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  • Hamlet: Syntax and Tone

    skillful syntax to reveal conflict‚ Hamlet attacks his mother with witty statements‚ belittles her with rhetorical questions (“what’s the matter now?”)‚ wishes he were not her son with exclamation (line 15)‚ and finishes with a command to sit that he may “set us a glass where you may see the inmost part of you.” In summary‚ the syntax utilizes parallelism‚ repetition‚ sarcastic and rhetorical questions‚ exclamations‚ and commands in order to highlight the tone of rising emotion and

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  • Write about the ways Browning tells the story in My Last Duchess

    monologue makes it engaging with the reader. Additionally‚ Browning uses rhetorical questions as part of form to help tell the story. For example‚ ’Who’d stoop to blame..’ is a clear example of the Duke trying to persuade his audience. The effect is that it reveals more about the Duke’s character as the rhetorical question reinforces the impression that the Duke is haughty and self-important. To evaluate‚ Browning uses rhetorical questions effectively‚ revealing more about his character. Browning uses a

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  • Poetry Analysis/ Practical Criticism "Auto Wreck"- by Kart Shapiro, "Mid-term Break"- by Seamus Heaney.

    In "Auto Wreck"‚ as the title insinuates it‚ is a situation that describes a car accident that takes place in a city‚ which means‚ that an ambulance‚ a hospital‚ the police‚ and the crowd are the main actors when death is about to strike. In the development of the poem‚ Shapiro describes the atmosphere that surrounds a city at night when there is a car accident; Blood all over the streets and gutters‚ the police covering the situation and the crowd observing the tragic accident‚ recalling death as

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  • Death of Marilyn Monroe

    was and how Morgan carried this theme of isolation throughout the poem with the imagery‚ grammar and structure. The poem begins with a set of fast paced rhetorical questions: “What innocence? Whose guilt? What eyes? Whose breast?” almost like a group of reporters or the press questioning her‚ maybe even interrogating her every move. These questions have a very accusing tone‚ almost confusing. However after the first line of this poem‚ the pace slows down with the lines of: “Crumpled orphan‚ nembutal

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  • Feature article conventions

    to entertain reader. Can also ask rhetorical questions. Structure: Introduction: The introduction entices the reader‚ whilst clarifying the subject. It establishes the writer’s point of view/thesis. Uses direct quotations‚ recounts‚ questions‚ descriptions or a personal interest story (the experiences of a person unique to the topic) to encourage readers to read further. Body: Goes into further detail about the topic. Answers any unanswered questions raised in the introduction. Uses

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  • Figures of Speech

    art‚ either directly or by implication. 1) She was breathtakingly beautiful‚ but he knew that she was forbidden fruit. 2) She transformed her backyard to look like the Garden of Eden. 3) His wife was his Achilles’ heel. F. Antonomasia - A rhetorical term for the substitution of a title‚ epithet‚ or descriptive phrase for a proper name (or of a personal name for a common name)

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  • Translation and Half-caste

    it is undefined. Agard compares the word half-caste to Tchaikovsky’s piano‚ Picasso’s canvas and English weather. Firstly‚ John Agard uses rhetorical questions throughout the poem; ‘what yu mean?’ this shows that nobody knows what Half-Caste means it is down to the reader’s own opinion. This is repeated a lot throughout the poem. Rhetorical questions were very effective in this poem as it made the reader think imagine what the phrase half-caste means. Another technique that Agard uses is repetition;

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  • Effectiveness of Feature Article as Protest

    How effective is this feature article as a protest text? The feature article “Sexed up tween advertising shows fashion needs to grow up”‚ by Emma Rush and Caroline Norma‚ is an extremely effective protest text against the sexual exploitation of young girls in the fashion industry. Its textual form allows it to strategically target influential audiences and the article itself is written so that the composer’s disapproval of sexed-up‚ young models is clearly seen. As a protest text‚ it also manages

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  • Analysis: Rhetoric and Speech

    Konovalova Zilya gr. 293 “Blood‚ Toil‚ Tears‚ and Sweat” Winston Churchill’s speech analysis The famous speech from Churchill is chosen as the subject of the study. Public speech‚ as important social-cultural phenomena‚ is an effective way to express feelings and convey ideas. In order to be attractive and persuasive‚ a successful speech should be formal and vivid at the same time. These requirements make a public speech have its own unique style. Public speeches are formal and

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  • Christmas Morning Analysis

    deteriorating relationships experienced by the main characters. Frank O’Connor engages the reader with his evocation of these different types of loss through his subtle deployment of a range of literary techniques including direct speech‚ rhetorical questions and punctuation for effect. One of the main themes explored in the story “Christmas Morning” is the loss of childhood innocence. Larry obstinately refuses to believe Peter Doherty and his gang when they declare that Santa isn’t real. The

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