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Horses by Edwin Muir

“lumbering” is defined as moving in a slow, heavy manner. There is consonance in the words Those, Horses, plough. The Consonance creates a more subtle effect with the repetition of the o’s. The word containing 3 syllables slows down the rhythm of the sentence. The term ‘steady plough’ means a device pulled through the even ground in order to break it open into furrows for planting. The poet implies that he still has a fear of Horses by expressing his childhood dismay for Horses. The use of the ‘Perhaps’...

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Dangling and Misplaced Modifiers

DANGLING AND MISPLACED MODIFIERS - Revised     For clarity in English, modifiers must be close to the words they describe or limit. A modifier dangles when the word or phrase it describes is missing from its sentence. A modifier is misplaced when the word or phrase it describes is not close enough to be clear. Many modification problems are created by introductory phrases. After an introductory phrase, always supply a logical subject. That subject is usually the “doer” of the action and answers...

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Grade 8 Final Exam Review Sheet

Effective Sentences and Word Choice Fragments, Run-On, Parallel Structure, String/Wordy Sentences, Colorful Language, Denotation & Connotation, All types of Figurative Language (all) 2.3 Parallel vs. Non Parallel 2.5 Wordy Sentence Chart 2.6 Be Specific, choose vivid verbs, include strong, precise modifiers 2.7 Denotation/Connotation…be ready to identify 2.8 Similes, Metaphors, Personification Extra… Alliteration, Hyperbole, Oxymoron, Idioms, Overstatements/Understatements Sentence Variety...

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CJA 314 Week 2 Prison Term Policy Recommendation

assist the courts in sentencing accordingly. Prison policies are designed to keep violent criminals incarcerated, and possibly deter future crime. Individuals convicted of certain crimes may face lengthier sentences than that of a convicted criminal which is currently serving his or her sentence for the same crime committed in a different era. The reason for the difference in sentencing is that prison policies are constantly reforming. Therefore, prison policies pertaining to individuals convicted...

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Indeterminate Sentencing

committed. The sentence imposed typically included incarceration, probation, and fines. Under this scheme, a judge typically will impose a sentencing range rather than a specific time, allowing a parole board to decide when to release the offender. An example of this is when an offender is convicted of homicide and is sentenced to twenty-five years to life. The offender understands that he or she will spend the minimum time of twenty-five years incarcerated but may be required to serve a sentence of up to...

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Parole and Mandatory Release

Parole and Mandatory Release Sina Tuttle CJS/230 September 12, 2012 Jerry Shoate Parole and Mandatory Release Parole is defined as the early release of a convicted offender who has served a portion of his or her prison sentence (CJi Interactive Learning Modules, 2012). The parolee is released under the supervision of a parole officer. The parolee must check-in with the parole office on a daily or weekly basis depending on how parole board and parole office setup the supervision requirements...

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History of the Federal Parole System

the inmate’s eligibility for parole which is determined by the sentence initially received from the court. Not all inmates are eligibility for parole, however some inmates convicted of non violent crimes must spend only fifty percent of their sentence incarcerated. Inmates convicted of violent crimes must spend eighty five percent of their sentences. If an inmate is convicted of murder he must spend hundred percent of his/her sentence (Frank Schmalleger, 2010). Each jurisdiction has a parole board...

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346-3226 http://tlc.uoregon.edu SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT ERRORS WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? There’s at least five common reasons writers mismatch subjects and verbs. Did you notice the error? Let’s take a closer look.  The subject of a sentence (the main who or what of the sentence) and its corresponding verb (the word[s] expressing the subject’s action or state or being) must agree in number. An agreement error occurs when a singular subject is used with a plural verb or a plural subject is used with...

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communication ambiguity

ambiguity are caused by different stress and tone. Stressing the different part of ‘That is my dog’ gives different meanings. The tone has the same function. (Ⅱ) Lexical Ambiguity Sometimes the homograph and the polysemy words weigh heavy in the sentence. They are vital to the meaning. “She can’t bear children so she never talks about them.” The meaning depends on bear. The explanation can be a) she can’t give birth to children so she never talks about it and b) she can’t tolerate little children...

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Sociology - Labeling and Deterrence

otherwise, because the punishment was less punitive. In the late 70's the public began to demand harsher punishments for juveniles. Research indicates that a juvenile accused of a violent crime was more likely to be prosecuted and receive a longer sentence. The recidivism rate also increased. The trend continued in the 1990's and 2000, juveniles were treated more punitively. Juvenile crime actually declined in the 1990's which shows that this punitive treatment was a response to a myth of increasing...

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