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Charles Darwin Background

collections from the Galapagos Islands that were located about 1,000 km west of South America. Darwin had collected 13 similar but separate species of finches. The similarities of the Galapagos finches led Darwin to conclude that the finches shared a common ancestor. The resemblance between the fossil mammals Darwin collected and modern mammals led him to believe that species do change over time. II. In 1837 Darwin began his first notebook on evolution. For several years Darwin filled his notebooks with...

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Human influence on species evolution

Human influence on species evolution Greed is a capital sin, but many businessmen do not care about that in order to raise their profit. Thus people who earn money by hunting animals always aim at the biggest and most superb ones. By looking at the nature, one can recognize that the predators usually take either the very young or the weak animals. First it sounds like an insignificant difference, but the effect of it is disastrous. Nearly every creature adapts to changing circumstances...

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North American Endangerment Essay

In this essay, I will be discussing the leading causes of the recent endangerment of both the North American bats and coral reefs. There are ultimate and proximate causes for each of these species continued extinction. In correlation, the extinctions of North American bats and coral reefs would severely impact other organisms in their ecosystem in any ways. Most recently biologists went to complete their annual bat census only to discover that an abundance of bats were quickly dying off or already...

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John Perry Natural Selection Analysis

animals and plants, which are similar to species in other locations. The differences between these plants and animals are such, that they provide a distinct advantage for them given their unique locations. This is thought to have likely occurred through natural selection, and from common descent. Darwin ruled out that such differences might be based on chance from random mutations, and concluded that much like selective breeding, the variation of species is due to an evolutionary process where...

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Threats to Biodiversity and Conservation of Biodiversity

10 million species by the year 2050. 1) Human population growth, industrialization and changes in the land use patterns: Around 1.8 million species of plants and animals are known to science. The actual number of species have been existing is >10x1.8millions. Though new species have been continually identified, the rate of extinction is very high (10-20,000 species per year i.e., 1000 to 10,000 times faster rate). Human actions are expected to exterminate 25% of world’s species in next 20-30...

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ecosystems they form.   - the totality of ecosystems, species, and genes within the area. Levels of Biodiversity 1. Species Diversity (Different Life Forms) 2. Genetic Diversity (Different characteristics of plants, animals & other living organisms) 3. Ecosystem Diversity (Different types of Ecosystem) Species: Two individuals are named to be of the same species if they can reproduce and their offspring is fertile. Species are the units of biodiversity. a group of related or similar...

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Indo-Burma Forests: Biodiversity at Risk Due to Urbanization

severely at risk due to the increasing deforestation over the past four decades. It is estimated in the biological community that approximately 50,000 species are completely wiped out annually as a result of urbanization, land clearance, logging, and other human techniques. Dr. Edward Wilson, a Harvard professor, predicts that half of all of earth’s species could be extinct in about 50 years, unless the deforestation rate decreases. In 2011, Conservation International (also known as CI) conducted a study...

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Why Preserve Biodiversity

relationship with their surroundings. Ecologists study the interaction between an organism and its environment. Some ecologists study the interaction of a specific species or habitat; others study the different species that depend on each other (ex. a food web). 3. What is a biome? A biome can be described as an area on our earth that shares the same species, climate, animals, and plants. There are actually about 150 different classified biomes today. The main biomes are Marine, Tundra, Desert, Savannah, Grassland...

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The Florida Everglades

actually a very slow-moving river. The Everglades, a famous region in Southern Florida, are a wetland ecosystem home to tropical and marshland plant and animal species. Many bad things in the Everglades have happened and is still happening, but also good things are happening. Many scientist are trying to decrease threatened and endangered species. The Florida Everglades ecosystem is also the only place in the world where alligators and crocodiles exist side by side. Many animals live in the Everglades...

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Why Conserve?

will be curious to know why we should save endangered species. Why is that all policy makers, scientists and interest citizens argue that species extinction is one of the most serious environmental problems? The importance of the need for protecting endangered species is discussed below. i) Value as genetic reservoir: Plants and animals possess undiscovered or undeveloped traits, which are very important for the survival of a particular species. When all the genes of all the individual members in...

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