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In What Ways Does Fay Welden in Letters to Alice Reposition Readers in Terms of Their Understanding and Appreciation of Pride and Prejudice.

In what ways does Fay Welden in Letters to Alice reposition readers in terms of their understanding and appreciation of Pride and Prejudice. Reading Fay Welden’s letters to Alice repositions the readers understanding and appreciation of Pride and Prejudice, as Welden explains the context and values of the society in which the book is based. As the book is based in Austens society the Landed Gentry, in a small provincial village in the nineteenth century, the society values different things to...

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How does the poet use techniques to engage the reader? ‘War Without End’ and ‘Description of an Idea’

Year 10 English Studies Essay: How does the poet use techniques to engage the reader? ‘War Without End’ and ‘Description of an Idea’ Bruce Dawe is a famous poet born in 1930. He incorporated similar techniques in his poems ‘War Without End’ and ‘Description of an Idea’. In the ‘War Without End’ the war is metaphorical and represented as the never ending car crashes and accidents on our roads every year whereas in ‘Description of an Idea’ the war is represented as a historical past event that...

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Writers revel in their depiction of character, but the reader should never wholly trust the voices within a text.

In the break down of Kate Atkinson’s Behind the Scenes at the Museum, we learn as the reader, that the protagonist who is the narrator is to an extent unreliable. The footnote that are included in the novel, provide time shifts, which flash back, into times as early as her Great Grandmother. This then leads the reader into thinking whom it is possible that Ruby has access to the information and description seen in these footnotes. The Narrator also provides elements of the future in her speech, the...

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How Does Wilfred Owen Use Language and Poetic Devices to Create Impact on the Reader?

How does Wilfred Owen use language and poetic devices to create impact on the reader? Wilfred Owen was a British poet and soldier during the First World War and was born in 1893. Unfortunately Owen died just before the war ended on the 4th of November 1918 at the young age of 25. He was killed in action at the Battle of the Sambre just one week before the war had ended. A telegram from the War Office announcing his death was delivered to his mother's home as her town's church bells were ringing...

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The Great Gatsby-How Do You Respond to the View That It Is Very Difficult for Readers to Feel Anything Other Than Contempt for Tom Buchanan?

How do you respond to the view that it is very difficult for readers to feel anything other than contempt for Tom Buchanan? It is very difficult for readers to feel anything other than contempt for Tom Buchanan throughout the novel. Fitzgerald uses Tom’s behaviour and attitude from the first time we are introduced to his character in chapter 1 to present him as a bully through his racist and unpleasant language assisted with his tough appearance. Daisy uses animalistic language to describe Tom...

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Discuss the Ways in Which in Chapter 1 of 'Enduring Love', Ian Mcewan Tries to Hook the Reader and Draw Him or Her Into the Narrative

"The beginning is simple to mark". This is the opening sentence of Ian McEwan's novel "Enduring Love", and in this first sentence, the reader is unwittingly drawn into the novel. An introduction like this poses the question, the beginning of what? Gaining the readers curiosity and forcing them to read on. The very word "beginning" allows us an insight into the importance of this event, for the narrator must have analysed it many a time in order to find the moment in which it all began, and so...

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Some readers view Porphyro as the poem’s hero, some see him as no more than a seducer. How do you respond to his character and his role in the poem?

these tears” , allowing him to win her over so that he can get shown the way to Madeline’s chamber. This effective emotional blackmail could show to the reader that Porphyro is greatly skilled in getting what he wants, which in this case is an answer to his question “now tell me where is Madeline”. The way this blackmail is the first the reader hears of Porphyro, perhaps further intensifies this idea that he is a deeply persuasive character. When Porphyro is in Madeline’s chamber later in the poem...

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To What Extent Does Schlink in His Novel “the Reader”, Show That It Is Impossible to Escape One’s Past.

Essay Response To “The Reader” To what extent does Schlink in his novel “The Reader”, show that it is impossible to escape one’s past. In his novel “The Reader”, author Bernhard Schlink through the use of techniques such as structure, setting and characterisation reveals to an immense extent that it is impossible to escape one’s past. Schlink utilises the main protagonists of the text, Michael and Hanna, depicting their relationship, along with the idea of post war German guilt to further...

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How Does the Author Engage the Reader Through the Use of Literary Devices in Your Given Extract?

How does the author engage the reader through the use of literary devices in your given extract? The opening of the text suggests that there is an element of angst. The writer uses a range of lexis to pull our attention to the text. We can tell from the opening that this isn’t going to be a pleasant read. It uses words such as macabre and calcified, which gives a sense of disturbance to the story. Even though the writer makes it out that the described is dead and barren, it has a sense of unnerve...

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It is difficult for the reader to feel much affection for the protagonist in Wolff’s memoir. Do you agree?

It is difficult for the reader to feel much affection for the protagonist in Wolff’s memoir. Do you agree? This Boy's Life, set in America in the 1950’s, is a compelling memoir by Tobias Wolff, whom recreates the frustrations and cruelties faced throughout his adolescence, as he fights for identity and self-respect. During this period of time, America underwent major changes in the political and economic spheres, which in turn were responsible for its social makeover. Society in this time was geared...

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