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Rafael Trujillo

Abuse of Power from Rafael Trujillo the Novel In the Time of Butterflies Abstract Dictator Rafael Trujillo ruled the Dominican Republic for over 30 years. He made his way to the top by destroying anyone that got in his way. This abuse of power continued throughout his reign as dictator. In the novel In the Time of Butterflies, Julia Alvarez gives numerous examples that express how Dictator Trujillo abused his power. Trujillo took away women’s rights , took away prisoner’s rights, and took...

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trujillos speech

Erika Orosco 11/10/14 Beth Counihan Life in the Dominican Republic During Trujillo ‘s Era My grandmother play one of the must important roles in my life. She have been with me since the first day of my life when I was born. She is a mother of 5 children, my 3 ankles, my aunt and my mother. Through her life she have always to put on us all the good values of our culture. She have been a strong mother who worked all her life to give her 5 children a better life than what she had. While...

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Religion Shapes Culture and Identity

Church was very much removed from politics. Until the dictator Trujillo came to power and a pastoral letter was written calling for respect for human rights and an improved standard of living for the citizens of the Dominican. This angered Trujillo and caused him to order a campaign of harassment against the church. Which lead to the accusation that five Catholic priests were guilty of conspiracy and bomb making with the anti- Trujillo movement. It was only because of the dictators death that his...

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In The Time Of The Butterflies

Review Summary: In the Time of the Butterflies is an award-winning book written by Julia Alvaraz, a famous Latina writer. This is the story of the four Mirabal sisters during the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo in the Dominican Republic. The sisters make a political commitment to overthrow the Trujillo regime. Throughout the book you can see the family being prosecuted, humiliated, tortured and imprisoned, all for going against the government in secrecy. When they are caught they are all put in...

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Essay on Parsley

first part is given from the Haitians’ perspective, while the second part is from the dictator Rafael Trujillo’s perspective. This is a significant structural element of the poem because it allows readers to have it allows readers to understand the thought processes of the victims of the massacre, the Haitians, but at the same time understand the thought processes of the facilitator of the massacre, Trujillo.           The first part of the poem is titled “The Cane Fields” and is the part which is...

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Analysis of Quotes from In the Time of Butterflies

motion rise – a mind of its own –and came down on the astonished, made-up face” (100). Rafael Trujillo is an extremely powerful man, and is known for abuse his authority. For this reason, the majorities of the citizens of the Dominican Republic are very afraid of him, and tried to avoid anything that may displease him. Minerva however was not one to let others control her. At Rafael Trujillo’s party Trujillo shows great interest in Minerva. After asking her to dance, he becomes very vulgar. While...

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In The Time Of The Butterflies Notes

Sinita and saw what happened to Lina and realized that I'd just left a small cage to go into a bigger one, the size of our whole country." Chapter 2, page 13 Minerva uses "free" to mean enlightened; at Inmaculada Concepcion, she realizes that the Trujillo she has believed in does not exist, and the seeds of a revolutionary are sown within her. This use of "free" fits with the idea of a liberating, "liberal" education. The cage metaphor recalls the theme of entrapment; because of the dictatorship in...

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in the time of butterflies

to mind: Rafael Trujillo. His dictatorship was defined by a rigid control over the Dominican people. But many would also have people remember another history of the Dominican Republic, a history of brave resistance and immense sacrifice. Two different words come to mind when thinking of this history: The Butterflies. These were the code names of Minerva, María Teresa, and Patria Mirabal, three sisters who were key members in an underground movement to overthrow Trujillo. In the...

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The First Step Into a Brighter Tomorrow

sisters Minerva, Patria, Mate, and Dede revolt against Dominican Republic dictator Rafael Trujillo, in hopes of making their country a better place. When power given is used unjustly, citizens are forced to resist, this can be reflected through literature, history, as well as personal experience. In Julia Alvarez’s In the Time of The Butterflies, Minerva Mirabal does everything she can to oppose dictator Rafael Trujillo’s rule in hopes of one day revolutionizing the Dominican Republic. Minerva...

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to cross over from hardship into a life of freedom and joy. For amabelle the water was a constant reminder that she was all alone in the world with nobody to really call family. Due to the hostility between the two countries the Generalissimo, Rafael Trujillo Molina declared the slaughter of Haitians. Many Haitians were killed in the massacre in the Dominican Republic. In the 1937 massacres of the Haitians, sabastien and amabelle found themselves in the middle of the crisis. Rumors erupted...

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