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  • Self Discipline

    SELF DISCIPLINE BRINGS HONOUR "Their’s is not to question where and why Their’s is to make no reply Their’s is to just do or die Thus rode the six hundred". Mr president sir‚ these were a few lines from Lord Alfred Tennyson’s famous poem " The Charge of the Light Brigade" . These verses always take my imagination to the Crimean Peninsuala back in nineteenth cenyury. I visualize a force of about six hundred riders confronting a huge legion. This is the last stand of the famous Light Brigade

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  • Self Discipline

    Self-discipline is the ability to make oneself do things that should be done. It is the correction or regulation of oneself for the sake of improvement. Acceptance‚ willpower‚ hard work‚ diligence‚ and persistence all come together to make self discipline. Self discipline is one of the more important attributes a person can master. Acceptance simply means that you see life as it should be seen and knowingly acknowledge what you see. Without acceptance you get either ignorance or denial. “Identify

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  • Self Discipline In Uniformed

    Self discipline in uniformed Intro- In this task I am going to be overlooking myself discipline and also discussing my own personal review from my Hugh Baird college files and reviewing comments that have been giving to me by personal tutors. Discussing my attendance and punctuality as well as grades I have achieved and grades to be awarded. What is self discipline? Self discipline is another form of discipline and is very essential for every member apart of the public services. Is it is the ability

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  • Developing Self Discipline

    Developing Self Discipline From Childhood to Adulthood Everyday people are faced with desires and temptation. People tend to become impulsive because they cannot control their actions. Being able to have the ability to have self-control is extremely important to be self-disciplined. Self-discipline is the process of teaching yourself to do what is in your best interest to reach your goals‚ without becoming sidetracked by negative influences. Bear says‚ “Self-discipline refers

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  • Self-Discipline ~Brian Tracy

    The Miracle of Self-Discipline REPORT By Brian Tracy © B rian Tracy. All rights reserved. The contents‚ or parts thereof‚ may not be reproduced in any form for any purpose without the written permission of Brian Tracy. Y our ability to develop the habit of self-discipline will contribute more to your success than any other quality of character. Some years ago‚ I met Kop Kopmeyer‚ a noted success authority who had discovered one thousand success principles which he had published

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  • Discipline Effective Discipline

    Discipline Subtitle: Classroom Discipline A Research work In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course EMGT 210 - Human Behavior in Organization TABLE OF CONTENTS Page TITLE PAGE ……………………………………………………………………… 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS………………………………………………………….. 2 OBJECTIVES OF THE RESEARCH WORK………………………….……….. 3 TOPIC INTRODUCTION…………………………………………………………………. 4 DISCUSSION

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  • Values of Discipline

    XI – IIT Synopsis: * Introduction * Importance of discipline * Nature – the foundation for all discipline * Discipline in a student’s life * Aspects of discipline in one’s life * A world with no discipline * Conclusion Introduction: Discipline means training of the mind so as to make it accept willingly the control of rules or orders. In short‚ it is spontaneous obedience

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  • Principles of Discipline

    EMPLOYEE DISCIPLINE‚ COMPLAINTS AND GRIEVANCES MICHAEL L. PROTACIO Employee discipline: Employee discipline According to Richard D. Calhoon‚ “Discipline is the force that prompts individuals or groups to observe rules‚ regulations‚ standards and procedures deemed necessary for an organization.” Therefore discipline means securing consistent behaviour in accordance with the accepted norms of behaviour. I am sure you will agree that discipline is essential in every aspect of life. It is equally

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  • Discipline in Workplace

    Discipline issues This disciplinary system is developed for Prince Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) to make positive and negative discipline process and procedures for three issues insubordination‚ absenteeism‚ and personal use of company’s resources. Insubordination Insubordination refers to any employee disrespectfulness of defiant which include employees’ rejection for superior direct orders‚ ignore work duties on purpose‚ or uses offensive language to others. Positive discipline issues Provide

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  • The Importance of Discipline

    The Importance of Discipline By: Alexis Wagner June 14‚ 2013 The dictionary definition for discipline is “a branch of learning‚ training that develops self-control.” Discipline to me is a form of work that takes time; but‚ in the end works for your good. A person can be someone “disciplined” or taught a new way of doing something they can’t or don’t want to do‚ or be self-disciplined‚ already possessing an inner strength of mind and determination to do these things own their own. (Control is

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