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Case #8: Mattel And Toy Safety

responsibility and acted in an ethical manner. The issue of lead paint was introduced to the business. The company then addressed it to their overseas production facilities and took all the steps necessary to keep lead paint off of its products. This ensures quality items that are not of any danger to the children that come in contact with it. Subcontracting non-compliant paint suppliers was a risky move for Mattel. They should have checked that the paint was non-toxic and could be used for the production of...

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Coke's 1999 Issue

recall of 14 million cases of Coke products in five European countries and huge blow to consumer confidence in the quality and safety of the world’s most recognizable brand. After the initial scare in Bornem, Belgium, Coke and Coca – Cola Enterprises (CCE), a thought they had isolated the problem. Scientists at the CCE bottling plant in Antwerp found that lapses in quality control had led to contaminated carbon dioxide that were used in the bottling of a recent batch of Coke. Company officials...

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Mass Production

all his products are of a good quality. Whether mass production will inevitably lead to a loss of quality and craftsmanship will depend on the nature of mass production, the adaptability of the craftsman and our definition of quality. Mass production could be the end of craftsmanship and quality under certain circumstances. Take Vertu Corp. and Nokia Corp. as an example. Vertu Corp. is a British-based manufacturer and retailer of luxury mobile phones of high quality standards and fine, elaborated...

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Toyota: a Glimpse of Leadership, Organizational Leadership, and Organizational Structure

in the car industry has been experiencing a quality control and consumer product safety issue. Toyota is not only encountering a quality control issue but also a senior management crisis issue. The corporate leadership team of Toyota did not recognize the importance of addressing the consumer safety issue with the sticking accelerator and not to mention the huge public relations blunder that came with it. Does this failure to address a quality control issue and a real senior management public relations...

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Cost and Value Drivers - Toyota

VALUE DRIVERS: Quality: Total quality control is carried out using two basic principles: quality is built in at every stage and quality is continually improved. [2] Toyota has launched, unannounced, several low-profile initiatives, including a global computer data base to track vehicle repairs and cut reporting times about customer complaints from months to days [1] No matter where Toyota vehicles are made, they must have the same high level of quality. Toyota doesn't put a label on vehicles...

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School Based Assessment

farming activities within the community. The business targets the farmers within Victoria and the neighboring communities. The business aims to create employment for young people within the community. It also aims to maximize its profit and offer quality products at affordable prices. JUSTIFICATION OF LOCATION The store will be located in Victoria District Clarendon. This is a prime location because the population consists of mostly farmers, who the business aims to target...

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Modern Theory

process and the timely delivery of an organization’s products and services. The tools used by operations managers are forecasting, inventory analysis, and materials requirement planning systems, networking models, statistical quality control methods, and project planning and control techniques. c) Management information systems- “A computerized information-processing system designed to support the activities of company or organizational management.” Management information systems focus on designing...

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flexibility things are necessity. Two broad Factors can Influence Plant location i.e. 1 General Factors: *Availability of Lands: As if we don’t have lands we can’t build a Factory, though the area is good to work. *Availability of Inputs: Good Quality Raw Materials & Getting Labour at the right time, These are Inputs to be Followed, Plant should be Located, Near Raw Material source, & to Reduce Transport cost & Consistent supply of goods to the customers, Close to Market when Universally available...

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Defend your answer with examples from the case. Answer: When we dole out monetary incentives to promote any scheme, it leads to unplanned and uncontrolled growth leading to management problems. This sometimes leads to inefficiency and dilution in quality ultimately resulting in loss of credibility. The knowledge management (KM) group of Infosys first thought that by promoting the KShop with Knowledge Currency Units (KCU), which could be accumulated and exchanged for monetary rewards, would increase...

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Guideline Business 12

International company which is being owned by 2 owners. And LIDL is a Private Limited Company. The job role of LIDL is that it offers warehouse and supply chain, retail, head office and regional support, property, graduate and placement, produce good quality product, cleaner and the baker. Job roles Cashier: Receive payment by cash, check, credit cards, vouchers, or automatic debits. Issue receipts, refunds, credits, or change due to customers. Count money in cash drawers at the beginning of shifts...

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