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Reproductive Health

an Act providing for a Comprehensive Policy on Reproductive Health, and Population and Development, and for Other Purposes, and Senate Bill No. 2378 or An Act Providing For a National Policy on Reproductive Health and Population and Development. Also, couple of years passed since divisive arguments started mocking our ears. The pros and cons continually play tug of war in debate of whether passing the bill or not. The Reproduction Health bills, or RH bills, as they are commonly called...

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As a Youth How Can You Offer Your Opinion Regarding the Reproductive Health Bill?

As A Youth How can You Offer Your Opinion Regarding the Reproductive Health Bill? “Health is Wealth”, as a saying goes. But how could Reproductive health Bill serve its purpose? Does anyone aware of the plenary debates of the House of the Representatives on the controversial Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill)? Do you know of what the RH Bill is and why it is a big scoop? Are you a pro-RH Bill or Anti-RH Bill? And what could we do as a youth to articulate our part? Many questions come into sight...

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Rh Law

and absence of access to family planning. The current unmet need for contraceptives for example is 23.15% for poor women and 13.6% for women who are not poor (2003 National Demographic and Health Survey) b. 61% of currently married women do not want additional children (2003 National Demographic and Health Survey) c. 50.6% of the youth want to have only two children (2002 Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Survey) d. 97% of all Filipinos believe it is important to have the ability to control...

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Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines

Advanced Language Art Program Basic Education Department TRACE COLLEGE Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines Mary Ann A. Maranon Submitted in partial fulfilment of English 9 Submitted to Mr. Oscar Laborem A. Garcia ABSTRACT The study is about the Reproductive Health Bill or the RH Bill that was passed thru the 15th Congress by the Lower House Minority Leader and Albay Representative, Congressman Edcel Lagman. Though majority of the Senators from the Upper House supports...

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Rh Law

REACTION PAPER Reproductive Health Bill was introduced by Congresswoman Bellaflor J. Angara -Castillo is also known as ³Reproductive Health Care Act of 2002´,assembled at Senateand House of Representatives of the Philippines, and now known as House Bill 5043 of 2008. It¶s been years since the bill was approved in the senate, due to some churchconflicts, biomedical ethical issues and some scientific research conflicts. Today thereare still lots of Filipino citizen who are now fully aware about this...

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Rh Bill Opinion

known as Reproductive Health and Population and Development Act of 2010 which was approved by the legislative body last December 17, 2012, a landmark piece of legislation that will allow the government to provide basic funding for sex education and contraceptives. Actually, this was introduced more than 10 years ago, but this has stayed so long in the legislature because of strong opposition from the Catholic Church and its allies in government. There are six bills pertaining to reproductive health...

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Rh Bill

the number and birth spacing of their children; 2) allow women to finish their education and secure work after; 3) develop maternal, neonatal and child health; 4) reduce mortalities involving mothers and children; 5) eliminate abortion cases by averting unwanted pregnancies and; 6) alleviate poverty and hunger. In the promotion of reproductive health, there should be no bias for either modern or natural methods of family planning. (a., Sec.3 “Guiding Principles”) Contrary to what others think, the...

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organisation which carries out research on reproductive health, there are an estimated 560,000 cases of induced abortions per year, resulting in some 90,000 women being hospitalised for post-abortion care; and about 1,000 deaths a year in the island nation.  The Guttmacher Institute, which worked on the study with the University of the Philippines Population Institute, said about half of the 3.4 million pregnancies in 2008 were unintended.  The Department of Health (DOH) reports that, on average, Filipino...

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Why Hate Rh Bill?

Reyes BCR 2-1 Argumentation and Debate Why Hate the RH Bill? “Everything is a choice. And everyone has a choice.” Senate Bill 2865 or popularly known as the Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill) has been a popular argument and a motion on a debate. Why do we have to talk about this? Why should it be passed? RH Bill tackles about usage of condoms, availability of contraceptive medicines, sex education, and family planning...

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Rh Bill: a Pro

Generation Our country has been through a lot of issues such as Hello Garci, ZTE Deal, C5-Extension. And now, as we face one of the country’s biggest controversial issues that is seriously seeking for attention and the most talked about, the Reproductive Health Bill also known as the RH Bill. When we say RH Bill, it is a Philippine Bill aiming to guarantee universal access to methods and information on birth control and maternal care. And proposing this bill has contradictions against critics particularly...

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