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Real Estate Investment Trust and Ratio Analysis

percentage of earnings to stockholders. Also, another factor to be considered is the type of industry in which the company is operating. For example, the banking sector usually pays out a large amount of its profits. Certain other sectors like real estate investment trusts are required by law to distribute a certain percentage of their earnings. Funds requirement of the company and its available liquidity is another factor which is considered while determining the pay-out. Some companies prefer...

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Downside of Sales Leaseback

typically discount substantially the assumed residual value of the property. Despite these drawbacks, a properly structured sale-leaseback can yield significant rewards to both seller-lessee and buyer-lessor. If the seller files bankruptcy in a soft real estate market, the buyer may have a difficult time finding a new tenant. Because the typical sale-leaseback usually must be structured to meet the specific needs and requirements of both parties, it may require more time and increased administrative costs...

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The Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2009: The Role of Greed, Fear, and Oligarchs

The reason why this was so unimaginable was that for so many years, real estate had been considered one of the most profitable, safest investments. People were getting loans to purchase homes, renting hoes out, buying fixer uppers and putting work into them to resale them. People were purchasing additional homes in other cities/states. Real estate Agents were making major profits, and it was the business to get in to. Real estate had been really booming! Prior to 2008, during the Clinton and Bush...

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feasibility analysis

are initiated with specific deadlines. It is necessary to determine whether the deadlines are mandatory or desirable. Other feasibility factors[edit] Market and real estate feasibility Market feasibility studies typically involve testing geographic locations for a real estate development project, and usually involve parcels of real estate land. Developers often conduct market studies to determine the best location within a jurisdiction, and to test alternative land uses for given parcels. Jurisdictions...

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If I Could Go Back in Time

a musician, handy man, involved in real estate, pastor, now a student, and a few other things I am involved in. The big problem is that, though I am good on most of all the things I do, I have not been successful on any of them because I am doing a little bit of everything. I truly believe that if I had focus on any or maybe two, I would have been very successful. As a musician I have made some recordings, wrote my own songs and my own music. In real estate I have bought houses, rented houses...

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Data Collection Paper

Data Collection Paper Week 2 Research Paper RES 341 University of Phoenix Real Estate Research Week 2 Real Estate provides individuals with a source of investment for his or her future. Owning a piece of real estate could be a business investment, or in the case of this research, a home for an individual or a family. When a person purchases a home there are many things to consider. The most common information to review is square footage, price, amount of bedrooms, bathrooms...

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Fiscal Policy

momentary policy alternatives. Out of all these books, the beige book is the only one available to the public. The beige book is available to the public approximately two weeks before each FOMC meeting. Its lists consumer spending and tourism, real estate and construction, manufacturing and transportation, banking and finance, employment and finance, employments and prices, natural resources and agriculture. Many of these categories varied in fluctuations and their impact on the economy. People...

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Argumentative Summary: Listing Your Home For Sale?

depends on many factors. In addition to what you expect to reap from the sale, you also need to look at the current condition of the home. Of course, you cannot ignore the competition posed by other homes listed for sale as well as the current real estate market trends in your area. The thinking of the buyer and that of the seller. There are things that the seller may ignore in regards to the home they have listing for sale that the buyer take seriously when making the decision of how much they...

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Citic Tower

CITIC TOWER II: THE REAL OPTION CASE STUDY SUMMARY Scenario * Undeveloped prime waterfront property on Victoria Harbor was bought 6 months ago at public auction * Owner now wants to sell the land and is available to Citic Pacific Limited on a first-choice basis through an intermediary * Larry Yung (Chairman) thought they could acquire the site and turn it into another Grade-A office building “Citic Tower II” * Asking price of the land was $1 billion * Net present value of property...

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California Proposition 13

In mid 1978, approximately ⅔ of voters in California passed proposition 13. Before it had been passed, property taxes increased almost annually according to the assessed value of the property. In the 1970s, there was a remarkable growth in the real estate market and the value of homes rapidly went up. Property values were escalating substantially since assessors had to keep assessed values current. On the other hand, increments in the evaluated value were not made annually. Therefore, this led to...

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