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How much sympathy does the reader feel towards Curleys wife?

different manner. Most of the men treat her in a negative way, therefore causing different degrees of sympathy from the reader. Sympathy implies that the reader feels an emotional connection towards the character. Her unhappy marriage to the boss’s son causes her great loneliness and unhappiness as she tries, in vain, to find someone to talk to on the ranch. The reader may feel certain degrees of sympathy for Curleys wife due to the fact that the ranch workers are always talking...

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Reader Response Theory

Readers have been responding to what they have read and experienced since the dawn of literature. For example, we have Plate and Aristotle who were concerned about audience responses and how plays generated pity and fear on them. Still, the audience or readers were passive. After the appearance of reader response theory, readers are activated. They involve themselves to elaborate the text, fill in the gaps and enact their experiences with the text. Most reader response critics can be divided into...

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How Does Bill Bryson Use Humour to Entertain His Reader?

How does Bill Bryson use humour to entertain his reader? ‘Notes from a Small Island’, written by Bill Bryson is a reflective travel journal comparing Bryon’s past views and opinions of Britain, his expectations and thus the reality of what he discovers it to have become. Bryson uses satire, humour, irony and sarcasm to generate a pace and lucid flow within his writing, and for the reader this can be thoroughly captivating and entertaining. Immediately as the book opens, Bryson establishes an...

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How Does the Writer Make the Reader Feel Pity for Veronica?

How does the writer make the reader feel pity for Veronica? Basically, the writer chooses Veronica’s friend to be the narrator- Okeke. Instead of making Veronica the narrator but the reason is that because the writer could use the narrator to make us feel pity for Veronica more easily and gives the reader more sensational feeling. She does not seem to care that there is no hope for a better life or the future. This is perhaps the main reason why we as readers feel more sympathy towards Veronica...

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Disabled, by Wilfred Owen. How successful is Wilfred Owen in presenting the destructive nature of war an evoking pity in the reader?

IGCSE English Language. Section B coursework: 'Disabled' essay. HOW SUCCESSFUL IS WILFRED OWEN IN PRESENTING THE DESTRUCTIVE NATURE OF WAR AN EVOKING PITY IN THE READER? This poem was created to represent each boy and man that joined the army during the First World War because of the propaganda and false information that the government was serving out and how slowly all the victims came to know the reality, the destruction and the horror the word 'war' really meant. Each and every soldier that...

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"The Handmaid's Tale" - Consider what techniques Atwood uses to create a sense of empathy between the reader and the text.

Atwood uses to create a sense of empathy between the reader and the text. "The Handmaid's Tale" is a novel that is largely dependent upon creating a bond between it's characters and the reader; in my opinion the novel would not reach it's full potential or have full impact unless the reader was empathising with the characters and situation throughout. Ergo, Atwood uses several literary techniques to ensure that all but the most hardhearted of readers cannot fail to empathise, not only with the plight...

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Literary Analysis of an Unseen Extract: How Does the Author Engage the Reader Through the Use of Literary Devices in Your Given Extract?

Literary analysis of an unseen extract: how does the author engage the reader through the use of literary devices in your given extract? The first line " In the middle of nowhere..." grabs the readers attention because it gets the reader wondering why this person is in the middle of nowhere, It gives the reader something to think about creating different feeling and emotions towards the reader. As you begin to read on you are given the weathers description "left behind its feeble breezes, but the...

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Interpretation of "The Lottery" by Shirly Jackson-A tale of pointless violence, inhumanity, and senseless adherence, while unintentionally enlightening the readers with a morality lesson.

of pointless violence, inhumanity, and senseless adherence, while unintentionally enlightening the readers with a morality lesson about not always following the crowd. This masterful short story initially deceives the reader then shocks the reader into a realization of the dynamics of diction. This basic narrative technique dramatically engages the reader in the textual process such that the reader participates in the action through identification with the townspeople due to simple, yet strong language...

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How Jean-Dominique Bauby's The Diving Bell and the Butterfly Challenges the Minds of Readers

Every now and then life gives us a challenge, and often that challenge can define our life and who are. The memoir wrote by Jean-Dominique Bauby describes such a challenge. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly challenges the minds of readers to imagine a world of pure terror where ones whole existence changes due to being trapped in their own body, left to live life through one’s own memories and imagination. Bauby begins by describing how he is awakening from a stroke and is trapped in his own body...

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“I Am Confident of the Truth of My Words.” ‘the Reader Finds It Difficult to Accept Changez’s Version of the Truth.’ Discuss.

Fundamentalist raises doubts to the reader as Changez, the narrator, poses biased and unchallenged views on his ‘inflective journey’. The manner, in which Changez carries about his ‘history’, with such confidence and thorough knowledge, is one of confronting nature, bringing about a sense of uneasiness highlighted through the descriptions of his ‘silent’ companion, the American. However despite these reasons, Changez’s story itself arouses a sense of sympathy within the reader as it is of a young man whose...

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