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  • hindu death rituals

    There is one thing that is certain in this lifetime that eventually we all must die. A belief in the cyclical reincarnation of the soul is one of the foundations of the Hindu religion. Death is viewed as a natural aspect of life‚ and there are numerous epic tales‚ sacred scriptures‚ and vedic guidance that describe the reason for death ’s existence‚ the rituals that should be performed surrounding it‚ and the many possible destinations of the soul after departure from its earthly existence (Retrieved

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  • what dreams may come movie analysis

    What Dreams May Come While vacationing in Switzerland‚ American physician Chris Nielsen meets artist Annie Collins. They are attracted to each other‚ and bond as if they had known each other for a long time. They marry and have two children‚ Ian and Marie. Their idyllic life ends when the children die in a car crash. Life becomes difficult: Annie suffers a mental breakdown and the couple contemplates divorce‚ but they manage through their losses. On the anniversary of the day they decided not

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  • Examine Religious Beliefs About Death and Beyond

    Examine Religious beliefs about death and beyond (AO1) The majority of religions have a clear belief in the concept of life and existence after death; however‚ the detail of what happens and how it happens differs between every religion and it predominantly depends on the beliefs about the soul. A prime idea that is constantly diverse between religions is the idea of death‚ body and soul. Linear religions such as Christianity primarily believed that death was a punishment for the bad and wicked

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  • Maya Reincarnation And Moshka

    Maya‚ reincarnation and moshka are three terms associated with the religion of Hinduism. To understand maya‚ reincarnation and moshka one must first know the general background of Hinduism. Hinduism is not a single religion‚ it is not a monotheism. There are many gods‚ energies and objects that are all put together in order to create an experience. The objective of Hinduism is unlike any other religion; they guide and enlighten their followers towards an experience. This experience is known

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  • Reincarnation Case Study

    Reincarnation or rebirth is highly studied phenomena and there are many authentic empirical experiments that clearly point out towards the rebirth. Among many researchers Dr. Ian Stevension‚ of medical faculty Virginia University‚ USA has conducted large number of experiments. Out of these twenty such experiments were conducted in various countries including 6 in India. Dr. Jamuna Prasad‚ director of Bureau of Psychology Allahabad‚ India extended the work of Dr.ian Stevenson and conducted some more

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  • Death Not Be Strange

    Death Be Not Strange By: Peter A. Metcalf This article compares our Western burial traditions to the Berawan’s. The Berawan think that our ritual is evil and because we embalm our dead so they can be shown in coffins‚ they said that we trap our dead in a suspended condition between life and death. The Berawan see America as a land with the potential for millions of zombies. Metcalf’s comparison is so thoroughly describes the Berawan’s practices in but in my ethnocentric world‚ it is easy to

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  • Western and Eastern Religion Comparison

    Western and Eastern Religion Comparison Islam and Buddhism are two distinct religious traditions that provide their own meaningful responses to the fundamental questions about life. Their views on issues relating to the possibility of a Supreme Being‚ the purpose of life and their understanding of the cycle of life and death are all quite distinct from each other‚ but at the same time‚ having minor similarities. These can be seen in the following comparative study between the teachings of these

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  • The Woman Who Had Two Navels

    The summary of the The woman who had two navels the Spanish colonial period and the diverse heritage of the Filipino people. Often he deals with the coexistence of ’primitive’ and ’civilized’ dimensions inside the human psyche. In his short story ’The Summer Solstice‚’ set in the 1850s‚ Joaquin portrayed the collision between instincts and refined culture. Doña Lupeng first rejects ancient beliefs‚ but under the spell of the moon‚ she becomes possessed by the spirit of the Tad tarin cult - she

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  • The Afterlife

    “What goes on four legs in the morning‚ on two legs at noon‚ and on three legs in the evening?”(Loy) The answer to the sphinx’s riddle is a man. We as people crawl on four legs‚ walk on two feet‚ and then walk with a cane. Birth. Life. Death. These are the three stages we as humans go through. We are born into this world‚ live it to the fullest and then die of old age. Death is inevitable. We try so hard to prolong and avoid death but eventually we all die and rot away. Depending on time‚ culture

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  • The Myth of Er

    The Myth of Er concerns the issue of what happens to us after death. What Socrates is trying to sum up‚ which he has been mentioning through out the entire book‚ is that we should all live a wise‚ strenuous‚ and philosophical way of life. Socrates’ tale is for people from all walks of life‚ he only wants us to pursue a just way of life. The way it correlates to politics is that he wants people that hold a high status is politics to make sure they are just in the decisions they make for their people

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