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What Can Mattel Do to Enhance Product Quality?

Q4. What can Mattel do to enhance product quality? As mentioned in the article, one of the contributing reasons to the recalls of Mattel’s toys was due to insufficient quality controls. Product quality starts from the product development and design stages of an industry. Mattel has research and development centre where the designs and developments of its products is done in its headquarters in California, USA. Most of the recalls of Mattel products in 2007 were due to the design fault, excessive...

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Quality Control

challenging task to improve product quality and service quality.Quality is the cornerstone of survival for a company. The history of numerous successful companies show that quality is also the dominant factor, especially for the Japanese company. To combat with the competition of North American’s company, quality become the most effective weapon for them to gain a remarkable market place in global. More and more companies are finding it necessary to to achieve high quality, and consider it a major strategy...

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To What Extent Can Improvements in Productive Flow and Product Quality Lead to an Increase in Sales and Profit? Use Examples to Critically Examine the Links.

To what extent can improvements in productive flow and product quality lead to an increase in sales and profit? Use examples to critically examine the links. Sales and Profit are both critical goals in a company. If managers don’t achieve these goals, the company is gradually going to consume its capital and inevitably fail. That’s why they put so many attention on them and why they are always searching for new methods to increase them. In fact, there are many ways that can help making sales...

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Quality Control and Business

manufactured from other companies and puts them together. ------------------------------------------------- Quality control measures Inspectors from the Bureau of Standards check the quality of products and equipment in the business. They certify that each product is of a certain standard for the country. There are also business inspectors to ensure that the business keeps up with the quality expected. They ensure that the best type of machinery and products are bought from the top manufacturers...

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Nissan Motor Company

Motor Corporation Key Issue: The key issue that lies within this case is ultimately the management style and structure of Nissan and its quality manufacturing issues combined with the fact that he CEO of Nissan will soon be the CEO of two operation giants in a foreign market with different variables and structures within them. In addition to the quality issues that Nissan has had in the production of several of its vehicles, Nissans support structure for the upper management isn’t clearly defined...

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Stopping Organic Spoilage

different than your old system of stocking, with the exception of adding a small sticker and spraying with a hand-held device. Each piece of fruit or vegetable is sprayed as it is stocked to the shelf. Absolutely no stock can go unmarked, and the total quality being checked by the weighing system. Any losses must be reported at the time of unloading/stocking. This should be the same in each system. By scanning the bar code, each box and each shipment is already in your inventory system. Your existing computer...

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Mercedes Benz - Target Costing

systems suppliers". MB used their supplier linkages to ensure their systems suppliers were a part of the AAV development process from the concept phase to the production phase. Suppliers were required to produce components on time and within MB quality standards while remaining within their established cost targets. Decisions had to be made early in the development stages so suppliers were brought into the discussion early. MB used supplier knowledge to understand the costs of the manufacturing...

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Chicken-n-gravy line : Case study

frozen dinners and will analyze this information. II. Problem There are two problems 1. How will the defects be measured and what quality tools will be used? 2. What should Ana recommend to the manager after knowing the results? III. Objectives · To determine the most numbered defect and the most defective product line with the use of quality tools. · To address the solution to the manager. IV. SWOT Strengths Weaknesses Quickly handling customers’ complaints...

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frederic gode

group these in terms of the five categories below, and provide a full list of subcategories for each: 1. Strategic  Productivity & Quality Control  Discussion about growing demand & ways to meet it.  Quality Control checks during visit to ensure the best product and in line with the demand orders  Demand forecasting and quality performance  Business enhancement plans  Expansion in capacity and process automation to meet increasing demand and timely deliveries ...

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Universal Computer Company

Issue: The main problem with the two plants, Phillips and Crawley is the quality of the twelve types of modules which falls below 95% level and the other issue is regarding the quality acceptance level of all the modules. We have come up with the recommendation which will help to solve the issue of quality problems of all the modules including the twelve types of modules. Background: Universal Computer Company is producing computers. It has different plants as profit centers producing single...

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