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arguments on impartial caring, one of which is the “two ruler” argument. This paper intends to focus on and summarize the said argument and discuss the explanations and counterarguments that provide a basis of how it fails. Readers should expect a simplification of Mozi’s statements, analyses of Mozi’s erroneous generalizations and impractical idea, and a defense against possible questions raised against the analyses. Mozi starts by dichotomizing rulers into partial ones and impartial ones and explicitly...

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The Republic: The Noble Lie

which is divided into two parts, provides answers to seemingly simple political questions such as, why do I call my neighbor my fellow citizen but not a man born in another city, what gives a city validation to claim its territory, and what gives the rulers validation to rule? He believes that the lie's necessity lies in the fact that society could crumble if citizens are not able to answer such questions. The first part of the lie attempts to set up a foundation for answering the questions by creating...

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a strong foundation for being a ruler. He will then gain the trust and loyalty of his army along with respect of those he has overpowered. Then he will therefore be better prepared to deal with issues that arise, without having to rely on others or outside factors. The more independent and self-reliant the prince, the more capable of success he will be. One of the main topics that is expanded upon in this book is the relationship between the skillfulness of a ruler, his chance, whether good or bad...

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Socrates and Thrasymachus

in his account of what just is. Socrates is able to get Thrasymachus to agree to the fact that rulers are not infallible, and may some times create laws which are not to their advantage. Socrates then asks Thrasymachus if this is what he means, that just is what is both to the advantage and disadvantage of a ruler. Socrates and Thrasymachus further get into conversation about exactly what a ruler is. Socrates begins bringing other professions in, such as doctors and captains of ships. It becomes...

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creative curriculum

Construction paper Rulers Markers and pencil Worksheets Learning objectives: I found kids love to measure things I wanted to kids to learn from the math experience for: Number order Basic measuring concept Get interests in learning math Have fun and be proud Teach number concepts by showing children the paper ruler that made for my-self. Encourage children to write numbers by the motivation that came from children who really want to make their own ruler Encourage children...

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Reflection Paper on Plato’s Republic

According to Plato, a perfect society is a society that is organized in a superlatively efficient way, a society, which some scholars consider as an aristocratic government (Phylosophypages, 2001). Plato had it that such a society is made up of the rulers, the soldiers, and the people. In this perfect society, Plato claimed that the guardians of the state are supposed to be people with skills to lead. He was however, incredulous by the fact that this may not be achieved in the future of the perfect...

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greatest rulers in history, there is also no doubt that many of his accomplishments were for a selfish, greedy reason. In this essay, Brian and I will explain why we think Napoleon is a tyrant, and not a hero. Although Napoleon was considered a hero to many people in his time in France, he was a tyrant to everyone else in Europe. One example that shows this is that he tried to conquer all of Europe, and even parts of Africa (i.e. Egypt) with the lone purpose of becoming the number 1 ruler. His...

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Social Specialization in Plato's Republic

which is naturally suited to them. According to Plato, his society was separated into three roles: Producers, Rulers and Guardians. Producers produce the goods (carpenters build, artists paint, doctors heal, etc), philosophers rule, and Guardians fight and protect. Specialization guarantees that each class remains in fixed relations of power. Warriors abide by the commands of the rulers, producers to not interfere with political affairs, each person worries only about their own business to which...

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According to Analects, What Is the Basis of Good Government?

ensure its success and rulers should have certain qualities in order to win the love, loyalty and support of their subjects. Hence the true meaning of good government should be concerned with establishing a strong rapport between those who rule and those who are being ruled to improve society. The improvement of society cannot happen if the ruler does not gain the fidelity of his subjects while still securing the human rights of those subjects. In order for a ruler to gain fidelity of his...

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Lyndon B. Johnson and Opinion Machiavelli

best interest. "A prudent lord, therefore, cannot observe faith, nor should he, when such observance turns against him, and the causes that made him promise have been eliminated" (Mansfield 69). It has been proven in history time after time that rulers who utilize deception greatly triumphed over those who stood by their initial promises. In my opinion Machiavelli's argument forces us to ask ourselves; is it better to be loved than feared or vice versa? Machiavelli leads readers to believe...

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