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Tropic Cascade

A trophic cascade is defined as ecological changes such as alterations in species abundance or composition, nutrient concentrations of plants, and the physical structure of the vegetation and environment. After wolves were eradicated from Yellow Stone National Park it caused a collapse in the tri-trophic cascade of predators, prey, and vegetation. They were reintroduced to restore the cascade that was present in the past to the park. The reintroduction of the wolves resulted in a major decline in...

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Bio 101 Final Exam Questions/Answers

resistance to poison * Not supported by Darwin * Species are fixed and unchanging * Which describes sympatric speciation * Al alleles in a population make it * Gene pool * Lowest level of structure that can perform all activities for life * Cell * Broad set of interconnecting proposals that are supported by extensive and varied evidence and provide a comprehensive explanation * Theory * Species are 1 or not able to interbreed * Reproductively...

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The Relative Importance of Physical and Human Factors in Causing Change in Ecosystems

you travel across the sand dunes the more densely the vegetation become and the wider the variety of species that grow there become. This is because the fore dunes have many physical factors which inhibit the growth of flora; there is little soil with almost no shelter from wind or the sun. This means that only very few species can establish and survive here, in sand dune ecosystems the pioneer species is often Marram grass. The growth of the Marram grass changes the physical factors in the area as...

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Biology Revision Notes Ecology

Biology Revision notes Ecology: 1) Ecosystems, sampling and population studies Population: All the individuals of a given species living together in the same area and at the same time. Community: Community: all the individuals of all the species living together in the same area and at the same time. Habitat: The area in which an organism lives within an ecosystem Niche: describes where an organism lives, what it does (its role), what it feeds on and how it interacts with other organisms and the...

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In this case they are separated from the environment. But another important reason why humans will always depend on the environment is because our lives depend on biodiversity. Meaning that we get clothing, medicines, food and furniture from other species. Just because that people rely on biodiversity they have to conserve biodiversity and can save it for future generations (www.scienceclarified.com). But before knowing all the damage this can cause to us, firstly we should know what biodiversity is...

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env sc

6/12/13 A population is consists of a group of the same species which occupy the same area. In order for a population to survive certain variables must be in place, making the biome ideal to support life for that and the other species within that community. There are some species that depends solely on the type of climate and food web that is available in a particular biome, these species would be considered to be specialists. Other species are able to adapt to the change of climate and eat a variety...

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Conservation: Biodiversity and Natural Resources

animal species and to prevent their extinction, 2. maintain a stable and balanced ecosystem. This prevents disruption of natural cycles and global warming. 3. to ensure conservation of marine life as they are a major source of human food. 4. conservation is of scientific value. the study of wildlife provides useful information for man's survival. 5. ensure the conservation of tropical rainforests as they are of economic importance. Tropical rainforest houses a large no. of species of plants...

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Persuasive Essay On Invasive Species

As you know, invasive species are being considered a huge threat to nation’s biodiversity. I know that you acknowledge how important is to eradicate the population of the invasive species in the US. As a real man of people, Senator Cory Booker has understood the priority of the issue and introduced the S. 826 bill “To reauthorize the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program and certain wildlife conservation funds, to establish prize competitions relating to the… wildlife conservation, the management...

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Division rhodophyta ppt

chlorophyll d (chloroplast is present but lacks grana) Contains phycoerythrin, phycocyanin and allophycocyanin as accessory pigments. flagella is absent in red algae as well as centrioles 5,000 species(approximate number of known species) are exclusively marine, abundant in fresh and warm water. Different species may be: a. Free living b. Epiphytic; or c. Parasitic   STRUCTURE OF RED ALGAE      Chiefly feathery Branched-filamentous, sometimes ribbon-like with gelatinous suface Smaller than most...

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Persuasive Speech Preparation OutlineEdit03Persuasive Speech Outline

endangered species such as tiger, lion and underwater animals. These animals prefer to live in their natural habitats rather than in captive. Although the zoos put more effort in making their living space more interactive but it still doesn’t match the space and the freedom that animals should have in their natural habitats. 1. ii. Supporting details 2 Furthermore, animals in captive repeatedly show the abnormal behavior which is the behavior that is not known to be a feature of natural species. From...

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