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  • nacimeras

    BODY RITUAL AMONG THE NACIREMA Horace Miner From Horace Miner‚ "Body Ritual among the Nacirema." Reproduced by permission of the American Anthropological Association from The American Anthropologist‚ vol. 58 (1956)‚ pp. 503-507. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most cultures exhibit a particular configuration or style. A single value or pat- tern of perceiving the world often leaves its stamp on several institutions in the society. Examples are

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  • Separation and Reunion in Modern China (2002) by Charles Stafford

    1991 ‘Language‚ Anthropology and Cognitive Science’‚ Man 26(2): 183-98. Fortes‚ Meyer. 1970 “An Ashanti Case Study” in Time and Social Structure and Other Essays Fontaine‚ Jean la. 1977 “The Power of Rights” Man n.s. 12 (3/4)‚ pp Horton‚ Robin. 1964 “Ritual Man in Africa” Africa: Journal of the International African Institute34 (2)‚ pp Ortner‚ Sherry. 1984 “Theory in Anthropology since the 60s” in Comparative Studies in Society and History 26 (1)‚ pp Parry‚ Jonathan. 1985 “Death and Digestion: The Symbolism

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  • summer solstice

    Nick Joaquin. The book tells the story of a ritual performed by women to call upon the gods to grant fertility. The ritual they perform is to dance around a century-old Balete tree. The ritual was known as Tatarin and lasted for three days during the summer months.  The last day of Tatarin is the same day as St. John’s Day. The story is set on St John’s Day in the 1850s in the Philippines. Entoy tells Dona Lupeng that Amada has participated in the ritual. While they are on board a carriage‚ Dona

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  • Family Identity

    “collective identity” and also I want to look at how a family becomes who they are‚ how they are not the same as each other. I first would like to explain what a “family” is. The main aspects that my paper is based on is going to be how change and family rituals can shape that identity‚ how a family theorizes themselves‚ not based on an actually theories that people assume about how they live. Lastly I will be talking about the togetherness of family- how families move and shift into different places and

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  • The Kolanut as a Peace Symbol in Igboland: Towards a Nexus of Gender Construction and Meaning

    SEPTEMBER 11TH TO 14TH‚ 2011. 1 Introduction The kolanut a symbolic instrument for peace‚ conflict resolution and harmony is at the heart of invariably all forms of human interaction in Igboland. It is strategic in the social‚ religious‚ ritual and communion observances of the Igbo people (Otagburuagu‚ 2010:93). However‚ the general perception‚ both in literature and among the Igbo people is that women have nothing to do with the kolanut or oji (Igbo rendition). This view has been articulated

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  • Celebrations a Waste of Money?

    CELEBRATIONS Festivals are an occasion for us to spend quality time with our family. Most of us hardly know our first and second cousins‚ aunts and uncles. Our festivals are designed in such a way that we get to meet everybody and perform rituals together‚ which in turn promotes social unity and brotherhood. At times‚ certain expenditures are needed to make a festival lively; this helps us spend quality time with the family. To get the feel of the day and make it different from the normal days‚

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  • Elements of Religious Traditions

    make up these traditions. Religious traditions are made of what the tradition says in its teachings‚ texts‚ doctrine‚ stories‚ myths and many others. Religious traditions also include what the tradition does through worship‚ prayer‚ pilgrimage‚ and rituals. Each religion along with the traditions it has will also have a place to organize leadership and communicate relationships among members. People assume that every religion has a sacred book or that they worship a god of some type or live by a rule

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  • Obessisive Compulsive Disorder

    *Still‚ in the most severe OCD cases‚ patients may lose such rational perspective on their illness and start thinking that their obsessions and compulsions make sense and are justified. *The presence of either obsessions or compulsions. *The person recognizes that these obsessions or compulsions are excessive or unreasonable. *The obsessions or compulsions cause distress and disability‚ and take up more than an hour daily. *The obsessions or compulsions are not better explained by another mental

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  • Comparison and Contrast of the Lottery and the Ones Who Walk Away from

    Comparison and Contrast of The Lottery and The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas The differences between "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson and "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas" by Ursula K. Le Guin seem relatively minor when compared to the striking similarities they contain in setting‚ symbols‚ and theme. Each of the stories begin with a description of a beautiful summer day. "The flowers were blooming profusely and the grass was richly green"(para 1) in "The Lottery" is quite comparable to "old

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  • Survival Cannibalism

    cannibalism. They capture humans‚ unknown humans‚ to be eaten. This is a normal part of their diet. 3. Religious and Ritual Cannibalism: These two are odd considering that they are used in many ways. Cannibalism can be used for sacrifices in a ceremonial fashion‚ just one person or many. The victim is rarely part of the tribe. Also‚ in certain African tribes there are many different rituals in regards to fertility. II. These cannibalism practices are used around the world‚ they are very common inside

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