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parallel pieces of plastic? I always have thought that skiing trips provide a great deal of entertainment for me during Christmas vacations. Generally, my family travels to close, Midwest venues such as Sioux Falls, Mankato, or Dubuque. However, the Christmas vacation of my eighth grade year wasn’t exactly what I had become familiar with throughout the previous years. Pulling up to the Colorado ski resort I think to myself how different skiing on the steep slopes of a mountain is going to be compared...

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Skiing - Falling in Love

Rushing down a snow covered slope on wooden planks– that was my reflection of skiing. I never thought skiing to be anything more and I never ever dreamed sliding down the incline myself. Until, a holiday to US was planned in December 2009. It was my first experience with snow and it was close to midnight when the plane landed. After renting a four-wheel drive, my family and I made our way to a beautiful wooden lodge in Lake Tahoe. The sky was scattered with twinkling stars and the roadsides were...

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Personal Narrative On Skiing

sweaty from fear and the sun rising just over Nordic Mountain. I could feel my head pounding harder and harder I couldn’t keep my past from creeping into my mind. My friends (Jacob and Daniel) seem to be pretty excited “ man I can’t wait to start skiing this is my first time this year!” Jacob said looking like he hasn’t skied in 3 years. As we pulled into the parking lot, Daniel flew open the door and waited impatiently for his skis. I got out moving as slower than a sloth and feeling sick to my...

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The Culture of Skiing vs the Culture of Snowboarding

I am here to tell you today that snowboarding is a short-lived dying culture and that all of the snow on our mountains should be used by the skiers! My first reason as to why snowboarding is a dying culture and skiing is far superior is that snowboarding is far more dangerous than skiing for many reasons. Firstly snowboarders have a much harder time stopping than skiers do. All a skier has to do to stop is a graceful hockey stop, or a snowplough for the less experienced. Conversely, a snowboarder...

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Personal Narrative-The Joy Of Skiing

following the curve of the trail, and skis out of sight. When I finally catch up to him I am shocked at what I see. My dad is getting up from a fall – he never falls – and both his skis and poles are scattered around the trail. In all his years of skiing, as far as I know, my dad has never been injured despite some careless falls. As I ski down to my dad I pick up his matching black skis and poles. I get closer to him and see a look in his eyes that worries me. I hide my concern and calmly ask, “Are...

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Snowboarding: Skiing and Bright Red Mohawk

‘geezer' next to them doing the same; what if the old person next to them also had a bright red mohawk and a metal dog bone sticking through their nose, it would be like the end of the world. The ‘geezers' like snowboarding as an alternative to skiing for several reasons. They say it's easier on the joints, which I think would be really important to a 60 year old on the mountain. Most of them are there for the recreational value of it not for a workout or to be sore for the next week. Also they...

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The Thrills and Chills of Skiing

The Thrills and Chills of Skiing Flying down through snowy drifts, the sky overhead and your feet precariously balanced on two flat sticks. This is the challenging sport of skiing. It is sport known world wide and enjoyed across the globe, but it is also known to be one of the more difficult and dangerous. Skiing not only encompasses both challenge and enjoyment, it also shares a huge quantity of pros and cons. Exploring these aspects of skiing brings us closer the sport itself and puts this...

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Slopestyle Skiing Speech

The art of skiing has some minor risks while others take it to the next extreme. There are so many types of skiing like cross-country, freestyle, alpine, ski cross, nordic skiing, and countless more. Only one contains jumps and rails to test your skill. This would be known as Slopestyle skiing, it is quite a breathtaking experience just to see someone doing flips and tricks in the sky. But what would it be like in there shoes? What would it take to become an Olympian? I chose this because it is high...

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Head Ski Company

specific dimensions that demonstrate a differentiation strategy for Head Ski are: Product Quality, Ski Performance, Exterior Style, and their Dealer Relations. Case Evidence Combining his experience as an aircraft engineer with sheer dedication to skiing, Howard Head decided to simply build a ski that did not break, turned easily, and tracked correctly. He built a revolutionary product; a ski produced from metal. By disproving what many experts had believed to be the norm that a ski is only to be...

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skiing narrative

Skiing I was raised to love the endless wonders of winter and the sparkling white flakes that fell from above. I have been exploring and enjoying them ever since I can first remember. Not surprisingly, the first sport I ever participated in was downhill skiing. My dad introduced me to it when I was only two. I have been tearing up the mountain ever since. I may have been to young to remember but I can only imagine what I thought when my dad strapped two boards on my feet and sent me on my...

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