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Sandra Cisneros

Jacob Ledford Professor Vasconcelos Hammock English 1102M 21 January 2012 Sandra Cisneros Sandra Cisneros was born the daughter of a Mexican-American mother and a Mexican immigrant father. She grew up as the only daughter of a family of 7 children. The family frequently moved back and forth between Chicago and Mexico and she never had much time to settle anywhere. Cisneros graduated from Loyola University in 1976 with a bachelor’s degree in English and eventually went on to obtain her master’s...

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Caramelo by Sandra Cisneros

Caramelo By Sandra Cisneros The novel “Caramelo” by Sandra Cisneros deals with the issues of a young ¾ Mexican girl named Lala, who grows up with a father described as “traditional” and a mother described as “modern and tolerant” (grey box p. 44) In the first excerpt our main character, Lala, is in the car on the way to Mexico with her family. Before crossing the border, the kids sing title songs from American commercials and cartoons they remember. After passing the border “nobody feels like...

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09/05/13 Explication Essay An Explication of Cisneros’s “Woman Hollering Creek” In Sandra Cisneros’s short story “Woman’s Hollering Creek,” the main character is a young Mexican girl; who is experiencing, for the first time, what she believes to be love. However after getting married and leaving her “town of dust and despair,” (Cisneros 1592) she soon realizes that she took her home for granted. Cisneros includes multiple spots in her story to show Cleofilas’s transfer from a sheltered princess...

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Analysis of Sandra Cisneros' Short Stories "Barbie-Q" and "My Tocaya"

feminist views and stereotypes are Cisneros' Barbie-Q and My Tocaya. In both stories, we see characters struggle with what it means to be a woman. Cisneros explores the standards women are held up to, and the standards they make for themselves. Cisneros does a wonderful job of bringing out the worries, fears, and Otherness that women frequently grapple with in their daily lives. She writes her tales, all the while reflecting and dismantling stereotypes of women. Cisneros, when participating in a project...

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Analysis of "Eleven" by Cisneros

Analysis Poet Maya Angelo aptly stated, “I am convinced that most people do not grow up... We carry accumulation of years in our bodies, and on our faces, but generally our real selves, the children inside, are innocent and shy as magnolias.” Similarly, Sandra Cisneros’s “Eleven” illuminates the enigmatic journey of growing up through the sagacious eyes of an eleven year old child. As the speaker of this work asserts, the aging process does not eradicate a person’s previous self. Instead, it accumulates...

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Romeo and Juliet

Sandra Cisneros is a Mexican-American writer and poet. She uses many themes in her writing that reflect her style and life experiences such as coming of age and many more. Her unique and distinct writing styles include: vignettes, bilingualism, lack of a narrator, textual fragments, perspective switching and much more. Sandra Cisneros uses bilingualism in her writing. She often uses Spanish words instead of English words, or English words for Spanish words, sometimes a combination of both. She...

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ENG 2360 Final Exam Study Guide

Sisters • Button -Cisneros' own term for a detailed image/short scene can be inserted into similar stories • Magical realism Fantasy detail integrated with realistic events • Prose poem Piece of writing in "prose" whose poetic qualities including intensity, compactness, prominent rhythms, and imagery self-evident • Biographical information— Which writer was involved in the 1950s with the Beats? Robert Stone Which writer currently lives in San Antonio? Sandra Cisneros Which writer is...

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Women Hollering Creek

Waiting for Freedom In the story "Woman Hollering Creek" Sandra Cisneros discusses the issues of living life as a married woman through a character named Cleofilas; a character who is married to a man who abuses her physically and mentally .Cisneros reveals the way the culture puts a difference between a male and a female, men above women. Cisneros has been famous about writing stories about the latino culture and how women are treated; she explain what they go through as a child, teen and when...

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Straw Into Gold

writing and English classes alike. In the Contemporary realm of authors, Sandra Cisneros produces an essay on what it was like to be a Mexican-American female growing up in society. In her impacting essay, “Straw into Gold: The Metamorphosis of the Everyday,” Cisneros introduces a cultural perspective on reaching her goals and achieving a high level of success regardless of ethnicity. Born in Chicago in 1954, Sandra Cisneros is a half Mexican, half American author and poet who is most popularly...

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Woman Hollering Creek

Woman Hollering Creek “Woman Hollering Creek” is the title story of a book of short stories written by Sandra Cisneros in 1991. Each story in the book deals with women’s dreams, aspiration, disappointment and realities. Some stories deal with these issues when the women are young girls, some when they are adolescent and some as adults. The main character in “Woman Hollering Creek” is a young bride that quickly learns that what she has seen on TV and read in magazines is not the reality of her...

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