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Sport Is A Means Of Promoting National Unity

differences and interests and to work untimely for the realization of collective national objectives. This welding force in Pakistani community is Islam. It is for the glory and spread of Islam as the best system of life that the Muslims of Pakistan separated themselves from the Hindus. Therefore the secret of our survival and progress lies in holding fast to the rope of Islam. There is greater need of national unity in Pakistan because our powerful neighbour and enemy India has not yet reconciled...

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Promoting National Unity in Sri Lanka Through Education

for Sri Lankans to realize the importance of unity. Sri Lanka now stands in a position where the country is gradually recovering from brutal wounds of war and this is high time for the nation to look into aspects of promoting unity among diverse cultures and ethnic groups to avoid the reoccurrence of such a tragedy. One way of achieving unity among different ethnic groups is through education. Enlightenment of the nation about the importance of unity can only be achieved by educating people. This...

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urdu asa basis of national unity

nation. Pakistan is a federation of four provinces and its national language is URDU. URDU- THE NATIONAL LANGUAGE OF PAKISTAN Urdu is our national language. It has played an importyant role in the articulation of muslim culture in South East Asia.It has been rightly said that urdu had been the a symbol, an issue and a weapon in our struggle for independence. The 1973 constitution of Pakistan has also declared Urdu to be our national language. History of Urdu language; Urdu is nearly 300 years...

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Obstacles to National Unity

The obstacles to national unity Racial Inequality, Social Inequality, Religious inequality... etc (1) Regionalism/Separatism (ii) Linguism (iii) Casteism and (iv) communalism. (i) Regionalism/Separatism: Regionalism or Separatism is the most advance obstacle in the way of National Unity and development. Above all regionalism and separatism are threatening to balkanize the country. Aggressive regionalism has gravely undermined the feeling of unity of the people. It creates a parochial outlook...

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The Olympics and the Role of Sports in Promoting Peace in Conflict Resolution.

With the forthcoming 2012 Olympic Games to be held in London between 27 July to 12 August, one is tempted to reflect on the why and the how of this event which will have all eyes hooked on the sports competition – people from all over the world will be excited, elated, worked up, passionate, involved for days at a stretch….. Entertaining, relaxing or stressful….. This Olympic Games will, somehow, leave its mark again in history. What lies behind such an entertaining event? Why the Olympic Games...

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National Sports of Great Britain

National Sports of Great Britain Many kinds of sport originated from England. The English have a proverb, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". They do not think that play is more important than work; they think that Jack will do his work better if he plays as well. so he is encouraged to do both. Association football, or soccer is one of the most popular games in the British Isles played from late August until the beginning of May. In summer the English national sport is cricket. When...

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Sports as a Tool of Integration

INTRODUCTION What is sport? According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. The meaning of “sport” is , activity that you do for pleasure and that needs physical effort or skill, usually done in a special area and according to fixed rules. Through Wikipedia, sport is all forms of physical activity which, through casual or organised participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical fitness and provide entertainment to participants. Sport may be competitive, where a winner or winners...

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National Integration

National Integration National integration is the awareness of a common identity amongst the citizens of a country. It means that though we belong to different castes, religions and regions and speak different languages we recognize the fact that we are all one. This kind of integration is very important in the building of a strong and prosperous nation.____(www.preservearticles.com) National integration is a positive aspect. It reduces socio-cultural and economic differences or inequalities and...

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national unity

Search Results National Unity Free Essays 1 - 20 - StudyMode.com www.studymode.com/subjects/national-unity-page1.html‎ Free Essays on National Unity for students. ... is Coming Soon - Major improvements and new features www.unity3d.com/4.0 Pre-order today and get $200 off. Essay on "National Unity" | Free Writing : HSEB Notes www.myhsebnotes.com/2013/09/essay-on-national-unity.html‎ by Digvijay Chaudhary - in 22 Google+ circles Sep 30, 2013 - Free Writing | Essay National Unity Write an essay...

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Research Focus: Sports & Fair Play Dilemma: Pragmatism versus idealism Understanding the current reality 1. What are the ideas of fair play in sports? a) What principles and/or value lie behind the ideals of fair play? 'Fair play' is usually understood to mean using only tactics that are in accord with the spirit of the sport. In ethics, the concept of fairness involves treating everyone equally and impartially. It is complex notion that comprises and embodies a number of values...

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