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One year old male infant named Matthew is brought into the clinic by very worried parents. Infant shows abnormal symptoms such as stunted growth and underdevelopment of weight for his age and he has no hair on him, a condition called alopecia. Alopecia in his case took off all the hair off his head and his eyebrows and eyelashes. Infant’s head was severely disproportioned to his body and also was disproportioned to his face. His face appeared to be very shrunken and small and he had an underdeveloped...

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Early Adulthood Observation

year old black male. He was in the Erickson’s intimacy vs. isolation stage. Areas of observation include physical, cognitive, and social/emotional development. Physical Development Q has reached maximum body growth and biological aging or senescence has begun. Biological ageing is “genetically influenced declines in the functioning of organs and systems that are universal in all members of our species” (Berk, 2010, p. 432). Q exercises daily but he admits that he doesn’t eat a healthy diet...

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Environment, Age, and Exposure's Effect on Cancer

that it has to do with the aging of the immune system. the progressive decline in the immune system with age is known as immune senescence. what happens when the immune system ages is, "some components of the immune system lose function; others increase functions inappropriately" (document G). In some cases aging isn't always bad, sometimes aging agitates the immune senescence preventing the effects of it. Exposure is also one of the main leading causes of cancer rates. Exposure to carcinogens can...

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Late Adulthood and End of Life Paper

adulthood As individuals age the human body experiences many physical and mental changes. Aging or senescence represents these changes that the human body goes through which diminishes the body’s capacity to regenerate making it vulnerable to illness and disease (Berger, 2008). According to Berger (2008), “Gerontologists distinguish between primary aging, the universal changes that occur with senescence, and secondary aging, the consequences of particular diseases” (p. 620). The physical changes associated...

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Effects of Telomerase Activation on the Tissues of Prematurely-Aged Adult Mice

inhibits cell cycle checkpoint function p53 = protein produced in response to DNA damage progenitor = “ancestral” cell, a precursor cell, akin to stem cells proliferation = in this case, it means cell division quiescent = non-dividing senescence = biological aging Sox2+ = cells that have the Sox2 protein, which is necessary for stem cell renewal SVZ = subventricular zone – an area of the brain where active neurogenesis and self-renewing neurons are found TERT-ER = telomerase reverse...

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The Ultimate Anti-Aging: Effects of Exercise to Telomerase Activity

edu/content/begin/traits/telomeres/ 7. Shay, J. W. , & Wright, W. E. (n.d.). What are Telomeres and Telomerase? Retrieved from http://www4.utsouthwestern.edu/cellbio/shay-wright/intro/facts/sw_facts.html 8. Laufs, U., et al. (n.d.). Physical Exercise Prevents Cellular Senescence in Circulating Leukocytes and in the Vessel Wall. Circulation. doi: 10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.109.861005 9. Ludlow, A.T., et al. (2008). Relationship Between Physical Activity Level, Telomere Length, And Telomerase Activity [Abstract]. Medicine...

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Biological Theories of Aging

to living organisms that induce cumulative damage at various levels as the cause of aging. The programmed theory has three sub-categories: 1) Programmed Longevity. Aging is the result of a sequential switching on and off of certain genes, with senescence being defined as the time when age-associated deficits are manifested. Dr. Davidovic et al discuss the role of genetic instability in aging and dynamics of the aging process (1). 2) Endocrine Theory. Biological clocks act through hormones to control...

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Turritopsis Nutricula

in accordance to the Authentic Good. As the great French doctor Francois Rabelais said, “Science without conscience is the soul’s perdition.” Sources: Animals that defy the inevitability of death, and literally stop the process of senescence. .Accessed on July 24, 2011. http://scienceray.com/biology/immortal-creatures/#ixzz1RD7zFQ3B E.C. Carla’.,P. Pagliara., S. Piraino., F. Boero., L. Dini. 2003. Morphological and ultrastructural analysis of Turritopsis nutricula during life cycle...

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About death

Death is the cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism. Phenomena which commonly bring about death include biological aging (senescence), predation, malnutrition, disease, suicide, murder and accidents or trauma resulting in terminal injury.[1] Bodies of living organisms begin to decompose shortly after death. There is no scientific evidence as to whether or not consciousness survives the death of an organism.[2][3] In human societies, the nature of death and humanity's...

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Molecular Mechanisms of Aging

Kirby 121 Little Hall Princeton University Princeton, NJ 08544 Advisor: Dr. Leon Rosenberg May 4th, 2010 This paper represents my own work in accordance with University regulations. Abstract The mechanisms that regulate cellular senescence, organismal ageing, and species-specific lifespan depend on a synergy of pathways that are multifactorial and extremely complex, though not yet completely understood. Recently, the development of new molecular techniques has elucidated, at least...

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