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Good vs. Bad Julius Ceasar

In the time of the ruling of Julius Caesar, all of the Romans loved most of Caesar's qualities. He was a good and popular leader and did a lot for the people. But some Romans had a problem with Caesar and plotted to kill him. These people were Brutus and Cassius. This started a civil war between the Romans. This war may have been prevented if Brutus and Cassius had done things a little differently. Cassius would have made a better leader rather than Brutus. Cassius also had more of a passion to kill...

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Why Was The Roman Republic Worth Preserving?

In roman mythology, it is said that there were two twin brothers named Romulus & Remus they were both raised by wolves and they founded the city of Rome on seven hills. This tale takes place around 750BCE. Later on, Roman Kingdom was found by Romulus. Remus was killed by his own brother Remus. SPQR: SENATUS POPULUSQUE RPMANUS which means “The senate and the People of Rome” it was one of the Mottos of Rome which laid the foundation of the great republic. Some advocates in favor of the stabbing 23...

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Julius Caesar: A Tragic Hero

suicide. Brutus is a complex character that we learn about. Yes Brutus embodied good qualities he was admired by the Roman public and Brutus was admired as one of the noblest man by julius caesar. It was because of his bad decision making that made him look bad. It was a choice that was made between killing caesar or not. He has to choose between his loyalty to the Roman Republic and or his loyalty to his friends{Cassius}. To prove that he was good Brutus worried for Rome When Brutus hears how the...

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Brutus Is Noble Analysis

who want revenge for the killing of Julius Caesar. The other is Marcus Brutus, who is trying to keep Rome a republic rather than a monarchy. Marcus Brutus is a very noble Roman in Shakespeare’s play. He is a highly respected man in the upper class of Roman society. At the end of the play, Mark Antony looks at his body after he committed suicide and says that he was, “The most noble Roman of all” on page 870 line 68. He states that out of all the conspirators that killed Caesar, Brutus is the only...

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Julius Caesar Impact

with you some important facts about Gaius Julius Caesar and his impact on the Republic of Rome. How he contributed to the wellbeing of his people and country before and while he was dictator. Also the impacts he made with the help of his son after he was assassinated. Rome was a republic starting at 509 BC and ending at 27 BC before it became an empire. Lucius Junius Brutus established the system called the Roman republic. As war and expansion occurred, Rome was gaining more and more power, which...

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Punic Wars

between the growing Roman Republic and the already existing Carthaginian Empire. The Punic wars started in year 246 BC and extended until year 146 BC. During this period, the Romans had control over the main peninsula of Italy and Carthage ruled the islands and also the commerce of the West part of the Mediterranean. These two empires were in good terms at one point; however, a dispute regarding the islands of Sicily and Corsica started the first war. During the first Punic war the Romans resulted victorious...

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Why Did The Roman Republic Controlled Their Government

The Roman Republic did well in some ways they controlled their government, while in others they didn’t do so well. The Roman Republic established a republic, citizens elected representatives to rule on their behalf in this type of government. The Roman Republic was a very advanced civilization. The Roman people elected Consuls, who ruled for a short period of time. I would give the Roman Republic a grade of A for providing public services because they met the common good by providing fresh water...

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The Assassination of Julius Caesar

conflicts. In 44 BC, the assassination of Julius Caesar was lead by conspiring members of the Roman senate who wanted to remove the dictator, who was increasingly acquiring power, and to revive the Republic government. Parenti's book protests against the gentlemen historians and the class society that they used to describe the assassination of Julius Caesar. His book also gives us insight about the Late Republic and takes us through the events that were presented in the actions of people and politicians...

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Roman Republic and Empire reflection

 Roman Empire and Republic In the Works of Shakespeare By: Danuta Chlebek Period 4 World Studies In his tragedies by the title of “Julius Cesar” and “Coriolanus” the author William Shakespeare wants to show the audience the life people led back in the Ancient Roman Empire. The characters of his two plays mentioned take on the role of reflecting the ways of the patrician community who were the rich and influential people of Rome and politics during their times. ...

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The Punic Wars

753 B.C. Contrary to the Carthaginians, the Romans had “a talent for patient political reasonableness that was unique in the ancient world.” From 264-146 B.C., these two powers raged on in a series of wars, named “the Punic Wars” for the Latin word punicus, meaning “Phoenecian.” Even with the outcomes of the Punic Wars being what they were, their effects on Rome were both positive and negative, ultimately leading to the fall of the Roman Republic. In 264 B.C., Rome became involved in what...

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