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Simulation Study Using Simul8

Simulation Study Pilkington Library Main Issuing Desk Abstract: This paper investigates the activity of the main issuing desk at the 3rd floor of Pilkington Library during weekdays between 5 and 6pm. The aim is to find ways of minimizing queuing times and respond to flexibility in demand. Two sets of data have been analysed and transposed into a simulation study using the Simul8 software package. The results of the simulation are presented in support of our optimization proposals. Introduction ...

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Computer Simulation Case Study

Computer Simulation: Gambling is known to be a vice of many men. An activity that requires one to bet their cold hard cash that they earned through their jobs and to bet it all on a luck and the slim chance that they would somehow beat the odds and receive what they had betted and much more. Gambling has been proven to stimulate the brains reward system that similar to how drugs and alcohol stimulate the brains reward system. But dabbling in such activities, such as gambling with cards and dice...

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SIMULATION • WHAT is Simulation ? • WHY is Simulation required ? • HOW is Simulation applied ? • WHERE is Simulation used ? DEFINITION • Simulation is a representation of reality through the use of model or other device, which will react in the same manner as reality under a given set of conditions. • Simulation is the use of system model that has the designed characteristic of reality in order to produce the essence of actual operation. • According to Donald G. Malcolm, simulation...

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Computer Simulation

Computer Simulation * A software program that runs on any computer that attempts to simulate some phenomenon based on a scientist's conceptual and mathematical understanding of the given phenomenon. * The scientist's conceptual understanding is reduced to an algorithmic or mathematical logic, which is then programmed in one of many programming languages (Fortran, C, C++, etc.) and compiled to produce a binary code that runs on a computer. * Have become a useful part of modeling...

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Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation

Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary MKT/421 September 19, 2013 Using Perceptual maps in Marketing Simulation In the University of Phoenix simulation Thorr Motorcycles, Inc. is a $5 Billion company, which offers the consumer many styles of motorcycles and they produce more than 200,000 units per year. They sell everything from t-shirts to toys and leather accessories. In each of the three major phases in using perceptual maps in marketing simulation which are the...

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Simul8 Report

MATH2013 Simulation Assignment 1.0 Introduction The aim of the assignment was to find a staffing solution for a call centre with two types of calls (1, 2) and three types of agents, two of which specialists (agent 1 and agent 2) and a generalist (agent 3) who handles both types of calls on two types of days- Heavy 1, with more type 1 calls and Heavy 2, with more type 2 calls. The staffing solution should meet two performance constraints: • The Quality of Service, QoS, should be at least 70%...

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Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation

 Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary MKT 421 Instructor: Ken Metz October 7, 2013 Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary The situation consists of me constructing a perceptual map to create a marketing plan for Thorr Motorcycles. The perceptual map will be based off of parameters fundamental to the product and significant to the customer. I am the marketing manager for CruiserThorr. We are trying to use the parameters to market a new...

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Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation

Using Perceptual Mas in Marketing Summary Christy Gehr MKT/421 February 21, 2013 Professor Jose Siqueira Using Perceptual Maps on Marketing Simulation Summary Throughout this paper the situation of Cruisers Thorr Motorcycles will be discussed along with suggestions and recommended solutions, and finally the results. Isolation and positioning of products or services will show in this paper. Additionally, it will debate how...

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medical simulation drug study

MEDICATION SIMULATION (DRUG STUDY) CASE of PATIENT: Hypertensive Urgency GENERIC NAME: Amlodipine besylate BRAND NAME: norvasc DOSE: 10mg/1tab twica a day AVAILABILITY: Tablet TIMING: 8am-6pm ROUTE: Oral ACTION INDICATION/s SPECIAL PRECAUTION/s CONTRAINDICATIONS SIDE EFFECTS NURSING RESPONSIBILITIES Inhibits calcium ion influx across cardiac and smooth muscle cells, thus decreasing myocardial contractility and oxygen demand; also dilates coronary arteries and arterioles ...

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Zebu: Case Study: Simulation Of Data

Case study Simulation of data To illustrate usage of Zebu, data simulated using a bayesian network will be used. The example presented in figure 1 is borrowed from Pearl [25]. Five thousand cases with 5% of missing data was simulated using SamIan. To illustrate how Zebu handles continuous variables, calcium concentrations were simulated. ”Not increased” cases were randomly sampled from a normal distribution with mean 2.4 and standard deviation 0.05. ”Increased” cases were randomly sampled from an...

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