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SleeperSleeper” is a film, which at first glance, appears to be about nothing but making people laugh, but when examined more closely might appear to be a commentary on politics, consumerism and even love. This film is supposed to be Woody Allen’s take on a modern silent film, and there are definitely similarities to the silent film classics of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, most notably the physical humor that defined the slapstick sub-genre of comedy. Scenes like those with the giant...

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"Sleepers", by lorenzo Carcaterra, summary of the book, quotes, questions, written in essay format

But I think they're just trying to cover their own behind, to avoid lawsuits. The book is called Sleepers because that's when the guards would rape them, at night, while they were trying to sleep. Now that they are grown Lorenzo says that he still has nightmares, and that the nighttime hours always carry a sense of dread. Towards the end of the book he says, "Sometimes I feel that the lucky sleepers are the ones who died. They no longer have to live with the memories. They are free of the dreams...

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juvenile delinquency

1. Extra Credit#1 “SLEEPERS Due Date November 18, 2013 Anthony Milini 2. Sleepers is a movie about four juveniles growing up in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen in the 1960’s. Lorenzo...

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When the Sleeper Wakes

When the Sleeper Wakes by Herbert George Wells First of all I chose this book not only because it was the first book I found that had 100 pages or more, but because the title interested me. I would say this book is a fiction story because no one can sleep for decades and then wake up. The story “When the Sleeper Wakes” is about a man that lives in London and has insomnia. Graham then falls into a strange sleep while he was at a friend’s house. When he wakes up 200 years later, he is immediately...

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Pillow Sleepers Essay

Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers: Buyer’s Guide Sleeping on your stomach is not the best sleeping position for your back and your neck, since it does not perfectly align the person’s spine. The heaviest part of your body is around the middle area so it prevents a neutral spine alignment. If the spine is not aligned well, this can cause stress on your back and certain numbness as you wake up. It can also cause a herniated disk on your neck if the spine is not well aligned. How do you prevent all...

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Setting of Sleepers Book One

Setting of Sleepers Book One Every experience in life leaves a lesson to learn about. People learn from bad experiences and good experience. Usually, a person tries to not make the same mistake twice. Author of sleepers Lorenzo carcaterra explain the real value of friendship in the first book, and teaches three different aspects to keep in mind, from hell’s kitchen. Such as. Thinking twice before any good or bad decision, to assume responsibility in all the things we are involve, and, be aware...

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Sleepers: Culture and Deviance

Sleepers: Culture and Deviance The movie, Sleepers, follows the friendship of four boys : Shakes, Michael, John, and Tommy. On a hot a slow afternoon, the boys play a prank on a street vendor that results in very serious consequences. The boys are sentences to The Wilkinson's Home For Boys. The time spent in the detention center alters the boys utterly and completely, destroys their innocence, and scars them physically and emotionally. Their friendship is just as strong, but that too, is changed...

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Sleepers Film Analysis

In “Sleepers,” Fat Mancho essentially claims that justice is violence and power outside of the courthouse. Aristotle would likely think that New York City, the setting of this film, is a perverted polis. Locke would probably call the streets of the criminal section a place where most people are in a State of War. Both ancient and modern philosophers have varying views and reactions to this quote. Aristotle thinks the best polis promotes human reason, since this is the defining characteristic of...

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Sleepers: Short Story and Human Beings

environment may influence the way how people live and how societies develop. We have a lot of influences from our environment, but we need to choose the best for our welfare. The environment can be a good or bad sway for our lives. After reading the novel “Sleepers”, we realized that environment was so prejudicial to its protagonists. Furthermore, this novel has showed us that living in a dangerous environment can make us violent and develop bad habits. The bad influences in our environment can make us...

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Sleepers: Rape and Hot Dog Cart

In the Movie “ Sleepers” a story about four male friends who stole a hot dog cart, accidently rolled it down some subway steps and ended up crushing a man. All four friends end up going to a reformatory prison and got sexually assaulted by a guard there named Nokes. All four boys were traumatized by these horrible events that happened but two of the boys held anger and venedict. Years later, these two boys happened to see Nokes at a bar. They approached him where he was sitting, and they both shot...

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