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  • Spokane People and Spokane Indian Reservation

    Washington‚ expresses how he uses reading as a way to “save his life”. In his short story “Superman and Me”‚ Alexie tells us how he uses his reading to teach himself to write. He then goes on to inspire other young Indians. This young man from the Spokane Indian Reservation shows us that no matter where we come from we are able to go above and beyond. Alexie came from a middle class family. He states that one of his parents usually managed to find a minimum wage job or another. (pg. 89) Alexie’s father

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  • A Community’s People, Places, and Conflicts: Alexie’s View of the Spokane Reservation

    Molly Lee IWC 100 Erik Kornkven 6 February 2013 A Community’s People‚ Places‚ and Conflicts: Alexie’s View of the Spokane Reservation In The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven‚ Sherman Alexie tells the stories of a Native American culture trying to fit into the modern world. These stories primarily focus on the conflicts that exist within his community for various reasons‚ including broken personal and family relationships‚ fistfights‚ arguments‚ destruction of property‚ lack of money

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  • Jesus Christ's Half-Brother Is Alive and Well on the Spokane Indian Reservation

    My Interpretation I based my brochure off of the short story Jesus Christ’s Half-Brother is Alive and Well on the Spokane Indian Reservation written by Sherman Alexie. The Spokane Indian Reservation is located in a barren wasteland in Washington State. If you travel there‚ you will see first hand examples and effects of racism‚ and poverty on an Indian reservation. You will also see the striking differences between life on a reservation and life in middle-class America. Most of the adults

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  • Spokane vs Seattle

    Seattle vs. Historic Spokane In Sherman Alexie’s short story‚ “What You Pawn I Redeem‚” Jackson‚ the protagonist‚ must figure out how he can merge his Native American culture into modern day Seattle. The characters in this story have similar characteristics of real life Native Americans. According to The main character‚ Jackson Jackson‚ is part of the Spokane Indian Tribe but he has moved to a larger metropolitan area in Seattle‚ which is much different from the cultured-based Spokane Reservation. Most

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  • Review of Works by Sherman Alexie

    Alexie. And he is not afraid to share his experiences with the people. Sherman Alexie’s work is like a straight shot into the mind of a Spokane Indian. Probing every corner of the conscious and bringing forth the thoughts and opinions of his people. Alexie projects through his work the trials and tribulations of life as a Native American in a nation dominated by European Americans. Alexie’s Flight Patterns follows William‚ a Spokane Indian‚ who is a businessman who is plagued by nightmares of his

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  • Reservation Blues

    Eliza High Allison Moore Junior English 25 Sept. 2014 The Native American Experience Life on the Spokane Indian Reservation is filled with shattered dreams and lost Indian souls drowning the sorrows of their people in alcohol. Reservation Blues‚ a novel by Sherman Alexie‚ depicts the story of an unlikely group of Indians coming together to chase their dreams with the help of a magic guitar‚ Big Mom‚ and their Indian blood as they struggle with the realities of being Indian in a white world

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  • Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian Essay

    the Spokane Indian Reservation. With the support of his family‚ he decided to attend Rearden High School in order to change the path of his life for the better. Along the way‚ he discovers and loses himself in the process of bettering himself. Sherman Alexie used his own tribal identity to inspire the events that Arnold Spirit Jr. was experiencing in the book. He spoke about how being an Indian was enough to make people discriminate and hate you by just looking at your red skin. White people believed

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  • Comparative

    sympathy for him because they were both an inspiration to him. When he spoke to his grandmother‚ she gave him advice and his sister was just an overall inspiration for him to also follow his dreams. After that he starts to realize that‚ “I was a Spokane Indian. I belonged to that tribe. But I also belonged to the tribe of American immigrants. And to the tribe of basketball players. And to the tribe of bookworms. And to the tribe of cartoonists. And to the tribe of chronic masturbators. And the tribe

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  • Diary of a Part Time Indian Sherman Alexie

    Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian‚ the author allows readers to create a vivid image of the lives of the Spokane Indians by using teen language‚ humor and irony because it allows the readers to face serious issues in an enjoyable way. Junior makes the readers understand the way he lives in his reservation full of poverty and alcoholism and goes to the outside world filled with people discriminating against him. Alexie‚ using Junior’s humor and teen language makes these tragedies seem less awful

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  • Superman and Me Summary

    Summary of “Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie The story Superman and me was written by Sherman Alexie. This short story is about the Sherman Alexie’s life as an Indian boy living on the Spokane Indian Reserve in eastern Washington State and how reading and writing greatly affected his life. This shorts story describes the young Indian boy’s fascination with literature‚ his intelligence as an Indian‚ and how he becomes a teacher of creative writing for Indian children. Sherman Alexie’s first

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