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3 Norms of Morality

1) Conscience is the practical judgment of reason on the rightness or wrongness of a moral act to be done if it’s right or to be avoided if wrong. It has primary and secondary moral principles, in which it has to be acted upon, which is to do good and avoid evil. Conscience requires practical application.Since morality is not only about knowing the good and the bad but also to be better and to be responsive to the good, man ought to practice his rightful conscience. This is done through prudence...

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Why I Started Working

their needs and goods. In a few paragraphs, I am going to tell you why I started working. A person will usually start working if he or she feels in need. However, I started working for three reasons. The first and most important reason I started working is to save money. Money is everything, without money you can’t do anything in life. Everybody needs to have a safe place to put their savings money. A bank account is a good...

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Living with Roommate or Alone

alone or with a roommate. It is a different personal decision. Some people choose to live alone for privacy because they might be have bad experience to live with roommate in the past while others choose to live with a roommate for many reason. This is three reason live with roommate or alone save money, socialize, and help First compare and contrast living with roommate or alone. When you have a roommate, you will save money in several way. Living with roommate can rent a larger apartment that...

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Tribute Speech

are just a normal people but angeles in my life. The are the candle light for my sucess way. This is my opprutunity to express my feelings for my parents, to show how I admire them and how thankful and happy I am for having them in my life. The reasons I am giving trubuite for my parents because of their love, care, scrifieces, patient, kindhearted, open minded, and compassionate. My parents take a big role in my life. Ever since I was young, my parents always made sure that me and my siblings...

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Why Should Golf Be A Sport?

industry, 19% of all americans say they regularly are fans of golf, with 24.1 million people that play. Yet so many of them are fighting with each other about golf being a sport and in the near future it might lose its right to be called a sport. The reason is that it doesn't fit the definition of a sport in many dictionaries. To some it fits game better than sport. There are many subgroups of “golf” should it even call golf that if its so many subgroups? Some people agree that athletes that are in...

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Proposed Systems

wages,bonuses and deductions. o In accounting,payroll refers to the amount paid to employees for services they provided during a certain period of time. Target U ser/Client  Our main target in this project is the Municipal Hall of Tanza,Cavite Reason for choosing the project  To save client’s time  To improve efficiency and accuracy of informations of the client’s hall  To help the hall get rid of manual processing of data  To have fast transactions O nline G rade Inquiry System  Since...

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Career Choice

interesting introduction. A clear thesis. Opposing paragraphs that sound reasonable. Topic sentences at the start of each reason paragraph. Transitions between all paragraphs. Reason paragraphs with proper structure (topic sentence, explanatory sentences, specific, colorful examples, closing sentence). A conclusion with Restated thesis A list of three points/reason An idea to end essay – possibly a solution, challenge, quote, etc. The appropriate audience addressed. A variety of sentence...

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Deaf issues

hearing aids. Sacks’ wrote that he believes being born deaf is potentially more serious than being born blind and I agree. There are numerous reasons and recent experiences that lead me to feel that being born deaf is more serious than the alternative. Sacks listed many reasons as to why he feels being born deaf is potentially more serious. Those reasons include being unable to hear your parents, possibly being severely retarded, and never being able to grasp language unless there is early intervention...

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A Career as a Bricklayer

(WOIS p ) A quote from my sister who works at Big Kmart is, "People work at jobs they don't enjoy just so they can make a lot of money." I think I could do the job well. Three reasons I think I could do the job well are, I'm a good worker, I have a lot of energy, and I know a lot about bricks. With these three reasons in mind, it would be good to think of a bricklayer as a career for me. I think that I would be a really good bricklayer. I'm a good worker. If you were to give me a job to...

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The Tell-Tale Heart Insanity

loves the old man, “Object there was none. Passion there was none. I loved the old man” (Poe, 27). The narrator uses an unreasonable rational, further indicating his mental state of madness. He provides the rational that the old man’s eye was the reason to take his life, stating “Whenever it fell upon me, my blood ran cold; and by so degrees – very gradually – I made up my mind to take the life of the old man, and rid myself of the eye forever” (Poe, 27). The narrator’s aggravation from the eye is...

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