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Simulation Study Using Simul8

Simulation Study Pilkington Library Main Issuing Desk Abstract: This paper investigates the activity of the main issuing desk at the 3rd floor of Pilkington Library during weekdays between 5 and 6pm. The aim is to find ways of minimizing queuing times and respond to flexibility in demand. Two sets of data have been analysed and transposed into a simulation study using the Simul8 software package. The results of the simulation are presented in support of our optimization proposals. Introduction ...

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Using Simulation to Educate the Healthcare Professional

Using Simulation to Educate the Healthcare Professional The purpose to the article was to give an overview of types, implementations and resources for human simulation in nursing education. “Gaba (2004) has defined simulation as a “ ...technique, not a technology, to replace or amplify real experiences with guided experiences (as sited in Galloway, 2009). Aldrich (2005 ) stated “[t]he objective in creating any simulation experience is achieving fidelity, i.e., a close replication of the real-life...

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Simulation of Ammonia Plant Using Hysys

SIMULATION OF AN INDUSTRIAL SCALE AMMONIA PLANT USING HYSYS™ Presented By Mohammad Shamsus Saleheen #0602001 Md. Abu Abdullah Al Hasanat #0602002 1 Outline of the Presentation  Objectives  Simulating an ammonia plant using Aspen HYSYS  A simplified block diagram of Haldor Topsoe ammonia production process  Steady-state Model  Comparison of steady-state simulation results with real plant data  Response of the Model to Changes in Process Variables  Scope of future work 2 Objectives ...

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Simul8 Report

MATH2013 Simulation Assignment 1.0 Introduction The aim of the assignment was to find a staffing solution for a call centre with two types of calls (1, 2) and three types of agents, two of which specialists (agent 1 and agent 2) and a generalist (agent 3) who handles both types of calls on two types of days- Heavy 1, with more type 1 calls and Heavy 2, with more type 2 calls. The staffing solution should meet two performance constraints: • The Quality of Service, QoS, should be at least 70%...

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SIMULATION • WHAT is Simulation ? • WHY is Simulation required ? • HOW is Simulation applied ? • WHERE is Simulation used ? DEFINITION • Simulation is a representation of reality through the use of model or other device, which will react in the same manner as reality under a given set of conditions. • Simulation is the use of system model that has the designed characteristic of reality in order to produce the essence of actual operation. • According to Donald G. Malcolm, simulation...

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Computer Simulation

Computer Simulation * A software program that runs on any computer that attempts to simulate some phenomenon based on a scientist's conceptual and mathematical understanding of the given phenomenon. * The scientist's conceptual understanding is reduced to an algorithmic or mathematical logic, which is then programmed in one of many programming languages (Fortran, C, C++, etc.) and compiled to produce a binary code that runs on a computer. * Have become a useful part of modeling...

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Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation

Using Perceptual Mas in Marketing Summary Christy Gehr MKT/421 February 21, 2013 Professor Jose Siqueira Using Perceptual Maps on Marketing Simulation Summary Throughout this paper the situation of Cruisers Thorr Motorcycles will be discussed along with suggestions and recommended solutions, and finally the results. Isolation and positioning of products or services will show in this paper. Additionally, it will debate how...

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Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation

 Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary MKT 421 Instructor: Ken Metz October 7, 2013 Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary The situation consists of me constructing a perceptual map to create a marketing plan for Thorr Motorcycles. The perceptual map will be based off of parameters fundamental to the product and significant to the customer. I am the marketing manager for CruiserThorr. We are trying to use the parameters to market a new...

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Effect of Simulation Game

“The Effect of Simulation Game-based Instruction for Different Cognitive Style Learners on Evaluating Different Instructional Objectives in Computer-based Learning Environment.” I. Introduction Background Recent upsurge of public interest on e-learning bring many stakeholders in instructional technology field and numerous computer-based instruction products are released by academics and industries year by year. Extravagant spin-off e-learning companies from universities and big companies...

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Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and Simulation A Simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process or system over time. It involves the generation of an artificial history of a system and observation of the artificial history to draw inferences concerning the operating characteristics of the real system. Simulation can be used both as an analysis tool for predicting the effect of changes to existing systems and as a design tool to predict performance of new systems under varying sets of circumstances ...

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Simul8 in Supply Chain

Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 Current Simulation Model 3 2.1 Clock Options 3 2.2 The warm-up period 3 2.3 Results collection period 4 2.4 The number of trials used 4 2.5 Results analysis 4 3.0 Pooling Resources 5 3.1 The impact of pooling resources 5 3.2 Comparison between initial model and pooled model 6 4.0 Usefulness of Simulation Model in Business Context 6 4.1 Simulation and decision making 6 4.2 Researcher Recommendation...

