of obscenity if the areas education...

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Education essay

is good to show on your resume that you have education to back up your qualification. Statics show that people who drop out of school has no chance of getting a good job compared to someone who has a high school diploma In the movie "Stand and Deliver", Jaime Escalante used many different techniques to motivate his students to learn more and be more successful in math. Overall, his students might have a larger desire to learn more about other things in life. Jaime Escalante used many techniques...

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