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Similarities Between Sparta And Athens

asked why he did not make Sparta a Democracy (Plutarch, 100) In Ancient Greece, the two reigning powers were Athens and Sparta. Yet each of them, despite sharing common roots, developed very different methods of governance. Athens was the first, and arguably the last, direct Democracy. Sparta, by contrast, was something of a mix between Republic, Monarchy and Oligarchy. Examining the similarities of their governments is the best way to observe the differences. Both Sparta and Athens were ruled...

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Athens Vs Sparta Research Paper

many city and States called poleis. Each Poleis had their own government, rulers, Laws. Along those those city-state, were two major cities-state called Athens and Sparta.. Athens and Sparta are different from each other in many different ways. Athens and Sparta have differ in their tradition culture, morals, beliefs. Athens and Sparta had distinct differences in every aspect of society. Both city-states felt the they were the strongest and the best, because of this conflict a war broke out in 431...

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Athens vs. Sparta

´╗┐Athens Vs. Sparta Throughout the ancient world there were two dominating empires. (S) The Athenian City (polis) and the Spartan empire. These two cities were both powerful and famous but significantly different. However, the city of Athens was by far a much more influential and powerful city-state in comparison to Sparta. Although both the city-states had their own strengths such as their government, social structure and their military tactics, Athens was a pivotal city that still to this day...

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Development of Athens and Sparta

Sparta was originally made up of four small villages in Laconia, an area in the southwestern Peloponnesus, until 730 B.C., which is when Sparta began to take over Messenia. Laconians either became periokoi, a name for free people who were not citizens and who were required to pay taxes and perform military service for Sparta, or helots, who were forced to work on farms and as servants of the Spartans. The Messenians became helots by the 7th century, when Sparta took full control of Messenia. ...

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Compare And Contrast Sparta And Athens

Sparta and Athens are both ancient Greek civilizations. They are both known throughout the world as fierce warriors of the ancient world. Not only are they known as warriors, but they are known for their society. These civilizations fascinate many people with their many advances in political and social fields. Both have influenced culture today in many ways. However they do share similarities and differences. Although Athens and Sparta may seem similar in their social structures, they also share...

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Sparta and Athens - Explain and Contrast

Both Sparta and Athens were Greek city-states. Sparta was a strict military ruled city-state where the people established themselves as a military power early. However Athens was more of a political city-state that was more involved with their economical stature than their military forces. Still changes from the Persian wars would change the powers of the city-state and somewhat unite them. <br> <br>Sparta was a strict military city-state. The people were Dorians who conquered Laconia. This region...

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Sparta Vs. Athens: Peloponnesian War

Sparta VS Athens Allies from their existence, Athens and Sparta had fought side by side for centuries. These two Greek city-states fought together in the Greco-Persian war, but when the Persians retreated, tension rose. Athens gained more power than they needed, plunging the two cities into nearly three decades of war. The outcome was devastating. Although Sparta won, they were extremely demoralized. Athens was bankrupt and exhausted, and neither city regained the military strength they once had...

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Sparta vs Athens Dbq

The Greek city states were both similar and different Sparta and Athens were an example of this. Athens was known for its laws and government while Sparta was known for its farming and army. The Spartans and Athenians were 2 very different groups of people. The Spartans were militaristic people who valued strength and simplicity. They ran an oligarchy government and were a military super power. The Spartans relied on farming and conquering foreign land. The Athenians believed in arts and culture...

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Athens and Sparta Comparison

Athens and Sparta Athens and Sparta were the two largest Greek city-states of the Ancient world. They were the biggest of rivals, two towering cities at their peak, the most influential cultural, military, and trade powers of western civilization in the first millennium B.C. They are sharply contrasting yet strikingly similar, setting the stage for the Peloponnesian War. Their differences were the effect of geographical isolation but they began with the same base of ideas on which to build. ...

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Athens vs. Sparta

Palawasta Athens vs. Sparta Persuasive Research Paper Henry/Lih- LA/SS- Per. 3/7 Due: 3/22/13 Envision a world where the people are ravenous and yearning for any remnant of food they could obtain, where the society is overrun and no one has a free say. This is the type of society the ancient Spartans would have lived like unlike the ancient Athenians. The Athenians lived a far more diverse life if compared to Sparta. Ancient Athens was better to live in than ancient Sparta due to its efficient...

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