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Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary

Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary Nikitta Echols MKT/421 June 13, 2011 Instructor Chrisann Merriman Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary The Business world is constantly thinking of innovative ideas to accomplish the goal of having an ample amount of information for current and future marketers. Subsequently marketing students were specifically instructed to complete the simulation, Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing, located on University of Phoenix’s...

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Monte Carlo Simulation

April 2010 ‘The problems of Monte Carlo Simulation’ by David Nawrocki This article describes the problems associated with using the Monte Carlo Simulation Model as a tool for determining future investment outcomes for investors. The tool is widely used by Financial Advisors as a means of showing investors future returns on investments. The article discusses why the use of Monte Carlo Simulation in financial planning is difficult and can lead to incorrect decisions which can have a detrimental...

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Simulation Reflection

This paper is a reflection on three simulations as each relates to strategic planning. The first simulation, “Thinking Strategically,” highlights the importance of environmental scanning. The second simulation, “Developing Grand Strategies,” challenged decisions made for a company which lead to effective strategy formulation and choices. The third simulation, “Creating a Strategic Road Map,” provided a simulated experience of how to build a strategic roadmap focusing on the importance and effectiveness...

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Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation

Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary Thorr Motorcycles is a $5 billion company producing a wide range of motorcycles. In addition to producing motorcycles, the company, also have licensing programs; sell T-shirts, shoes, toys for the motorcycle. The company offer services in dealer training, dealer software packages, motorcycle rental, and rider training (University of Phoenix, 2013). The sales of high quality of motorcycles are declining. The cost of a princely motorcycle was $200...

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2x2 Switch Simulation in Matlaab

2x2 Packet Switch Simulation Using Matlab Interim Report Contention, output-buffer, queuing process, analytical analysis, simulation Student Name: Deniz Ozdemir Email: ec09502@eecs.qmul.ac.u Supervisor: Dr John Schormans Deniz Ozdemir ec09502 Interim report Contents Page 1.1 Aim 1.2 Methodology 1.3 Objectives 2. Background 2.1 Performance Evaluation 2.1.1 Measurement 2.1.2 Analysis/Simulation 2.2 Packet Switched Networks 3. Introduction 4. Theory 4.1 Queuing Theory 4.1.1 Queuing...

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Computer Simulation

COMPUTER- AIDED DECISIONS “COMPUTER SIMULATION OF HUMAN THOUGHT” What is Computer Simulation? A computer simulation or a computer model is a computer program that attempts to simulate an abstract model of a particular system. Computer simulations have become a useful part of mathematical modeling of many natural systems in physics, chemistry and biology, human systems in economics, psychology, and social science and in the process of engineering new technology, to gain insight into...

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Spreadsheet Modeling and Simulation

SPREADSHEET MODELING AND SIMULATION Spring 2014 Instructor: Yanjun Li, office: KRAN 422, phone: 494-4525, e-mail: li14@purdue.edu Office Hours: Tuesday 1:00 – 4:00 pm, or by appointment. Course Packet: The course packet contains cases and readings from various sources. Textbook: David Hartvigsen, SimQuick: Process Simulation with Excel, 2nd Edition, Prentice Hall, 2004. (ISBN: 0-13-107880-1) References: Law, A. M. and W. D. Kelton, Simulation Modeling and Analysis...

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History of Simulation

1. INTRODUCTION Simulation history is viewed in different angles including: -simulation uses e.g. analysis, training, research. - types of simulation models e.g. discrete-event, continuous, combined discrete - simulation programming languages or environments e.g. Arena, SIMSCRIPT,SLAM and - application domains or communities of interest e.g. communications, manufacturing, military, transportation). The objective of this history is to highlight people, places, and events that have marked...

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Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary

Perceptual Maps Simulation I found this simulation to be very interesting. First of all, it was about motorcycles, and what guy doesn't find that to be an interesting topic? Regarding the lessons it contained for marketing though, it was also interesting while still being entertaining as well. The situations it presented were realistic, while not being so overcomplicated that the material it was trying to present got lost. In the following paper I will discuss the situations from the simulation, the relationship...

