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on top of the candles. Once the girls find the lamp in the never ending darkness, they discover that Sara is gone! It doesn't make sense to them. All of the windows are closed shut, doors locked and there is no Sara. The girls call the local sheriff and explain what happened. He comes up with the conclusion that one of the girls let her out and locked the door behind her. But who? Nobody will confess to it. The next day Sara's body is found in the swamp. Throughout the book, such...

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A Death in Texas by Dina Temple-Raston

a lot of diversity a century ago and we were a lot like the 1998 Jasper. Our “Other” or “Them” were the Chinese. Whereas, just a decade ago, in Jasper, the police department was lenient towards hate crimes and didn’t care if they occurred until Sheriff Rowles was elected. He was colorblind and believed in justice for all. When the murder of James Byrd occurred in 1998 it changed everything in Jasper and drew the attention of the entire United States. Jasper had always been segregated, even after...

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Departments of Police

the policing is unique and is defined to the functions and their roles. There are three levels of policing, federal, state, and local (Terry and Grant, 2012). Under local policing, agencies include county police, municipal police, tribal police, Sheriff departments, and medical or coroner examiner (Terry and Grant, 2012). Municipal police plays the most complicated functions than the two units. The municipal police is responsible for maintaining order and performing various services pertaining to...

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have a reason to be out late and don’t cause trouble. Not only do we as teens get in trouble but, “There is also parental responsibility in the curfew laws. Parents can be held responsible if their children are caught out after curfew.”(Pima County Sheriff Department) The government shouldn’t enforce teen curfews because sometimes teens have good reasons for being out late like studying or work, adults commit most crimes so its not fair to have a curfew just for teens, and catching teens who are out...

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Creative Writing

am I going to say? Will the sheriff even believe me?” he didn’t care; he knew it was his duty to report what he had seen the previous night. He nervously walked to the sheriff’s desk. “What is it now Alex?” demanded the sheriff in an angry impatient tone. “I thought you might want to know what I saw last night” replied Alex, he continued “I saw a large dragon like creature swallow a helpless little frog on the lake last night” “So, what do I care?” asked the sheriff “Well, I think it was that...

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Winter's Bone

wood and making sure there is food on the table for everyone, which is usually the man of the house’s job. He had told her to not even look for him until “you see my face.” (Chpt 1) Then, when the kids get home from school riding in Sheriff Baskins’ patrol car, the sheriff asks her if she has seen Jessup and informs her that he put the land and house up for the bail. If Jessup didn’t show up for court, they would be poor and homeless. Ree also has to be a mother to the kids, because her mom is pretty...

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Blazing Satire

are common in most westerns, although Mel Brooks has added a twist. In addition, the movie pokes fun at a more modern theme, racism. Many westerns contain some of the same elements. For instance, almost every western ever made involves a sheriff. He is usually the peace-keeper of a small town overrun by outlaws and cowboys, which he eventually chases out of town or kills. Another element of westerns is a gunslinger. A gunslinger is usually a young man who makes his living shooting other...

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History of Police

fight terrorist attacks The third level of law enforcement agencies are at the local level. City and county agencies are part of the local level, which includes police chiefs and sheriffs. Mayors or city council appoints the city police chief. Their jurisdictions are limited to the boundary of their communities. Sheriffs are responsible for law enforcement in unincorporated areas and for the operation of the county jail. Local police play a big role in the new era of homeland security. “They must...

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Case Roin Hood

does Robin Hood have? What issues need to be addressed? He had to deal with the dramatically growth of his band, he loose power and the discipline was corrupted. He didn’t knew the half of his men. Also he had intrinsic motivations to fight the sheriff and he didn’t a clear vision of strategy. The most important thing to care of was the decision of joining the conspiracy. It was an important opportunity with a lot of risk but in case of wining, with a great reward, not just for him and his gang...

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Robin Hood Case

his efforts to try to overthrow the sheriff. He put together a group of men who were originally united in their efforts. Robin Hood used to have a "rob from the rich, give to the poor" and anybody is welcome strategy. However, the group began to grow in size and Robin Hood found it more difficult to discipline and enforce his policies. Robin Hood has developed a large following that is starting to overextend their resources, and Robin's competitor, the sheriff, is becoming more efficient, organized...

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