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Board | Year of Passing | Percentage |     S.S.C | KumKumVidhyalaya | G.S.E.B | 2004 | 74.86% | H.S.C | KumKumVidhyalaya | G.S.H.S.E.B. | 2006 | 61.60% | PROJECTS * Project 1: “ANNOUNCIATOR SYSTEM” * Project 2: “MICRO CONTROLLER BASED FLASHING LIGHT” * Project 3: “AUTOMATION SYSTEM FOR HOT STEAM BOILER” TRAINING AT HIECON TECHNOLOGIES, AHMEDABAD I have completed my project “AUTOMATION SYSTEM FOR STEAM BOILER “during 8th semester in HIECON TECHNOLOGIES, Ahmedabad...

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"printed" onto board, connecting different components on the PCB, such as transistors, resistors, and integrated circuits. (http://www.techterms.com/definition/pcb) 12. Programmable Logic Controller Program - is a binary coded data that stores set of ordered instructions which will be downloaded to the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). (en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Introduction_PLC_Programming) 13. Rod less cylinder frame - a solid two tower post used to hold the rod less cylinder and for height adjustment...

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Organizational Review of Plant Automation Group

possible location of the Plant Automation Group. ¨ Identify and review reporting relationships options DEFINITIONS Definitions used within this organizational review. SCADA Supervisory and Data Acquisition System PLC Programmable Logic Controller HMI Human Machine Interface ITD Information Technology Department PAG Plant Automation Group GM General Manager BACKGROUND When the Districts first began consideration to form a focal group...

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QA Assignmen

than Hard wired Relay: Select one: a. easily programmable b. Highly reliable c. None of these d. both Highly reliable and easily programmable 3. Approximately 400nm to 760 nm range is for Select one: a. Visible light band b. Far Infrared c. Ultraviolet d. Microwave 4. Discrete state process control is a particular .......... through which the process accomplishes some objective. Select one: a. Events b. on/off events c. relay logic events d. sequence of events 5. Fluid flow...

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Machine Design -- Future Technology Trends

Timeframe More Sophisticated Safety Controllers We will see the wider adoption and greater sophistication of safety controllers, which includes such devices as safety relay modules, relay-controller hybrids, safety PLCs, and specific function safety controllers, such as a muting controller. The next step up in the quest for more intelligent safety controls are the relay-controller hybrids, often described as modular controllers. These are simple controllers with relay or electronic-based expansion...

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Product Process Matrix

or expand it. Controlling the speed of rotation of those machines and varying them in numbers produces a glass ribbon of varying width and thickness. Continuous production presents possibilities for enhancing automation. By employing Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and other automated controls, we can reduce chances of error (thereby delays and downtime) due to human intervention. This is due to the fact that most of the jobs are routine enough and can be easily automated. So there is a lot...

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Load Shedding Analysis

medium. But the greatest drawback of relay usage is that the relays can be efficient used only for the simple control decisions. In order to overcome this drawback, the computers are designed with low cost which leads to the development of programmable logic controller. Nowadays, PLC have been gaining its popularity on the factory floor because of its advantages such as a)Flexible b)programming becomes easier with the trouble shooting aids c)cost effective d)reliable Different configuration of PLC...

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Selection, Hardware and Software Requirements of a PLC

needed in the case of any hardware conflicts occurring as new PLCs or modules were added. It is likely that the operator would use a proprietary piece of software to program the PLC with, if they were from Siemens they would be programmed in Ladder Logic. P3 A PLC would be very useful for this type of activity because it is repetitive, the same item would be having the same thing done to it. A PLC controlled arm doesn't need breaks, if set up properly, so it could take the place of a human and...

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Three Automation Types

(beginning around 1924). B. Programmable Automation The production equipment is designed with the capability to change the sequence of operations through reprogramming to accommodate different product configurations. The operation sequence is controlled by a program, which is a set of instructions coded so that the system can read and interpret them. New programs can be prepared and entered into the equipment to produce new products. Typical features: High investment in programmable equipment Lower production...

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Theoretical Framework

Operator The Proposed Automated Parking System 2.1.3 Conceptual Framework The parking system is based around a micro-controller and U-shaped photo sensors. It is quick and efficient in operation. The micro-controller is interfaced to the PC by serial port through ICL232 which is a dual RS-232 Transmitter/Receiver. Photo sensors, four-phase stepper motor and micro-controller control the entire operation of the car parking control system collectively. The seven segment display and serial interface...

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