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Simulation Studies

........................................................................................................................................................ Using Simulation-Based Training to Enhance Management Education EDUARDO SALAS JESSICA L. WILDMAN University of Central Florida RONALD F. PICCOLO Rollins College We suggest that simulation-based training (SBT) offers many advantages as an approach for management education, and in an effort to guide and encourage its appropriate use, we provide...

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Critique of the Study by Sohn and Colleagues, “Simulation-based smoking cessation intervention education for undergraduate nursing students”

Critique of the Study by Sohn and Colleagues, “Simulation-based smoking cessation intervention education for undergraduate nursing students” In this paper, Sohn and colleagues (2011) study Simulation-based smoking cessation intervention education for undergraduate nursing students will be critiqued with the assistance of Loiselle and Profetto-McGrath’s (2011) book Canadian Essentials of Nursing Research. Title The title of the article is clear and concise. It is only ten words long and clearly...

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Using the Case Study of Mr

Using the Case Study of Mr. X, Identify and Explain the Client’s Issues and Devise a Course of Treatment for him, taking into Account any Ethical Issues In this essay I will be explaining what self-esteem is and the issues Mr X has stated. I shall then cover any ethical considerations that need to be accounted for and devise an appropriate course of treatment for this particular individual. Self-esteem is how we value ourselves; it is how we perceive our value to the world and how valuable we think...

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Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary

Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary Brenda Salima MKT/421 – Marketing February 27, 2012 Maureen Murphy Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary The situation that is being explained in the simulation states of the declining sales of Thorr Motorcycles’s product, the CruiserThorr, because of its previous customers that are aging and no longer interested in what the product stands for. Another factor for the decline includes their younger...

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Saber Simulation

In the first day of the simulation, I learnt that when thrown into the water, I don't get nervous. Rather, I am happy to take a challenge and trying to do the best I can. Since I had no prior background in HR – I have deliberately decided to take this role. When we were asked to choose the logo for the company, after some negotiations the team agreed to take my choice. I learnt that I can convince people follow my ideas. As the VP of HR, I needed to work and coordinate with all other team members...

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Simulation of Quantum well Photo detecor

Simulation of Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector Using Synopsys TCAD Rakshith N Electronics & Communication, Siddaganga Institute of Technology B.H.Road Tumkur Karnataka India 3nrakshi3060@gmail.com Abstract— The long wavelength infrared photodetectors have many important applications for astronomical, medical and surveillance requirements including weather forecasting. This paper presents the design and simulation of quantum well infrared photodetector (QWIP) for a spectrum of wavelength...

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simulation and modelling

Simulation software Simulation software is based on the process of modeling a real phenomenon with a set of mathematical formulas. It is, essentially, a program that allows the user to observe an operation through simulation without actually performing that operation. Simulation software is used widely to design equipment so that the final product will be as close to design specs as possible without expensive in process modification. Simulation software with real-time response is often used in...

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Apple Inc.: Individual Assignment Using Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary

Individual Assignement: Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary References: http://www.studymode.com/essays/Using-Perceptual-Maps-Marketing-Simulation-92234.html http://grammar.yourdictionary.com/parts-of-speech/adverbs/list-of-conjunctive-adverbs.html Complete the simulation, Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing, located on the student website. Write a 1,050- to 1,450-word summary in which you address the following for each of the three major phases in the simulation: * The situation ...

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Simulation of Toll Bridge Traffic

 Final Project Donald L. Dionne Information Technology Department Southern New Hampshire University TABLE OF CONTENTS BRIEF SUMMARY 3 PROBLEM FORMULATION 4 PERFORMANCE METRICS 5 SYSTEM AND SIMULATION SPECIFICATION 6 BASE MODEL 7 ALTERNATE MODEL 1 9 ALTERNATE MODEL 2 11 INPUT ANALYSIS 13 VERIFICATION AND VALIDATION 15 OUTPUT ANALYSIS 16 REFERENCES 17 BRIEF SUMMARY A toll bridge spans the Black Warrior River connecting Interstate 20/59 to Northport,...

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Work Cell Simulation

Work Cell Simulation Robots are a major part of automation technology. Application of this technology depends on how robots are located and used in work cells. Feature-based work cell simulation software is perfect for these applications, because it provides an interactive and accurate virtual view of a fully combined robotic work cells that can be modeled and assessed for low cost and reliable solutions. Designers can use the software to model a work cell by acquiring a group of components, such...

