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  • SOP for carbine maintainance

    FORM 2404s ready. Service members are required to properly sign out their carbine at 0900. Section Chiefs are responsible for their section’s serviceability of their M4/M4A1 carbine and the ability for their section to pass inspection by the platoon sergeant and arms room. 4. PROCEDURES: Clearing‚ disassembling‚ cleaning‚ inspection for serviceability‚ lubricating and reassembling of the carbine. a. Weapons will be checked and cleared prior to disassembly of your weapon. When clearing

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  • MWTC

    The role of the Marine Corps Noncommissioned Officer during the Korean War Sergeant Jesus J. Rodriguez Jr. SNCOA Sergeants Course 4-12 Staff Sergeant Stewart / Sergeant Olson 14 May 2012 THE ROLE OF THE NONCOMMISONED OFFICER DURING THE KOREAN WAR: Marine Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs) have always been a crucial part in fighting America’s war. They distinguished themselves by taking on the responsibility to train their inexperienced Marines‚ and for accepting

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  • Chapter 2

    located at Camp Gen. Mariano N. Castaneda‚ Silang‚ Cavite and is the premier training academy for the PNP‚ BJMP‚ and BFP. That will vary from the department. Some have corporals‚ who are the senior person on each shift. From there it goes to Sergeant‚ Lieutenant‚ Captain‚ Major‚ Colonel and Chief. Record Keeping The maintenance in a history of one’s activities‚ as financial dealings‚ by entering data in ledgers or journals‚ putting documents in files. The recording of diagnostics‚ result

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  • Army Structure

    In any organization‚ a clear-cut hierarchy of personnel is necessary to ensure that things run smoothly at all levels. The armed forces is no exception. For thousands of years‚ military forces worldwide have maintained a strict structure of rank to ensure smooth operations and the maintenance of order in stressful environments. In fact‚ rank structure is one of the most defining characteristics of an organized military and serves a number of purposes. In order to build and maintain this discipline

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  • Disrespect in the Military

    told that if I had simply taken what was originally written and reworded it I would have been good as gold . I now have come to realize that my failure to follow orders is not only affecting me but it is affecting others. I am taking up a lot of my sergeants time by them having to wright counseling statements for me. Also I have been using the excuse that I am dealing with a lot of personal problems all at once‚ one after another etcetera and so forth. I could have avoided this entire situation completely

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  • The Evolution of Noncommissioned Officers in Training

    the military. They are needed by all ranks and are essential to the military. Sergeants are responsible for the individual training‚ personal appearance and cleanliness of their soldiers. The authority of the sergeant is equal to that of any other NCO rank. The sergeant must be unquestionably competent in order to carry out the mission correctly‚ accomplish each task and care for assigned soldiers. The rank of sergeant is not a position in which to learn how to become a leader. There is no room for

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  • Power and Control Dialouge Essay Weapons Training and Up the Wall Essay

    Bruce Dawe uses dialogue manipulatively and effectively in his poem “Weapons Training” it is an excellent example of how dialogue may be used to provide meaning and substance to a poem. The poem is created around the dramatic monologue of an army sergeant to his platoon during the years of the Vietnam War. It concentrates upon the theme of war yet meaning is placed upon the structure of the poem and the accompanying imagery which allows for a variety of apparent interpretations. Being in the form

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  • All The Light We Can Not See Analysis

    Conflict has a way of changing people for the better or the worse. During times of conflict‚ people are often pressured into situations they do not want to be apart of in the first place. It can lead people to make decisions that they would not make otherwise. Individuals full of promises can be transformed by their surroundings in negative ways. Also‚ individuals can lose sight of their true goals when they become involved in disputes. However‚ once individuals witness the negativity of conflicts

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  • Narrative Essay

    several thousand miles to basic training at Fort Lenardwood. A drill sergeant appeared from the door of the bus and darted his way on to the vehicle. He barked to the new recruits‚ “No body freaking look at me! Put your heads down!” I quickly glanced at my watch‚ as I put my head down‚ and noticed it was almost midnight. A few curious recruits were courageous enough to sneak a glance up quickly at what sounded about six drill sergeants that stood on the bus all of a sudden. “ You think this is a freaking

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  • Army Regulation 600-20

    Chapter 1 Introduction 1-1. Purpose This regulation prescribes the policies and responsibilities of command. It provides guidance covering military discipline and conduct‚ precedence of rank‚ and the military Equal Opportunity (EO) Program. 1-2. References Required and related publications and pre-scribed and referenced forms are listed in appendix A. 1-3. Explanation of abbreviations and terms Abbreviations and special terms used in this regulation are listed in the glossary.

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