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am I going to say? Will the sheriff even believe me?” he didn’t care; he knew it was his duty to report what he had seen the previous night. He nervously walked to the sheriff’s desk. “What is it now Alex?” demanded the sheriff in an angry impatient tone. “I thought you might want to know what I saw last night” replied Alex, he continued “I saw a large dragon like creature swallow a helpless little frog on the lake last night” “So, what do I care?” asked the sheriff “Well, I think it was that...

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Robin Hood Case Study

Robin Hood has a conflict with Sheriff and his administration. To resist the regime of Sheriff, Robin Hood is taking the money from rich people and give it to penniless people. Until now, Sheriff was the only problem. Roobin was gathering more and more people, because he believes, that the power is in numbers. So far, he had everithing well organized and controlled through assigning specific tasks for each of his lieutenants. On the other hand, an increasing in the size of the band, caused number...

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Robin Hood Case

Executive Summary Robin’s mission is to successfully revolt against the Sheriff and his administration. This mission created the following issues: Robin Hood’s band size exceeds the food capacity of the forest, the Sheriff and his administration are rivals of Robin Hood, and King Richard needs to be restored to the throne. In order to rid of these problems, it is necessary that Robin Hood successfully takes over the Sheriff and his administration and to restore King Richard to the throne while...

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Current Criminal Justice System

the clock to about A.D.900. Therefore, we begin with a brief history of the evolution of four primary criminal justice officers—sheriff, constable, coroner, and justice of the peace—from early England to the twentieth century in America (Ken, 2006). English and Colonial Officers the Law: All four of the primary criminal justice officials of early English-the sheriff, constable, coroner, and justice of the peace there was a lack of established practice in the United State. Accordingly, it is important...

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A Death in Texas by Dina Temple-Raston

a lot of diversity a century ago and we were a lot like the 1998 Jasper. Our “Other” or “Them” were the Chinese. Whereas, just a decade ago, in Jasper, the police department was lenient towards hate crimes and didn’t care if they occurred until Sheriff Rowles was elected. He was colorblind and believed in justice for all. When the murder of James Byrd occurred in 1998 it changed everything in Jasper and drew the attention of the entire United States. Jasper had always been segregated, even after...

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Robin Hood Case Study

Hood’s primarily goal is the personal vendetta with the Sheriff, while the main purpose of the majority of Merrymen is to reallocate wealth from rich to the poor or simply to gain profits) * Obsolete strategy to generate revenues (Travelers started to avoid the forest not to have their goods confiscated) * Food shortage (the growing band started to exceed food capacities of the forest) * The growing strength of the rivals (The Sheriff was growing stronger and becoming better organized) ...

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Blazing Satire

are common in most westerns, although Mel Brooks has added a twist. In addition, the movie pokes fun at a more modern theme, racism. Many westerns contain some of the same elements. For instance, almost every western ever made involves a sheriff. He is usually the peace-keeper of a small town overrun by outlaws and cowboys, which he eventually chases out of town or kills. Another element of westerns is a gunslinger. A gunslinger is usually a young man who makes his living shooting other...

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Critical analysis of "Montana 1948" by Larry Watson. Includes plot summary, themes, major and minor characters, conflicts and more.

Fiction - Author: Larry Watson; Birth - 1948. Still living - Publication Date: 1993 - Plot Summary: David Hayden lives in a small town called Bentrock, Montana. The Haydens is a powerful family of Mercer County, including members such as the local sheriff and a war hero. The summer of 1948 is a turning point in David's life forever changes his point of view on everything he's ever known. First his nanny, Marie Little Soldier, falls into a sickness and David's uncle, Frank, now a doctor, is called to...

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Departments of Police

the policing is unique and is defined to the functions and their roles. There are three levels of policing, federal, state, and local (Terry and Grant, 2012). Under local policing, agencies include county police, municipal police, tribal police, Sheriff departments, and medical or coroner examiner (Terry and Grant, 2012). Municipal police plays the most complicated functions than the two units. The municipal police is responsible for maintaining order and performing various services pertaining to...

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Robin Hood

within his organization. For instance, travelers are beginning to circumvent the forest, despite added cost and inconvenience, to protect their cargo. Also, historically speaking, Robin’s plan to force the Sheriff out of Nottingham by causing unrest has had wavering results. In addition, the Sheriff is using powerful connections to apply added pressure to Robin and his Merrymen. To further complicate matters, some of the barons that appointed Prince John to the throne are now campaigning to clandestinely...

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