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Proxy War

"To what extent can the Korean War be regarded as a Cold War proxy war?"  The Cold War was the continuing state of political conflict, military tension, proxy wars, and economic competition existing after World War II between the Communist World – primarily the Soviet Union and its satellite states and allies – and the powers of the Western world, primarily the United States and its allies. The Korean War was a military conflict between the Republic of Korea, supported by the United Nations, and...

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Types of War

THE TYPES OF WARS Introduction 1. War has numerous forms, faces, and shades. In today’s political environment, it is difficult to say, precisely, where peace ends and war begins. Classification of wars is discussed in the following paragraphs. Classification of Wars 2. Coercion. It is the Active use of force in a measured way or threat of force to persuade an adversary to adopt a certain pattern of behaviour against his wishes. US air attack on Col Qaddafi’s residence in 1986 and American...

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Tet Offensive Research Paper

Tet offensive Introduction During the Vietnam War there was a sudden, sporadic, and fierce attack against US Armed forces that coincided with the Tet Vietnamese holiday (Schmitz, 2005). This series of strikes was later called the Tet Offensive and was a defining moment in Vietnam War History. It led to a number of poor decisions on the part of the United States military, which were primarily fueled by media sensationalism and a general fear of losing the public support. Public support is a crucial...

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Overall Effects of Vietnam War

The overall effects of the Vietnam War The Vietnam War was a military conflict in which communist forces of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam fought with the indigenous National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam along with their allies, mostly the United States of America over a unification of two states to be bonded by one communistic government. The Vietnam war lasted 209384903 years and the United States was involved for 20394032 years. The issue at hand was the possible expansion...

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When is war justified

When is War Justified? War is justified and only justified when a nation is acting out of self-defense to protect their nation as a whole. One might argue that humanitarian wars or wars that are fought because they seem morally right are also justified. However, wars like these do not protect the interest of their nation as a whole, and are usually fought to establish political connections rather than to protect the nation. In the article, “When is War Justified?” by Elijah Sweete, he states...

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Setting Analysis of How to Tell a True War Story

True War Story by Tim O’Brien Set in 1965-1974 era, “How to Tell a True War Story,” by Tim O’Brien utilizes reoccurring stories set throughout the jungles, mountains, and deserted villages in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Written in a meta-literary form, and based on what can be defined as a self-conscious work, O’Brien uses the art of story-telling with a keen sense of detail to insert the reader alongside for the dramatic beauty and inevitable hardship that comes with the perils of war. O’Brien...

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War and Experiences of a Soldier in Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried

The Things They Carried, By Tim O’Brien Tim O’Brien’s novel, The Things They Carried, provides an incredible realization of what life was like for an American soldier who fought in Vietnam from perspectives before, during, and after the war. The story’s power draws you in. It makes the events in the story seem real and provides the reader with a sense of what it feels like to be one of the soldiers. O’Brien’s talent as a writer made a fictional story more than believable to the reader. When reading...

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The Korean War

Korean War This July 27th marks the 60th anniversary of the armistice agreement that ended the combat phase of the Korean War, but the conflict did not end on July 27, 1953, it merely came to a temporary halt. Though the Korean War may been overshadowed by World War II and the Vietnam War in the minds of many Americans, it had a dramatic effect on social change in the United States ("Korean War had major impact on race relations..."). We have spent the past 60 years living not in a post-war era,...

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Vietnam War

in War and Turmoil: The Agony of Vietnam It has been known that the Vietnam War affected many American soldiers who were involved in the war physically and psychologically. The Vietnam War was one of the most memorable wars in history. Many Americans' lives lost for no objective at all. Chapter 10 informed us about how the Vietnam War started and what really happened during that time. It also gave us background information about Vietnam Veterans and nurses who were involved in the war and...

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Vietnam War vs. Greasy Lake War in T.C. Boyle's Short Story "Greasy La

story "Greasy Lake" are the same type of events that in an instant will change a person forever. The ironic circumstances that the narrator in "Greasy Lake" finds himself in are the same circumstances that young people find themselves in when fighting war. The viewpoint of the world that the narrator has, completely alters as certain events take place throughout the story. His outlook on nature transforms into a wholly different standpoint as the story progresses. As his tale begins, the narrator...

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