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Reflection Paper On Lesson Plan

Supreme Green ESL 433 N October 16,2014 Janice Norris Lesson Plan Reflection In this reflection essay, it will justify the content reasoning for implementing alliteration in a SIOP lesson plan for English Language Learners. For the most part, English Language Learners experience difficulties in their quest to obtain language proficiency because of their under develop cognitive skills, intellectual skills,efficient and effective exposure...

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Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans Title: Politics in the United States Primary Content Addressed: United States Government Grade Level: 12th Grade Primary Standard: SS.USG.1.4 2007 Learning Objective: Students will define and contrast types of government including democracy, monarchy, oligarchy, and totalitarianism. Bloom: This project will focus on both knowledge and analysis. Students will gather information and then distinguish facts against one another. Lesson Part 1: Begin the lesson by showing the...

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Lesson Plan

Semi-detailed lesson plan (science) I.Identify the parts of the circulatory system and describe them. “Appreciate the importance of the circulatory system.” II. A.Topic I. People Sub.-topic: Circulatory System PELC 1.1, page 5 References: Into the Future VI, pp.2-3 Exploring Science and Health VI, pp.18-20 B. Science Ideas The circulatory system is made up of heart, blood and blood vessels. C. Processes: Identifying, Describing D. Materials: picture of the circulatory system, flashcards...

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Main Factors of Lesson Plan Papers

Main Factors of Lesson Plan PapersEDU 311October 18, 2014 Main Factors of Lesson Plan PapersWhen addressing a classroom without goals, objectives, and a clear path is an obvious mistake that any teacher could make. The greatest idea will fall flat without understanding what to consider when lesson planning, and as we know all lessons require knowing how to reach specific students and how to respond to their needs as a student. Outlined in this paper is the Framework for Teaching, Core propositions...

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Lesson Reflection

Lesson Reflection Spelling Lesson My lesson reflection My lesson was based upon the spelling words for the week. I enlarged the letters of each word i.e: make. These letters were distributed between the students, I would call out a word and the students were to utilise cooperative learning to create the answer. The students with the corresponding letters stood up, they said each letter and then the word, from here the entire class would day and spell the word. Students worked well during...

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Lesson Plan

What Is A Lesson Plan? There is some confusion about what a lesson plan* is and is not. A worksheet is not a lesson plan. A handout is not a lesson plan. A classroom game or activity is not a lesson plan. In fact, there is no need for a lesson plan to ever be seen, touched, considered or dreamed of by students, and nor does it even need to exist on paper or disk, though it usually does. A lesson plan is a teacher's plan for teaching a lesson. It can exist in the teacher's mind, on the back of an...

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Demonstration Lesson Plan in Drawing

Demonstration Lesson Plan In Drawing I. OBJECTIVES: At the end of the lesson the students should be able to: a.) Identify the different kinds of modulo art b.) Identify and appreciate the importance of drawing in real life c.) Observe the neatness of work at all times. II. SUBJECT MATTER: Topic: Style and techniques of drawing Reference: T.H.E. in the 21st century, pages Materials: pencil, drawing paper (cartolina or bond paper), eraser, crayons, ruler, compass (optional). Values...

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lesson plan

Education—University of Rochester Lesson Plan Assignment Lesson Plan Description / Guidelines Standard Lesson Plan Heading: Candidate Date Cooperating teacher Grade level Subject area Title of unit of which this lesson is a part Lesson title Duration of lesson Definitions of Standard Lesson Plan Criteria: Note: Differentiation, adaptations, accommodations, and/or modifications should be purposefully infused throughout the appropriate components of the lesson plan (e.g., assessments, procedures...

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Primary school Lesson Plan

you have been asked to plan (this could be real or hypothetical). Provide a brief description of the activity, the plan itself and either reflect on the activity or explain how you would evaluate it. (Approximately 700 words) (50 Marks) The Classroom Easter Egg Hunt   Subject: Arts & Humanities Key Stage: 1 This week's lesson is an arts activity in which the pupils hunt for hidden numbered paper eggs. Brief Description Pupils will work together to find paper or cardboard eggs that...

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Lesson Plan

Liberty University’s Standard Lesson Plan ** TEACH IT, PRACTICE IT, TEST IT! ** Lesson Plan #1: Module 2 |Teacher Candidate: A Super Smart Student |Course: Reading and Language Acquisition | |LESSON PREPARATION [before the lesson] | |Topic: Phonemic Awareness |Concept: Sound...

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