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Simulation Using Arena for an Automobile Assembly Plant

SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGICAL SCIENCES INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT Simulation Project- IE532 * Table of Contents: 1. Introduction……………………………………………………………………………………………………..2 2. Approach………………………………………………………………………………………………………….3 3. Input Analyzer………………………………………………………………………………………………….9 4. Animation……………………………………………………………………………………………………….10 5. Results…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….11 4. Discussion……………………………………………………………………………………………………….15 5. Conclusion………………………………………………………………………………………………………16 ...

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Mgmt 1001 Everest Simulation

The Report is based on the Everest Simulations and is based on the topics of Attitudes, Perceptions and Personality, Conflicts and Teams, and Organisational Structure. The purpose of the report is to critically analyse the members of the team and the team as a whole, and recommend any improvements. The Everest Simulation was carried out twice in 1 hour sessions by Group 53 of MGMT 1001 at UNSW. The five team members each were assigned a role, with personal goals that were to be achieved. In addition...

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Manufacturing Simulation Software, Literature Review

Q1: Identify factors that you would consider towards selecting an appropriate simulation software for use within a manufacturing organisation Factor | Reason(s) for Selection | Reference(s) | Analysis | Because analysis is the most tool for audit and analysis of the overall strategic position of the business and its environment. If the simulation software can provide statistics such as means, variances, and confidence intervals and goodness-of-fit test they are will be very helpful feature...

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Nursing Students: A Study on the Effects of Using Gadgets

 A RESEARCH STUDY ON THE EFFECTS OF USING GADGETS TO THE TEST SCORES OF UERM’S FIRST YEAR NURSING STUDENTS (SECTION A & B) IN ANATOMY Chapter I INTRODUCTION Rationale and Background of the Study There has been a little research conducted on different gadgets and the effect they hold on learning. Also, the literature has demonstrated that there are more negative implications to using gadgets than there are positive. The goal of this study was to assess the effects of gadgets, on...

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simulation of Gal80

Interoperability with a large number of simulation packages. Its ability to integrate structure and sequence information. Other key features are:- Visualization of 3-D molecular with different patterns. Can display and select subsets of atom from atom selection syntax. Can visualize dynamic molecular and volumetric data. Major molecular data file formats are supported. Capability of movie making. Interactive molecular dynamics simulation. Source code is written in C and C++...

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Automotive E-Coat Paint Process Simulation Using FEA

Finite element analysis (FEA) is widely utilized in the automotive industry to study a variety of engineering design activities such as crash test simulations and optimization of manufacturing processes. One of the latest areas to benefit from FEA technology is the E-coat paint process. E-coat paint provides for excellent corrosion resistance and is the first of several different protective paint layers applied to an automotive body. During the E-coat paint process, an entire automotive body is immersed...

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Study on Wild Guppies: Online Simulation of Endler's Work

Abstract In the 1970s, an investigator named John Endler traveled to Trinidad in the 1970s to study wild guppies. The guppies live in small streams that flow down the mountains from pool to pool. The experiment will take part on an online simulation of Endler's work. The group of members is responsible for collecting data, formulating a hypothesis, and running a series of experiments. They will find out about the interplay between natural selection and sexual selection in this wild population of...

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Perceptual Maps Simulation

Perceptual Maps Simulation Strategy Perceptual Maps Simulation Strategy Perceptual mapping involves a realistic graphic method used in marketing to recognize consumers' observations of products or companies relative to their competitors. A perceptual map describes how a certain product or service and its competitors compare in relation to designated characteristics such as quality, price, or any of a number of other properties. The organization...

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Market Simulation

Running head: Marketing Simulation 1 Marketing Simulation Final Project Cynthia Taplett-Hartman Professor Bietsch MT450: Marketing Management March 22, 2014 Marketing Simulation 2 Marketing Simulation MM’s Motors should try to increase the market share and their profit shares. What is Simulation it is a computer program for business to analyze a model to make decision on their product, pricing, customers, finance and...

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* a Comparative Study Of Price Earnings Multiple Of Top It Sector Companies Of India Using Stable Dividend Discount Model A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF PRICE EARNINGS MULTIPLE OF TOP IT SECTOR COMPANIES OF INDIA USING STABLE DIVIDEND DISCOUNT MODEL. Report By PRIYA BATRA (PGDM No 11101... Premium * Research Report On Consumer Prefrence Towards Mobile Handsets Study of Consumer Buying Behavior regarding the different Brands of Mobile Handsets (Research Project Report) Submitted to... Premium *...

