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Cultural Significance of Chinese and Russian Clothing

Chinese people first developed the idea of Hanfu (Chinese traditional clothing) during the Shang dynasty. Back then one person’s appearance can already tell what social status he held. The outfit was unisex and the colors of the Hanfu’s were merely basic primary colors like red, yellow, and blue. Later in history these Hanfu developed into more sophisticated style clothings like Shenyi around Zhou dynasty, and gender specification came to be. Men and women wore different clothings. However, during...

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4 O'Clock Birds Singing

quickly the sereneness ends. The author uses diction and metaphors to describe the birds’ song. The author begins the first stanza with diction relating to time. The author states that “the birds began at four o’clock, their period for dawn.” The period could either refer to a period in musical arrangement or it could be referring to the fact the time the birds have is limited to dawn. The author hears the birds’ song, which is “music numerous as space but neighboring as noon.” However, the birds may...

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Han Dynasty and China

the Chinese experienced the Han dynasty which was an initially strong and efficient dynasty, until it had a gradual decline and eventually collapsed. This led to a long period of chaos and finally reunification again. During this time of unification, division, and reunification, many cultural and political changes occurred while other cultural patterns and ideas persisted. 2nd China in 100 CE was under the Han rule which had begun in 202 BCE. Under the Han dynasty the rulers created an efficient...

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been existed more than 10 thousand years. In the ancient time, people played musical instruments to delight others and for fun. For example, they sang Shi and Chi10 with musical instruments in Song dynasty11. The earliest anthologies of Chinese poetry and Psalms were added with melodies orally since Song dynasty and this tradition is still being continued. For instance, Su Shi’s “Shui Tiao Ge Tou”12 was set to new music in 1983. For Chinese instruments, they can be divided into 8 sounds - silk, bamboo...

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Ancient Chinese Foot Binding

during the Song Dynasty believed that they would appear more graceful and beautiful if they had small feet. They used foot binding, a long and painful process of breaking and moving bones, to deform their feet until they were tiny. Foot binding perceived the role of women in Chinese society and Confucian moral values. This practice affected the lives of many women in ways that are unimaginably painful (Bound). One Chinese legend speaks of a time when Lady Huang of the Song Dynasty started this...

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Comparison of Tang and Song Poems In The Attitudes Towards Others

Comparison of Tang and Song Poems In The Attitudes Towards Others As history moves from Tang to Song, the Chinese view about “others” undergoes great changes. This was reflected in the poems describing warfare at that time. The literature of both Tang and Song dynasties has signs of racial chauvinism. However, the Tang poets also expressed ambivalence about fighting the other and questioned the righteousness of war, while this ambiguity is hardly found in Song literature. The Tang was...

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Cultures of the World

country has many beautiful palces where to see, what to do. But that is not the only thing. This country has been the one that invented the beer, the original stories of the princess, and the one that many people didn’t knew is the song ´´Here comes the bride´´ the song that in all of the Weddings they play. Germany is diversified due to the geographic landscape of the country; Germany has a culture and costumes unlike any other country in the world. The different cultures in the world make us understand...

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Typography in Publication Design: Chinese Typography Study

according to human civilization, this unique way of writing system (漢字 Kanzì) still transmit in today’s Chinese characters since oracle bone script been found. Horse 馬 Herd 牧 Despite the changes and amendment made along the rise and fall of dynasties, Chinese written language is basically retained with the same ancient artifacts and literature and still in used today. In some sense, we are communicating with our ancestors. 人 In this paper we discuss the nature and characteristics of Chinese...

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Example of an Article Review: The Mid-Autumn Festival

the Inti Mid-Autumn Celebration maintained the very traditional way of having quizzes hanged at the bottom of the lighted lanterns. In addition the committee did have a mini concert going on the entire celebration, mixture of traditional and trendy songs performed by INTI students themselves to have a better atmosphere of Mid-Autumn sensation. "Certainly it does attracts more people coming to this kind of Mid-Autumn Celebration by having performances like dancing, singing and also some competition...

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The Success of Chinese Version of ‘Mamma Mia' Musical

The style of play is approachable for audiences to integrate themselves into the show, singing along with the music, laughing together, and even crying together, giving them a strong shock. Happiness is "Mamma Mia!" main theme, with vivid ABBA Bang songs and passionate dances. 2. Integrated Western Musicals with Chinese Culture This was the first time that Chinese actors play the ‘Mamma Mia!’ in Mandarin. Cultural differences caused by the misunderstanding may be the most fundamental and terrible...

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