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Raymond Carver

fellow human beings. The reasons for this lust for power could be many, and some of them are mentioned in the short story “Why, honey?” The story “Why, honey?” is written by Raymond Carver in 1976. It’s a short story written in a letter format, which means it has a 1st person narrator. This format makes it possible for Mr. Carver to confuse the reader, because the reader is unsure of whom the letter is addressed to. All we know is that the letter is given the view point of a mother writing about her...

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Raymond Carver as Minimalist

Raymond Carver’s fingerprints Every writer has a different way of presenting his/her ideas to readers, and that’s what makes each of them so distinctive. A famous late 20th century American short story writer and poet, Raymond Carver, has often been described by critics as a minimalist. According to an Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary a minimalist is a person who uses very simple ideas in their work (“Minimalist”, 881). Raymond Carver wrote a lot of great short stories and poems. Most of his...

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Cathedral (by Raymond Carver)

Cathedral: A Lesson for the Ages Raymond Carver's short story, "Cathedral," portrays a story in which many in today's society can relate. We are introduced from the first sentence of the story to a man that seems to be perturbed and agitated. As readers, we are initially unsure to the reasoning's behind the man's discomfort. The man, who seems to be a direct portrayal of Raymond Carver himself, shows his ignorance by stereotyping a blind man by the name of Robert, who has come to stay with he...

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Fat by Raymond Carver

I am deeply ambivalent about Raymond Carver. My beef with this particular dead guy has less to do with his fine stories than with his 1980s-era apotheosis into an academic demigod, his canonization as St. Ray of the MFA programs, the way his works and style became paradigms to be slavishly imitated by a generation (maybe two generations now) of American writing students, a process of sowing that came to barren fruition in the bland, flat, snowy fields of zero-degree Minimalist prose. All this has...

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Raymond Carver "Cathedral"

Ryan Collins ENG 102 Section N02 February 10, 2014 An Interpretation of Raymond Carver’s “Cathedral” Raymond Carver’s “Cathedral” tells the story in first person narration, of a man that at first when confronted with the notion of his wife’s blind friend Robert visiting them at their home, is hung up on the fact that he is blind and cannot really relate to that concept. The narrator’s wife became acquainted with Robert prior to her first marriage, which failed due to her then husband’s military...

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Cathedral by Raymond Carver

“Cathedral” by Raymond Carver This minimalistic story is written by the famous author, Raymond Carver. Carver was born in 1938 in the small town of Clatskanie, Oregon, to an alcoholic father who worked at a sawmill and his mother who worked as a waitress. After graduating from high school, Carver and his family moved to California, where he did not continue his education until 1958, where he started taking writing classes with the writer John Gardner, who introduced him to the fascinating world...

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The Cathedral by Raymond Carver

CATHEDRAL by Raymond Carver Raymond Carver, the author of Cathedral was born in Oregon in 1938. He came from a poor family. At the age of 40 he was one of the most promising writers of his generation and was also near ruin in everyway from alcoholism. He quit drinking but lung cancer took over- taking his life at the age of 50. He wrote 3 collections of stories: “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love”,“ Cathedral” and “Elephant”, poems and essays. He was considered a minimalist until Cathedral...

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Raymond Carver Cathedral Analysis

Bah 1 Beverly Fraser Effective Reading and Writing 603-101-MC Friday October 30th, 2015 Cathedral In the short story “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver, the author represents that physical appearance and personality are two different things through the characters actions. The unnamed narrator and his wife don’t know each other intimately although they live together. Consequently, after working...

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An Analysis of Cathedral by Raymond Carver

The narrator of the story "Cathedral" by Raymond Carver has never met someone who was blind until Robert came to visit. Robert has been a friend of the narrator's wife for the past ten years and is spending the night because he has not seen her for such a long time, but this bothers the narrator. He does not regard a blind man as a normal person with whom he can relate with, and is extremely uncomfortable with the idea of having to socialize with one for an entire evening. The narrator is stereotypical...

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Response to "The Cathedral" by Raymond Carver

 I fear this essay may come off a bit choppy due to the fact that while reading “The Cathedral” by Raymond Carver I had a lot of different questions and thoughts running through my head. The first thing I noticed was that the narrator never really uses names and that confused me. Making the story difficult to navigate and raising the question, why leave character names a mystery until later? What purpose does it serve? We never learn the names of the narrator, the wife or the officer, most of the...

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