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Sodium Carbonate

In this experiment the initial mass of the sodium carbonate used was 2.69g. In each titration, 3 drops of methyl orange was added to the sodium carbonate solution. With this information the titration can begin, and the results obtained are shown below: Titration readings Titration Rough 1 2 3 4 5 Initial 0.00 4.30 22.00 21.00 15.00 25.90 Final 4.30 22.00 38.60 37.60 32.60 42.20 Titre (cm3) 4.30 17.70 16.60 16.60 17.60 16.30 Therefore, the average titre would be calculated as follows;...

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leaves and to calculate the percentage yield of caffeine for both extraction procedures. The group was assigned to do the multiple extraction. Before the extraction proper, the water bath containing the anhydrous sodium carbonate and distilled water was heated. As the sodium carbonate dissolves, tea leaves were added in the mixture and allowed to heat for ten minutes. Upon heating, the solution was extracted three times with the dichloromethane. The mixture resulted into to two layers with the upper...

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an acid-base titration with the following reaction , knowing the amount of hydrochloric acid used and the amount of substance Z used. Hypothesis: The X in substance Z is a group 1 element because substance Z is a soluble metal carbonate and would most likely be sodium or potassium because these elements are commonly used. Materials 100 cm3 beaker, 250 cm3 beaker, 250 cm3 volumetric flask with stopper, filter funnel, glass pipette, glass rod, de-ionized water, Substance Z, 25 cm3 bulb pipette...

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World View of Mesepotamia and Egypt

breaking the thin bone encasing it. The cavities were washed and packed with natron, then the whole body was covered in natron and left to dry. Natron is a naturally occurring mixture of sodium carbonate decahydrate and about seventeen percent sodium bicarbonate along with small quantities of household salt and sodium sulfate. (4) After removing the natron, the bodies were coated inside and out with resin to preserve them, then wrapped with linen bandages, embedded with religious amulets and talismans...

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Observations of Chemical Changes

Suppose a household product label says it contains sodium hydrogen carbonate (sodium bicarbonate, NaHCO3). How would you test this material for the presence of sodium bicarbonate? - I would test it with chemicals and look for similar reactions to what the same chemicals did in the original data table. I could put HCl and Sodium Bicarbonate together and if it bubbled like it did in data table 1 then that would prove the presence of sodium bicarbonate in the solution. B. Looking at the household...

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The Effectiveness of Detergents

negatively charged. Since most stain particles are negatively charged they will repel with the water and try to come out of the solution. Sodium Carbonate (Na2CO3) is a common alkali used. Enzymes such as proteases (break down proteins) are added in detergents to be used as catalysts and break down larger stains such as blood. Active oxygen ions such as sodium percarbonate [Na2CO4] which needs 2 more electrons for a full valence shell are added in the bleach to accept electrons from the stain making...

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Packaging Quiz Sample

a container. A) True 7. Glass containers are reheated and then cooled slowly in the lehr to gradually release stress. A) True 8. Devitrification is the process of removing air bubbles from molten glass. B) False 9. In glass manufacture, sodium carbonate is added to the mix to lower the melting temperature of glass. A) True 10. In glass container manufacture, the blow mold cavity is the shape of the parison. B) False 11. Side seams joined with adhesive are stronger than those that are welded...

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Standardization of Hydrochloric Acid by Sodium Carbonate

Standardization of hydrochloric acid by sodium carbonate Concentrated hydrochloric acid is roughly 11 M. Pour out into a measuring cylinder about 2 cm3 of concentrated hydrochloric acid. Transfer it to a 250 cm3 flask and make up to the mark with water. Shake well. Put some pure sodium hydrogen carbonate or anhydrous sodium carbonate into an evaporating dish and heat gently over a low flame for about fifteen minutes, stirring continuously. Take care not to heat the mass too strongly or fusion...

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Chemical Reaction Lab Report

meanwhile, then we can cook the solution and have H2O to evaporate and leave NaCl as our final product. Materials: Refer to Mr.Papagapiou Relationship between Mole and Mass Laboratory, Revised November 2015 1. 5M hydrochloric acid (HCl(aq)) 2. Sodium hydrogen carbonate (NaHCO3(s)) -Materials that was changed -Instead of 6M hydrochloric acid (HCl(aq)), we used 5M Laboratory equipment’s: Refer to Mr.Papagapiou Relationship between Mole and Mass Laboratory, Revised November 2015 1. Electrical balance 2. Bunsen...

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pcb manufacturing

and inlargement purpose. Material Used :- (I) Lith film (ii) Lith film Developer (iii) Sodium Thosulphate (iv) Developing Trays (v) Retouching Ink (vi) Retouching Brush (vii) Butter Paper * Art Work :- (I) Manual Artwork (ii) Take Design Print out -Methyl amino phenol sulphats * Lith film Developer :- PART- “A”(PPART- “B” ( Sodium Carbonate ) Temp.- 200 +--30c - * Fixer :- Sodium Thosulphate * Retouching :- Using Opaque ink for cover the pin holes. SCREEN PRINTING It...

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