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colgate palmolive

of cannibalism and being our self a competition which is unwanted , however the project sales provide higher revenue we need take in consideration that the cost of the toothbrush project is 114 million dollars and we need to take a look at the return of investment and how soon will the investment pay off but we need to take that in consideration if the over all market share of the toothbrush raises from the period of introduction . The advertising strategy needs to be much more wide and applicable...

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MAT2 Task 2 Executive Summary

Benefits of Virtualization Executive Summary The server virtualization environment has increased tenfold creating flexible and cost effective infrastructure for IT datacenter. Return on investment (ROI) is substantial when consolidation is implemented properly. The purpose of this paper is to focus on the company forty-seven physical server’s currently in use in the datacenter and provide information on how virtualization can increase utilization of hardware, decrease power assumption, and reduce...

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Acounting Information in Performance Measurement

operating profit, EBTDA or residual income. Ratio measures consist of such things as ROI, ROE, return on net assets, or risk adjusted return on capital. Reasons for the use of accounting information in performance measures are due to Accounting based measures being Precise, Objective, Timely, Understandable, & Cost Efficient thus meeting the measurement criteria satisfactorily. As Accounting Profits & Returns can be measured on a timely basis relatively precisely and objectively, it is possible to...

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Sales and Inventory System

Paper | 500 | | | 1 hp printer | 4,000 | Ink | 600 | | | 100 compact disk | 800 | | | total | 2,000 | | 24,800 | | 1,100 | Sum total | 27,900 | 4. Return on investment (rate of return) FORMULA= {[DC-OC]/DC]*100 RETURN ON INVESTMENT ={[31,900-27,900]/31,90}*100 RETURN ON INVESTMENT=1.253918495297806*100 RETURN ON INVESTMENT= 12.54% 5. Savings FORMULA S= DC-OC SAVINGS= 31,900-27,900 SAVINGS=4,000 6. Payback Period FORMULA PP= DC/S PAYBACK PERIOD=31,900/4000 PAYBACK...

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bank risk analysis

agriculture product such as corns and rice. The corporation owned approximately 46590 acre of land throughout the United States, 78 percent of those are located in North Carolina (one of the biggest tobacco producer in the United States). In 1989 the return on investment of the production was around 17 percents, which was quite impressive compare to the industrial average 11 percent. However, in 2010 the profits margin seems to decline to 12 percents. According to the our analyst, such trend will continue...

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Eagle Airlines

actually is translated into a €23.645 return on investment. ▪ A probability over 50% that the company will generate cash flow of at least €74.467 (median) which represents the 40% of the aeroplane current value. ▪ However, another important statistical parameter to be taken into account is the standard deviation of €35.257 that describes a quite wide dispersion/variability of the probability distribution. ▪ If we do not take into consideration the discount rate of 15%, then the breakeven point...

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Harvard Business Review Case- Revere Street

the fourth month. This means that during the construction process, Alexander must also be actively marketing vacancies, searching for, interviewing, and selecting tenants, and securing leases. These tenants must also be willing to accept the rental rates to achieve Alexander’s target level of rental income, which are almost $10,000 higher than the current owner’s figures. If this is not accomplished, he could be losing $2,000 per month on each unoccupied unit. Beyond these start-up efforts, Alexander’s...

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Warren Buffet, 2005 Case Study

average total return of all stocks was 10.5%. We can see that with these percentages, Berkshire more than double its return (2.29%). 4. Berkshire invested $3.83 billion in the four through multiple transactions between May 1988 and October 2003; on a composite basis, Berkshire’s dollar-weighted purchase date was July 1992. By year-end 2004, Berkshire held these interests, on a weighted basis, for about 12.5 years. The Big Four companies are highly diversified. *Get rate of return 5. Intrinsic...

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Acc 202 Final Exam Review

ACC 202 FINAL EXAM TOPIC LIST SPRING 2013 50 questions at 6 points a question Chapter 10 (8 questions) Direct materials price and quantity variances. Understand calculations and meaning. Direct labor efficiency and rate variances. Understand calculations and meaning. Chapter 11 (9 questions) Compute ROI and show how changes in sales, expenses and assets impact ROI. Compute residual income and understand its strengths and weaknesses Chapter 12 (9 questions) Identify...

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Managerial Economics.

firm collects $175,000 in revenue and spends $80,000 on raw materials, labor expense, utilities, and rent. The owners of the firm have provided $500,000 of their own money to the firm instead of investing the money and earning a 14 percent annual rate of return. a. The explicit costs of the firm are $80,000. The implicit costs are $70,000. Total economic cost is $150,000. b. The firm earns economic profit of $25,000. c. The firm’s accounting profit is $95,000. d. If the owners could earn 20 percent...

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