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  • Barrick Gold

    dividend US cents per share from 48 cents per share in 2010 to 60 cents per share in 2011 and then a significant 80 cents per share in 2012. As per their website‚ “Barrick’s strategy is focused on maximizing risk-adjusted returns and free cash flow to position the company to return more capital to shareholders over time.” Barrick gold recorded a net earnings of 3.8 billion and operating cash flows of 5.4 billion. This shows that they are able to generate earnings and cash flow and increase their

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  • Unit 7 Assignment 1

    company employees • Motivating employees to participate in the program • Keeping management excited about the company’s obesity prevention efforts • Discussing potential program components and deciding what activities to include “With high obesity rates in the United States‚ these health care costs can directly affect employer profits.4 It is estimated that employers spend $13 billion annually on the total cost of obesity.3 Approximately 9.1% of all health care costs in the United States are related

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  • Ocean Carriers Case

    assumptions. First‚ assume that Ocean Carriers is a U.S. firm subject to a 35% statutory (and effective) marginal tax rate. Second‚ assume that Ocean Carriers is domiciled in Hong Kong for tax purposes‚ where ship owners are not required to pay any tax on profits made overseas and are also exempted from paying any tax on profit made on cargo uplifted from Hong Kong‚ i.e.‚ assume a zero tax rate. The investment is not viable from the finance perspective. According to the analysis‚ Linn should not

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  • Finance

    Which type of interest is Sara earning? A) free market B) complex interest C) simple interest D) interest on interest E) compound interest Question 4 You are depositing $1500 in a retirement account today and expect to earn an average return of 7.5 percent on this money. How much additional income will you earn if you leave the money invested for 45 years instead of just 40 years? A)$10723.08 B) $11790.90 C)$12441.56 D)$12908.19 E) $13590.93 Question 5 Steve invested $100 two

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  • Engro Rupiya Certificate

    attractive profit rate of 14.5% per annum‚ Engro Rupiya is superior to most saving schemes in the country. It offers you unprecedented convenience and secured returns. Our strong code of ethics and transparent procedures assure no hidden costs and the peace of mind you deserve. Through the Engro Rupiya Certificate you have the opportunity to share the growth of one of the largest conglomerates in Pakistan and be part of its future successes. Product Features * Fixed Profit rate of 14.5% per year

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  • Operational Levarage

    but companies are not required to disclose such information in published accounts. Return On Investment (ROI) A performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments. To calculate ROI‚ the benefit (return) of an investment is divided by the cost of the investment; the result is expressed as a percentage or a ratio. The return on investment formula: In the above formula "gains from investment"‚ refers

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  • Divisional Performance Measurement

    DIVISIONAL PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT The objective of divisional performance measurement is to develop performance measurement systems for divisions that are significant investment centers in large organizations. Such systems should: (1) provide information for economic decisions‚ (2) facilitate the control of division operations‚ (3) motivate managers to achieve high levels of divisional performance so as to further the objectives of the entire organization‚ and (4) serve as a basis for evaluating

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  • Corporate Finance Project Evaluation

    Sunny Beach Hotel Evaluation Report Regarding Various Scenarios for Adding a Karaoke Pub in the Sunny Beach Hotel . Dear Sir‚ I have considered the scenarios you suggested to be evaluated from economic point of view regarding the opportunity of accepting the offer of Planet Karaoke Pub to install one of its facilities inside the free space from 2nd floor of Sunny Beach Hotel or to extend the activities of our company with a Karaoke pub located on the beach area administrated by our

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  • Corporate Financial Policy and the Value of Cash

    policy. We begin by providing semi-quantitative predictions for the value of an extra dollar of cash depending upon the likely use of that dollar‚ and derive a set of intuitive hypotheses to test empirically. By examining the variation in excess stock returns over the fiscal year‚ we find that the marginal value of cash declines with larger cash holdings‚ higher leverage‚ better access to capital markets‚ and as firms choose greater cash distribution via dividends rather than repurchases. WHAT VALUE

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  • Roi and Variance Analysis

    ROI and Variance Analysis ROI and Variance Analysis What are the four major budgets of a health care organization? Briefly discuss each. Describe the four types of responsibility centers‚ including the characteristics of each? The revenue center represents the organizational link in which the activity is appreciated. The cost center represents the organizational link in which products/ services are obtained which generate expenses (costs) with the help of which there can be measured the efficiency

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