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Best Deicing Substance Memorandum

Enclosures: (1) Data Record (2) Data Treatment (3) Environment Impact Research After hours of vigorous examination, we have come to the conclusion that calcium chloride (CaCl2) would be the best deicer to use on a naval base over sodium chloride (NaCl) and ethylene glycol (C2H6O2). In order to melt ice, deicers lower the freezing point so that the ice melts at lower temperatures. CaCl2 has a freezing point depression of 5°C, whereas NaCl has only a 3°C depression, and ethylene...

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Stoichiometry of a Precipitation Reaction|

Na2CO3 __0.72__g Net mass of the Na2CO3 ___0.12_g Step 6: Mass of filter paper __1.0__g Step 10: Mass of filter paper and dry calcium carbonate __1.7__g Net mass of the dry calcium carbonate ___0.7_g (This is the actual yield) Step 11: Show the calculation of the theoretical yield of calcium carbonate. .0068 mol of CaCO3 *100.06 g CaCO3/1mol of CaCO3 =.6804 g of CaCO3 Show the calculation of the percent yield. (Actual yield/theoretical yield)*100 = (...

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Design Lab

CaCO3: * 3.00 g of powdered calcium carbonate for each trial * Timer * Scale to measure out quantities of CaCO3 * Thermometer * 50ml beaker to measure out HCl * Mortor and pestle is Calcium carbonate is not already powdered. Procedure: * Using the mortor and pestle, crush up the calcium carbonate to a powder (if not already in a powdered state) * Using the scale, measure out 3.00 g (±0.01) of powdered calcium carbonate * Measure 30 ml of 1 molar HCl (±0.10) ...

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Harmonium: Acidic Soil

grow. Farmers add lime, calcium oxide, to soil to help neutralise the soil as most plants grow best in neutral or slightly alkali soil. The lime can cancel out the acidity caused by acid rain. In agriculture, calcium carbonate may be added to acidic soil. The calcium carbonate enters into a neutralization reaction with some of the acid in the soil water, and the soil pH becomes more basic. In farming nitrogen oxide reacts with OH from the rain to form nitric acid which then acidifies the soil...

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Stoichiometry Lab

Stoichiometry February 28th, 2013 Abstract: The reactions of the Sodium Hydroxide and two acids, Hydrochloric Acid and Sulfuric Acid were performed. The heat given off by these two reactions was used to determine the stoichiometric ratio and the limiting reactants in each experiment. Introduction: Coefficients in a balanced equations show how many moles of each reactant is needed to react with each other and how many moles of each product that will be formed. Stoichiometry allows us to...

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Conductivity Solutions

Conductivity is the measurement of the ability of an aqueous solution to carry an electric current. In this lab we produced conductivity tests to discover the differences between molecules and ions of various solutions such as Glucose, Sucrose, Ethanol, Sodium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, distilled, tap, pond and ocean water. The main point of the experiment was to test the hypothesis which is that distilled water has a decreased conductivity than other solutions. We wanted to find out specific data on these...

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The Effect of Concentration on Reaction Rate

 Title of Practical: The Effect of Concentration on Reaction Rate Aim: To use a simple reaction between sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid to discover concentration this determines how fast chemical reactions occur. Independent Variable: Concentration of hydrochloric acid (%) Dependent Variable: Time taken for chemical reaction to take place (sec) Hypothesis: My prediction is that the increased concentration of the thiosulfate will in turn lead to an increase in the rate of...

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STAWA Investigation 35: Exothermic and Endothermic Processes

Exploring Chemistry Year 11; Organic Chemistry; Investigation 35 [page 86]) Procedures (In book) Results (Temperatures) Solute Initial Temp. (°C) Final Temp. (°C) Endothermic/ Exothermic Sodium Hydroxide NaOH 16.5 19.8 Exothermic Ammonium Chloride NH4Cl 15.5 Endothermic Sodium Acetate NaCH3COO 16.2 Slightly endothermic Sodium Chloride NaCl 16.5 Neither Part B Ammonium Chloride and Barium Hydroxide Equipment and procedures (In book) Results (observations) A white solid forms in the bottom of the test...

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Vinegar Titration Lab

vinegar and the percent of vinegar that is acetic acid, I used the mole ratio of the neutralization reaction that occurs between sodium hydroxide and acetic acid. For every mole of sodium hydroxide added to the vinegar, one mole of acetic acid reacts with it. Since the mole ration of sodium hydroxide to acetic acid in this reaction is 1:1, then if I find the moles of sodium hydroxide I can find the grams of acetic acid in 5mL of vinegar. To do this, I do: .0042075 moles NaOH means .0042075 moles...

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Flame Tests, Atomic Spectra and Applications Activity

potassium ion in a compound will color a flame violet. But on the other hand, even trace amounts of sodium ions in a compound produce a very strong yellow flame, often times making the potassium ion very difficult to detect.  To counteract the effects of any sodium impurities, one can view the flame through a piece of cobalt blue glass.  The cobalt glass absorbs the yellow light given off by sodium while letting most other wavelengths of light pass through.  In this activity, wooden...

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