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    EXHIBITION ST.XAVIER’S TECHNICAL INSTITUTE REMOTE SENSING‚ NETWORKING REMOTE SENSING AND NETWORKING ABSTRACT: Remote Sensing is a result of advances in Telecommunication & Image processing technology. Remote sensing includes collection of information from a system by either absorbing or scanning EMR which are reflected from the system. This is done without disturbing the actual system under observation. Remote sensing is used for Digital Mapping‚ Coastal studies‚ to know

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  • remote sensing

    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 GENERAL Urbanization is one of the most powerful and visible anthropogenic forces on Earth. Since the second half of the twentieth century‚ the world has experienced its fastest rate of urbanization‚ particularly in developing countries. Urbanization refers to the increase in population‚ density‚ or extent of cities over time. Dramatic urban expansion was found with similar degree of cropland decrease. Urban expansion caused evident environmental impacts on

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  • remote sensing

    What is Remote Sensing? Remote sensing‚ in simplest words‚ means acquiring information about an object without touching the object itself.  Conventionally‚ however remote sensing has come to imply that the sensor and the target are located remotely apart and the electromagnetic radiation serves as a link between the sensor and the object‚ the sun being the major source of energy illuminating the earth. The part of this energy is reflected‚ absorbed and transmitted by the surface. A sensor records

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  • Remote Sensing in India

    REMOTE SENSING IN INDIA In India‚ the direct benefits from space technology and the applications driven approach adopted by the Indian Space Remote Sensing Programme have firmly established its immense potential to cater to the needs of national development. The evolution of National Natural Resource Management System (NNRMS) towards fully harnessing the potentials of space remote sensing and the development of the series of Indian Remote Sensing Satellites‚ besides establishment of necessary

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  • Contribution of Remote Sensing in Mapping Industry

    Contribution of Remote Sensing in Mapping Industry According to Wikipedia remote sensing is the acquisition of information about an object or phenomenon without making physical contact with the object. In modern usage‚ the term generally refers to the use of aerial sensor technologies to detect and classify objects on Earth. It is including both on the surface‚ and in the atmosphere and oceans. The way its detect and classify is by propagated signals such as electromagnetic radiation emitted from

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  • Application of Remote Sensing Technology in Agriculture

    Remote Sensing Monitoring Operation System for Agriculture Shuo YANG Remote Sensing Application Center Ministry of Agriculture of China Beijing‚ China 100026 E-mail: yangshuo@agri.gov.cn Abstract: The research and application of remote sensing technology in agriculture started in late 1970s in China. Over past 30 years of development and on the basis of technical introduction‚ R&D‚ the remote sensing technology in the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture has become one of elementary means in monitoring

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  • Utilization of Remote Sensing for River Basin Studies

    Utilization of Remote Sensing For River Basin Stuides Aroboinosen Hillary Department of Agricultural and Bio-Resources Engineering‚ Federal University of Technology‚ Minna‚ Niger State‚ Nigeria. Email: aroby_hillary@yahoo.com June 2013 Abstract The efficient management and use of water resources is a prime concern all over the world. This sometimes leads to scarcity creating an environment of tension and conflict‚ on the other hand excess of water can cause flooding and became a threat

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  • Remote Sensing & Gis Applications in Diaster Management

    REMOTE SENSING AND GIS IN DIASTER MANAGEMENT INTRODUCTION Satellites monitoring Earth’s resources and natural disasters. Each satellite has different repeat pass frequency and spatial resolution (unless it belongs to the same series of satellites for the purpose of continuation of data flow with same specifications). Similarly‚ different satellites have different types of sensors on-board‚ such as‚ panchromatic‚ multispectral‚ infrared and thermal. All these sensors have applications

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  • Indian Remote Sensing Programme: Harnessing the Natural Resource Potential

    Application of satellite remote sensing technology effectively harnessing the natural resource potential is the prime objective of present day’s remote sensing programmes. The space-based sensors are utilized to provide a wide range of information available in the electromagnetic tapes‚ in a synoptic or more frequent manner for sustainable development and utilization of natural resources. In India‚ though this technology has taken its birth from late sixties using Hassle blad camera as the source

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    of SE Kajiado District‚ Kenya." Human Ecology 33(6): 763-794. • Chen.K. (2002). "An approach to linking remotely sensed data and areal census data." International Journal of Remote Sensing 23(1): 37 - 48. • Congalton‚ R. G. (1991). "A review of assessing the accuracy of classifications of remotely sensed data." Remote Sensing of Environment 37(1): 35-46.

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