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Organizational Behavior Case Study Using

organizational theory as well as the systems theory approach to management, we will be able to see what aspects and principles should be better utilized and enforced in order to prevent such incidences from reoccurring.   Organizational Behavior Case Study Using Classical Organization Theory and Systems Theory In order to see where Brigadier General James Botchie’s management went wrong, we will use the classical organization theory and systems theory to evaluate his action and decisions. To provide...

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Simulation Essay

 Microeconomics and the Laws of Supply and Demand: A Simulation D. Buress ECO/365 February 2, 2015 R. Caratao Microeconomics and the Laws of Supply and Demand: A Simulation The simulation this week was based on an apartment rental agency, GoodLife Management, in the fictitious town of Atlantis. GoodLife Mgmt. manages the month-to-month rental of 2- bedroom apartment units. By using different situations and assumptions, the simulation provides examples of how certain market factors can affect...

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Simulation Supermarket

What is Simulation? A simulation is a model that mimics reality; there are many types of simulation. Here we concentrate on methods employed in Operational Research Strategy. Diagrammatic representation of simulation : How simulation assists in supermarkets? The simulation using Arena helps designing the various process that is involved in a super market .The processes such as seizing trolley,”Q” for payment of items purchased, collection of different items etc can be explained using Arena Simulation...

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Simulation Lab

Simulation Lab Group #5 Dynamic Systems 1, ME3211 David Cramer Percentage of Work_______________________________________ Cory Spelman Percentage of Work_______________________________________ Table of Contents Objective Calculations Experimentation Results Appendices Objective The objective of this lab was to understand how to use the Working Model 2D software and to apply this knowledge to create a vibration absorber. Part 1 was to open up a demo file and analyze the force vs...

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Critical Review of “ a Building Lca Case Study Using Autodesk Ecotect and Bim Model”

Title: Critical Review of “ A Building LCA Case Study Using Autodesk Ecotect and BIM Model” Summary: The main objective of the paper was to prove that the BIM (Building Information Model) integrated with other software for energy analysis and CO2 emissions of buildings could lead to a comprehensive and successful LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) study. The authors claimed that using BIM would save much time and effort when conducting LCA studies. They also addressed a research question of how the...

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Studies on Stress Concentration Using Experimental and Numerical Methods

TITLE Studies on Stress Concentration Using Experimental and Numerical Methods ABSTRACT This paper presents the experimental and numerical studies that had been conducted to investigate the stress concentration around a circular cutout in an isotropic material. Test specimens with circular holes were loaded in tension and bending. The tension test specimen was loaded in an Instron test machine. By mounting a set of strain gages orthogonal to the applied loading direction, the longitudinal strain...

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be promoted. For examples, we have training courses or we can go abroad to study to help our companies be more developed. In sum up, we will have many pros when we work in foreign companies. Advantages of travelling by plane Nowadays, people can travel by plane, train or ship and car. However, travelling by plane, we will have many advantages. Firstly, it is convenient in buying tickets because we can book tickets by using the internet or calling the services. In addition, travelling by plane is...

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Parallel Plate Testing and Simulation of Corrugated Plastic Pipes According to Iso 9969 & En 1446

Parallel Plate Testing and Simulation of Corrugated Plastic Pipes According to ISO 9969 & EN 1446 Dr. Abdul Monaim Jesry, Eng. Yaser Alewe Syria-Aleppo city (Aleppo university) - Email:yaseralewe@gmail.com Abstract: The parallel plate test (ISO 9969 & EN 1446) is a standardized test for insuring that the ring stiffness and flexibility of thermoplastic pipe meets specified levels of performance. Traditional calculation of ring stiffness depend on study of the elasticity of the material and...

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Procurement Simulation

2 Change Orders 3 Lessons 3 Appendix A: Simulation Comments 4 Appendix B: Simulation Results 6 Consensus versus Average Forecasting The consensus forecasts worked well for quick insight into estimated demand for each month. In our first year we used the consensus demand because we did not know the dynamics of the group, and we were relying on their expertise to guide us toward a more accurate forecast. As we progressed through the simulation we came to the realization that the consensus...

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HBP Simulation

HBP management simulation Analysing cause and effect relationship Team attributes: The team morale (TM) and stress level (SL) seem to be caused by common parameters. Their correlation is first positive and then becomes negative. The turning point is at the SL 1.2 approximately. The effects of positive and negative stress explain this relation, respectively. A SL below 0.9 is low, indicating the team is bored and is linked to low TM, which reflects an absence of challenge. Here, an increase...

