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Environmental Pollution and Its Solutions

unfavourable conditions, the growth of new saplings has become slow and less luxuriant.  The reckless cutting of trees has not only aggravated the problem of air pollution but also created other hazards like causing floods, soil erosion, change in the rain pattern and other climatic changes which have adversely affected the flora and fauna of a region, destruction of natural habitats and fragile eco¬systems, disturbance in the food web and harming the biological diversity of the area.  Water is necessary...

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Pollution and Various Micro Organisms

entering into a stream or through a municipal sewer or through discharge on land meant for irrigation causes water pollution. Thirdly anything stored on earth, such as, any raw material, solid refuse of a mine or quarry on any land may cause pollution by rain washing it into stream. Fourthly the use of fertilizers also causes water pollution when unused nitrogenous fertilizer is drained out of soil into lakes and rivers. Fifthly, water pollution may also be caused by air pollutants. Even groundwater is...

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Pollution Caused by Factories

which have been shown to destroy the ozone layer. Hydrocarbon gases and nitrogen oxides are also frequently emitted by industrial factories. Nitrogen oxides combine with hydrocarbon gases to produce what is known as ‘smog’. Sulfur oxides cause acid rain and comes from the burning of fuel that contains sulfur. Sulfur oxides are mostly produced at power plants or even combustion-driven power plants. There has been a 33% decrease in sulfur oxides emissions between the years of 1983 and 2002. This reduction...

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Water Is Precious

12. My school 13. Our Home Garden 14. The Post Office 15. The Market 16. The Crow 17. The Dog 18. The Cat 19. The Parrot 20. The Peacock 21. The Ostrich 22. The Butterfly 23. The Railway Station 24. Street Beggars 25. Rice 26. Snakes 27. Hobbies 28. Rain 29. The Sea 30. The Rainbow 31. Deserts 32. The Moon 33. The Earth 34. Our School Library 35. A Cruel Boy 36. The Coconut Tree 37. Good Manners 38. Help 39. Neighbours 40. My Favourite Subject 41. I travelled in an Over-crowded bus 42. Our Friends-The...

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Fresh Water Resources

5000ft) Surrounded by mountains that reach over 5,000m about SL Average air temperature: 60F 700mm rain from a few storms: June - September NO rivers through city   Water consumption: Daily in 2000: 3.024 million liters (800,000 gallons) Where is the supply to support 20 million people? Primary source of fresh water Reservoirs (aquifers) under the city Underground storage units = reservoirs Rain replenishes the aquifers    ...

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Harsh Patel English San Antonio River Walk

Antonio River winds through southwest Texas, an area that is generally dry. However, on September 7, a storm stalled over the town of Taylor and dumped an astounding 23.11 inches of rain on the area in less than a day. It was the heaviest single day of rainfall in the state to that time The immense amount of rain quickly overwhelmed the river. Taylor is located 30 miles upstream from San Antonio, so the resulting flash flood went barreling toward the city. Most of the victims were trapped in...

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Environmental Protection

population and shortage of mineral resources. Air becomes polluted with Cars, trucks, buses, airplanes, factories and plants send burnt gases into the air. The production of electricity causes not only air pollution but acid rains and global warming. Because of acid rains the Earth losses twenty million acres of tropical rainforests every year. This means the extinction of thousands of species that live there, for example tigers. Only 67 thousand tigers remain. Tigers are hunted and killed...

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Natural Sources of Air Pollution

damage. Welfare Effects: contribute to the formation of acid rain, plant and water damage and aesthetic damage. 3. Nitrogen Dioxide Description: reddish, brown, highly reactive gas. Sources: motor vehicles, electric utilities, and other industrial Health Effects: irritation of the lung and respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough, chest pain, difficulty breathing) Welfare Effects: contribute to the formation of smog, acid rain and global warming. 4. Ozone Description: gaseous pollutant...

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Water Pollution

generates sulfur dioxide, a toxic gas, and oxides of nitrogen. When emitted from exhaust stacks, these two compounds combine to form sulfuric acid in the atmosphere. When this toxic compound coalesces with water molecules, it falls to earth as “acid rain”. It contaminates land and bodies of water, and is one of the major causes of water pollution. Even though coal-fired plants have been mandated to install special chemical scrubbers to filter their emissions, a lot of pollutants still reach our environment...

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Summary of Some Convenient Truths by Gregg Easterbrook

changes would have drastic negative effects on the economy. He then presents his way of thinking on the subject, which is in conjunction with efforts taken to correct previous air pollution issues. Easterbrook points out that the urban fog and acid rain were thought to be as insurmountable as the current greenhouse gas issues. Through strict regulations the air pollution was decreased and the damage corrected. In both of these cases the measures proved to be cheaper than expected. He points out...

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