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Study Guide on Natural Selection and Conditioning

the reinforcer used is a/an ____ reinforcer. – secondary Negative reinforcement and punishment are synonyms.—false The one thing that all reinforcers have in common is that they _-- strengthen behavior The training procedure Thorndike used in his famous experiments with cats is best described as ____.—discrete trial One tip for successful shaping of behavior is to provide large reinforcers.—false Sylvia believes that the reinforcement properties of an event depend on the extent to which it provides...

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Bf Skinner

dish. After that occurred, the rate of the lever being pressed increased considerably. From the Skinner box derived the concept of reinforcement. According to Schater (2009), “Reinforcement is the effect of a behavior that determines whether it will be more or less likely to occur again” (p.17). The Skinner box became a main tool in furthering the theory of reinforcement in behaviorism. Skinner then went on to support his improved theory of behaviorism by writing many books. The Behavior of Organisms...

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Review for psychology pavlovs theory

positive punishment, negative punishment, positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement. 1. Fred gets a speeding ticket. (positive punishment) NOTE: This example can be used to demonstrate one of the limitations of punishment--suppressing behavior but not eliminating it. Students will usually indicate that getting a speeding ticket leads some people to buy a radar detector! 2. Emily's professor compliments her writing ability. (positive reinforcement) 3. Zachary is expelled from school for cheating...

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stimulus that elicits a response after association with reinforcement (in contrast to related stimuli not associated with reinforcement) • reinforcer: in operant conditioning, any event that strengthens the behavior it follows • positive reinforcement: increasing behaviors by presenting positive stimuli, such as food. A positive reinforcer is any stimulus that, when presented after a response, strengthens the response • negative reinforcement: increasing behaviors by stopping or reducing negative...

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Behavioral Learning Theories Applied

ways in which pleasurable or unpleasant consequences of behavior change individuals’ behavior over time and ways in which individual model their behavior on that of others (Slavin 2006). The emphasis is put on responses to experiences, especially reinforcement and punishment, as determinants of learning and behavior. The 4 prominent behaviorist and key players in the development of the behaviorist theory, that I like to relate to, were Watson, Pavlov, Thorndike, and Skinner. Pavlov’s main interest...

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Behaviourist Approach In Psychology

actions; he mainly focussed on the idea of reinforcement. He concluded that there are three different types of reinforcement; positive, negative and punishment. Positive reinforcement involves the addition of a reinforcing stimulus following a favourable behaviour and it makes it more likely that the behaviour demonstrated will occur again. When a favourable reward is given after an action, that particular behaviour will be strengthened. Negative reinforcement happens when a certain stimulus - usually...

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Joe Salatino, President of Great Northern American

Colby Rampton MGT 8050-01 Chapter 5 Case Study 1. What kind of reinforcers does Salatino use to motivate his salespeople? Salatino’s methods are primarily based upon positive reinforcement methods, using secondary reinforcers. In the case study, it mentioned several devices in the salesroom. There are rotating blue lights that flash when a deal is on. There are large dry-erase boards where a manager would draw “snowballs” at the end of each sale, which would serve as visual cues to the...

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14. In operant conditioning, extinction occurs when reinforcement is Your Answer: offered. Correct Answer: withheld. See page 163. 15. Which of the following is NOT a secondary reinforcer? Your Answer: food 16. _______________ is a pattern of reinforcement in which some, but not all, correct responses are reinforced. Your Answer: Partial reinforcement 17. Punishment and negative reinforcement are used to produce _______ effects on behavior. Your Answer: ...

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Classical and Operant Conditioning at Home

four possible consequences for any behavior: 1. Something good can start or be presented, causing a specific behavior to increase. In Psychology, this is referred to as Positive Reinforcement. 2. Something bad can end or be taken away, causing a specific behavior to increase. This is Negative Reinforcement. 3. Something good can be ended or taken away, causing a specific behavior to decrease. This is Punishment by Removal, or Negative Punishment. 4. Something bad can start or be...

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Classical Conditioning

drooling (CC); racing (OC) 3. foot dragging (OC); whimpering uncontrollably (CC) 4. hurrying (OC); heart beating faster (CC) 5. mouth watering (CC); sitting (OC) Negative Reinforcement or Punishment 1. negative reinforcement 2. punishment 3. negative reinforcement 4. negative reinforcement 5. punishment 6. punishment Classical Conditioning: Identifying UCS, UCR, CS, and CR ____________________________________________________________ __________________ ...

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