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Puebloan Peoples

not well known and, are over shadowed by more prominent tribes such as the Apache, Cherokee, or Navajo tribes. Background The Zuni are one of the nineteen Pueblo Indian tribes who are descendants of the Ancient Puebloans. Their population exceeds no more than 20,000 people. Their tribal name is A'shiwi (Shi'wi), meaning "the flesh.” Zuni history is believed to be dated back before 2500 B.C. when they moved to the Southwest. It was during this time that they made their first attempts at agriculture...

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Hopi Indians

family could come with blessings and give suggestions of names for the baby. Have their own reservation called Hopi Reservation The Hopi Way is one of peace and is holistic; their name Hopituh Shi-nu-mu, can be interpreted as "The Peaceful Little People." All of daily life is part of their religion, and their belief is to help others improve their life. Twelve clan groups, called phratries, have many clans within them, each with its own ceremonies and sacred fetishes. Though men are the religious...

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sun chief autobiography notes

Home was Oraibi, the oldest inhabited town in the US. Pueblos Near grand canyon Hopi Indians been there for 800 years Don born 1890 Population 1000 Descendents from cliff dwellers Speak shoshonean Men were short 5-4 Hopi means peaceful people Kiva – underground religious chamber Rain in summer No government or surpreme chief The mans sisters son succeeds Village chief always happy Crier chief makes public decisions Don sun hill kiva group Exogamous and matriliniel Old spider woman who is the salt...

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Kachina/Katsina Doll

Hopi's main ancestors were the Anasazi, a group of people who at about the time of Christ came to depend on agriculture. They represent various beings, from animals to clouds. They are believed to be in some form of hierarchy, a form of kingdom. Kachina dolls are depictions of masked men impersonating supernatural beings that predominate the Hopi, Zuni and Pueblo Spirit dances. These Spirits are believed to be descendants of a prehistoric people. They have lived in the Northern parts of New Mexico...

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The Culture of the Kachinas

influenced by the Native Americans and we find ourselves in awe of the independence of these peoples and the culture that they have come from. When we look at art through the eyes of the Native American we should see a functional and usable art. Art was not for aesthetic reasons; it had real purpose. The folk art that came from these cultures were for religious and moral reasons. Everything that these people had had a necessity in their group. The Kachina is one of these necessities. The Kachinas...

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Pueblo Revolt

barely practiced in religious rituals but were the center of their people’s religion.  Pueblos had rituals that were performed fully by men, and there, these men copied women’s reproductive power.  Reproduction was the ideological focus for these people in religion because it stood for fertility, which included the growth of crops for food, offspring of many children and the birth of life in general.  Their prayers and requests were to have more children and to have an increase in agricultural foods...

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Dance Hall Of The Dead Book Report

natural leader in the community. Ernesto was selected by his community for the honor of being the Little Fire God at the Shalako festival. Ernesto was apparently open minded, and the least prejudice person of all the Zuni community. Next important people are the Bowlegs family. There is the father Shorty Bowlegs, the youngest brother Cecil Bowlegs, and finally the other of the brothers George Bowlegs. According to Leaphorn, Shorty was a major alcoholic. Leaphorn also said he seemed to be a loving...

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Pumpkin Seed Point

the Hopi tribe. Many say that his account is perhaps the best, one in which he relives their rich traditions and history. In his work, Waters composes more of a diary involving his experiences with the Hopi. He shares his introductions to various people he meets over his three year adventure. The book was a very easy read that definitely educated me on the Hopi cultures, traditions, and history. This book is a "beautifully written personal account of Waters' inner and outer experience in this subterranean...

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Katsinas AIS 100

Katsinas The Hopi Indians are a tribe who belong to the Southwest group of the Western Pueblo people. They live in northeast Arizona at the southern end of the Black Mesa. Being that they are a large group of people, the United States federally recognizes them as a tribe, giving them a political status as a tribe, and making them eligible for funding and services from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Hopi had religious ceremonies and rituals represented by Katsina spirits. These spirits represented...

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Compare and Contrast Essay

other and each house had two rooms the bigger family's had more rooms they had ladders to come to their homes they were called pueblos. the Northwest region live in something called a plank house. They were rectangular homes that fit up to 30 or 40 people. and given a room the size of a barn stall each family had its own heat (Fire) but cooking and eating meals were shared The Northwest coast had to catch enough fish in the summer so it would last through the whole winter. Men did all...

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