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  • Reflection Essay On Service Learning

    Service Learning Reflection When scheduling my classes I was super excited to take Campaigns and Elections due to the service learning process. Service learning is a unique experience that not many students get to experience. Taking this course during the craziest election also made the class even more interesting to learn about. Our discussions in both this class and our American Government were always so excited because of everything that was happening in the news. Since I did not get

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  • A Reflection on Service Learning

    Reflective Essay in Education‚ APA Style (Gibson) Running head: SERVICE LEARNING: ERIC 1 A Reflection on Service Learning: Working with Eric Onnalee L. Gibson The header consists of a shortened title in all capital letters at the left margin and the page number at the right margin; on the title page only‚ the shortened title is preceded by the words “Running head” and a colon. Full title‚ writer’s name‚ and school halfway down the page. Michigan State University

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  • Reflections On Service Learning Reflection

    Service Learning Reflection -a- We worked with clients with MS at MS forward. He had a chance to work with a female client on the second and third week of the service. The first thing we did with our client is to ask her questions on the kind of MS she had‚ what her functional deficit was‚ and the things she wanted to work on to improve her function. We created an exercise program of 8 exercises for her to perform in the gym. The goals of these exercises were to help improve her dynamic standing

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  • Service Learning (Reflection)

    first meeting “What is Service Learning”‚ he also informed us about the new curriculum the one they had attended at their seminar. It is all about “The Environmental Education and Information Division‚ DENR”. Our NSTP 2‚ as he said‚ is focusing on providing mechanism in sustaining quality in an environment. He reviewed us about Service learning. Some of us‚ including me‚ forgot about our lesson that he taught last semester. Service learning is a method of teaching‚ learning and reflecting‚ frequently

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  • Service Learning Reflection

    Service Learning Reflection Deanna Goulet November 4th‚ 2014 I chose to complete my service learning hours at the Quantum House. It is an organization located on 45th street behind St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach‚ FL. The Quantum House is a supportive home where families can stay while a member of their family is being treated nearby. The Quantum House offers all meals‚ housing‚ and entertainment during the entire stay. The families are asked to pay thirty-five dollars per day‚ but

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  • Service Learning Reflection

    Service Learning Reflection Paper I chose to go to my home town to work with Kid ’s Klub for my service learning project. Kid ’s Klub is a ministry of Wesley United Methodist Church offering quality before and after school care and summer camp programs for children ages five to fourteen. The reason I chose to go to my home town for this project is because I regularly participate in this program when I am home for breaks. While I am there I assist the children in any area in which they may need

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  • Reflection On Service Learning

    staying after school for service learning. The service learning that I’m going to be doing is to clean the Pacoima libraries garden on Saturday‚ June 4th. What we have been doing for the past two weeks was to plan out what we were going to do at the library‚ the parts that we each had‚ and also learn about what serves learning was and what resources we had to help out our community. To being with‚ the first thing we did on the first day was to learn about what serves learning means and what kind

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  • Reflection on Service Learning

    anything to eat at all that day? Well there are many families and various people of all ages and races who experience this tragic‚ from day to day. I had the opportunity to help families and people without a family cope with this tragic. For my service learning project I helped out at the Raleigh Rescue Mission‚ Which is “Hope for the Poor and Homeless.” During my time at the Raleigh Rescue Mission‚ I helped prepare and serve the homeless. We served various families and those single‚ spaghetti and

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  • Service Learning Reflection

    I was completely surprised that my English class was a service learning course that first day. A surprise that has been good in every way. I love that my learning experience in English has been so much more than sitting in a classroom. Yes‚ I’m learning about how to improve my own writing and critical thinking skills but I’ve also had a new appreciation for talking about food. I have even more of an appreciation for the vegetables I’m eating‚ I’ve learned about using putting plants together as natural

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  • Service Learning reflection

    though it wasn’t in their view. When this was happening‚ I was confused as to why they started to remember that the toy was still there even though it was behind my back. I know now that the girls had started to develop object permanence. When learning about Piaget’s four stages‚ I realized that I had watched these two girls go through the early stages. It was fun to look back and know examples of each stage in my own personal life. I also have two younger siblings‚ the younger of whom is on the

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