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    1. Introduction There are many types of contraction contract. For example Lump Sum Contracts‚ Unit Price Contracts‚ Cost Plus Contracts‚ Design and Build Contracts & Concession Contracts. Today Concession Contracts are gaining popularity in the Malaysian construction industry. What is Concession Contracts about? It can be define as a business operated under a contract or license associated with a degree of exclusivity in business within a certain geographical area. A project based on granting by

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  • Contract Law

    Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Objectives of Report * To get an idea about the law structure of Sri Lanka * To study about contract law * To get an idea about the low governing offerer and acceptance in Sri Lankan Law. Methodology * Library and Internet research Colonial History and the Law Sri Lanka‚ formally known as Ceylon‚ is a multi-ethnic and multi-religion island nation in the Indian Ocean‚ near the southern coast of India. The ethnic and religious diversity of the nation‚ and

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  • Freedom of Contract

    “Freedom of contract is the bedrock of English private law” Freedom of contract is defined as the: “Right of an adult to make a legally binding mutual agreement with one or more other persons‚ without governmental interference as to what type of obligations he or she can take upon himself or herself.”[1] English law has for a while now been known as believing in freedom of contract. This means that the state has not‚ normally‚ enforced legislation which has got in the way when it comes to the

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  • International Contract

    international contract is a contract that has a foreign element‚ that is to say that the contract is in contact with one or more order (s) legal (s) abroad (s). Specifically‚ the foreign element may be resident abroad‚ a party to the contract‚ nationality‚ place of contract conclusion‚ and many other possibilities.  The commercial contract is a contract for a commercial transaction or a contract made by a trader for the purposes of his trade.  Therefore an international commercial contract is the addition

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  • Formation of a Contract

    BUS103 Assignment Ellyn Hurst Florentina Benga Wednesay 4.00 – 5.00 Word count: 1418 A contract is an agreement containing promises made between two or more parties with the intention of creating legal rights and obligations enforceable in a court of law. There are three essential elements that must be proven to establish a contract. The first element that must be established is whether or not there was an agreement between the parties. There must be an offer proposed by on party‚ and

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  • Psychological Contract

    of the report is to discuss the theory of psychological contracts in organizational employment and to see its evolution by discussing various theories of different authors‚ its present form‚ issues related to it and its importance in training and apprenticeship programs. This report basically discusses both the theoretical and practical aspects of psychological contract. This report shows how that how the concept of psychological contract has evolved and what different authors have said about this

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  • Contracts in Business

    CONTRACTS IN BUSINESS On the 10th of September an offer was distinguished between Huddersford Electronics Ltd (HE ltd) and Gem Computer Stores (GCS). The offer was an invitation to treat as there is an entitlement that an offer could accepted and therefore‚ a contract could be formed. An offer is formed as HE ltd posted an offer to sell 10 laptops to GCS‚ keeping the offer open until the 24th September. A statement is made by HE ltd who is giving information to GCS expressing an intention to sell

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  • Interpretation of Contracts

    Universiteit van Amsterdam Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid Anglo-American Contract and Tort law Interpretation of contracts ‘’ To what extend does the interpretation of Dutch contracts differ from English contracts. ’’ Naam: A.N.Y. van der Looij Studentnummer: 5610303 Begeleider: Professor H. Beale Amsterdam‚ 14th of June 2013 Table of contents Chapter 1 Preface 3 1.1 Neccessity of interpretation 3 1.2 ‘’Objective’’ and ‘’Subjective’’ interpretation 3

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  • Law of Contracts

    History of Contract in India The Third Law commission of British India formed in 1861 under the stewardship of Chairman Sir John Romilly‚ with initial members as Sir Edward Ryan‚ R. Lowe‚ J.M. Macleod‚ Sir W. Erle (succeeded by Sir. W.M. James) and Justice Wills (succeeded by J. Henderson)‚ had presented the report on contract law for India as Draft Contract Law (1866). The Draft Law was enacted as The Act 9 of 1872 on 25th April 1872 and the Indian Contract Act‚ 1872 came into force with effect

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  • Law of Contract

    LAW OF CONTRACT NOTES INTRODUCTION. A contract is an agreement between two parties which is enforceable by law.An agreement is made when a person signifies his willingness to do or to abstain from doing anything with a view of obtaining the assent of the other party. Such act or abstinence is said to make a proposal.The person making the proposal is called the offeror and the person accepting the proposal is called the offeree TYPES OF CONTRACTS: Contracts may be classified into: -Written

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