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Music Case Study Using Ardorno

Case Study #1 With the essay, On Popular Music, Theodore Adorno theorized that the average American was simply a mindless machine, programed with the popular music they found comfort in. Furthermore, Adorno speculated that all popular music was nothing but the same song with minor changes. This repetition puts people at ease and allows the songs themselves to have a degree of control over the listener. The control is then perfected through a number of effects including glamour, baby talk, rhythm...

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MKT 421 Week 4 Individual Study Guide Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary

MKT 421 Week 4 Individual Study Guide Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary http://www.paperscholar.com/mkt421-week-4-individual-assignment-using-perceptual-maps-in-marketing-simulation-summary-100-correct-a/ Complete the simulation, Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing, located on the student website. Write a 1,050- to 1,450-word summary in which you address the following for each of the three major phases in the simulation: The situation Your recommended solutions...

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Supply and Demand Simulation

Supply and Demand Simulation A simulation was conducted to understand supply and demand when renting out apartment homes. This paper will briefly explain two microeconomics and two macroeconomics principles, it will include one shift of the supply curve and demand curve in the simulation. For each of the shifts the affect of the equilibrium price, quantity, and decision making will be analyzed. A description of supply and demand from the simulation and how to apply it in the workplace is included...

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Simulation Paper

Simulation Paper Carlos Young SCI 362 January 3, 2013 Kenneth Rayford Simulation Paper In this simulation the issue that is brought up is the fact that a pharmaceutical company is making all sorts of medicines and health products. Their intention is to use the rainforests resources to make the products that is used to help people with their health from the medicines they create. This scenario has the issue of the rainforest being cut down but not kept up with when it comes to being replenished...

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Study on Long Term Reliability of Pv Modules and Analysis of Power Degradation Using Accelerated Aging Tests and Electroluminescence Technique

SiliconPV 2011 STUDY ON LONG TERM RELIABILITY OF PHOTO-VOLTAIC MODULES AND ANALYSIS OF POWER DEGRADATION USING ACCELERATED AGING TESTS AND ELECTROLUMINESCENCE TECHNIQUE I. SUMMARY To improve PV module’s lifetime and reliability, it is essential to understand the mechanisms and causes that degrade module performance over time under different climatic condition. In this study, our main aim is to correlate the degradation of module power with physical changes that are generated in the cells over time...

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Philippine Journal of Science 134 (1): 31-37, June 2005 ISSN 0031 - 7683 31 Merlyn S. Mendioro * , Maria Genaleen Q. Diaz , Maria Theresa B. Alcantara, Oscar J. Hilario, Patrocinio Mateo and Reycel D.M. Maghirang Key words : cytological studies, iron-acetocarmine squash technique, Euphorbia , Moringa , Chrysanthemum , karyotype *Corresponding author: msmendioro@yahoo.com INTRODUCTION Plant products are widely used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food industries. Many pharmaceutical...

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Report on Mini Cement Plant Using PLC

CEMENT PLANT USING PLC Alik Saha*, Sushil kundu*, Apurba Ghosh** * B.E. Final year student, ** Reader / Assistant Professor Department of Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, University Institute of Technology, Burdwan University, Burdwan – 713 104, W.B., India. Email: alik.saha4001@gmail.com sushilkundu143@gmail.com apurbaghosh123@yahoo.com Abstract- This paper analyses the simulation study of PLC based mini cement plant system by developing ladder diagrams using the addressing...

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Simulation Report

------------------------------------------------- SIMULATION REPORT The objective of the project was to trade on a Market Simulation “STOCK TRACK”, from 2/13 to 4/20. We were supposed to try to trade different types of instruments in order to gain more knowledge about they are trade in the real world; and how a strategy which seems good can be overturned by the market circumstances. During this period as a conservative, I tried to trade less risky instruments. The qualities that I used to...

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Supply and Demand Simulation

Running head: SIMULATION Week 2: Supply and Demand Simulation Brian Richards ECO/365 December 3, 2012 Ashraf Zaki In the simulation of the city of Atlantis, it demonstrated how supply and demand can shift due to adjustments with prices. The simulation focused on two-bedroom rental properties. We received the expertise of Hal Morgan and Susan Hearst from Good Life Property Management to determine rental prices and how to balance out the supply and demand. Through...

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Psyc 255 Case Study paper

 How to conduct and complete a Case Study Kimberly M Asbury Liberty University Introduction In this paper, the definition and description of what a case study is, what are some reasons for using a case study, what are some disadvantages and advantages of this approach? Also included in this paper I will talk about what are some of the ways a researcher can acquire information that can is used for a case study. A case study can be defined as a descriptive account of...

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