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  • Plutonium Essay

    Plutonium Essay I would like to work on the metal plutonium because the discovery of plutonium has a great impact on the world. Plutonium’s symbol is Pu and its atomic number is 94. This element has 150 neutrons and 94 protons and its standard atomic weigh is 244. Plutonium is located in the 7th period and it is a silvery white metal. One of its main uses is to act as the fuel of nuclear fission Plutonium does not exist naturally‚ although some say that small

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  • Plutonium and New York

    Seaborg discovered plutonium in 1941 at Berkeley University in California. The discovery of Plutonium was not announced until 1946 because America was at war with Japan and Germany. Plutonium was named after the planet Pluto‚ after the planet Neptune in the solar system and Neptune gave its name to Neptunium. <br><br>Plutonium is a silvery metal that turns yellow when exposed to air. It is warm to the touch due to the releasing radioactive energy from it. The atomic number of Plutonium is 94. It has an

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  • Nuclear Power

    nuclear waste reprocessing in the United States or its commercialization abroad. Reprocessing threatens human health by increasing the level of radioactivity in the environment and threatens human life by increasing stockpiles of weapons-usable plutonium. The National Research Council’s Committee on Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation (BEIR) published seven reports since 1956 regarding radiation exposures. The latest report demonstrates that even very low levels of exposure to radiation can

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  • Is There a Nuclear Arms Threat?

    Eli Rex PS 2713/GE 2713 Dr. Jerry Emison‚ Mr. Robert Green September 28‚ 2013 Is There a Nuclear Arms Threat? America has been considered a “superpower” state for decades. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “superpower” as “an extremely powerful nation‚ especially one capable of influencing international events and the acts and policies of less powerful nations.” The earning of the title superpower comes with some benefits and disadvantages. Certain benefits America possesses is:

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  • Three Mile Island Nuclear Effects

    Near Harrisburg‚ Pennsylvania in March of 1979‚ a reactor malfunction resulted in the release of radioactive material into the atmosphere. The automatic release valve malfunctioned‚ which prevented water from entering the system and cooling the reactor core. This incident is considered the worst disaster in U.S. nuclear history (Gale). However‚ from this incident we learned more about how reactors work‚ the environmental impact‚ and the health consequences of radiation exposure. As nuclear energy

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  • The Manhattan Project

    research the development of the bomb and created plants and factories to work in ("The Atomic Bomb…" 257). They created plants for three separate processes: electromagnetic‚ gaseous diffusion‚ and thermal diffusion. These plants helped create the plutonium and uranium 235 needed to manufacture the atomic bomb (Gerdes 142). The secrecy of the Manhattan Project was essential in order to develop the atomic bombs to end World War II. The United States and Great Britain kept the development of the atomic

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  • nuclear terrorism

    sparked further work on the question of smuggled atomic devices during the 1950s. Discussions of non-state nuclear terrorism among experts go back at least to the 1970s. In 1975 The Economist warned that "You can make a bomb with a few pounds of plutonium.

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  • The Manhattan Project: The World's First Atomic Bomb

    There was a flash of light so powerful it could be called a sun. An explosion so powerful it turned sand into glass. A sound so loud that it was heard 100 miles away. The world’s first atomic bomb had just exploded. The Manhattan Project was the code name for the United States nuclear development project. It was lead by Major General Leslie Groves of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer‚ who was the director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The program was hurried

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Dropping The Atomic Bombs

    entered the war when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7‚ 1941. The bomb dropped on Hiroshima was an atomic bomb using uranium 235. "Fat Man‚" the bomb dropped on Nagasaki‚ was a plutonium bomb. Nuclear fission is when two atoms split. The splitting of certain atoms like uranium and plutonium can cause build up of energy. When enough energy is built up with a chain reaction of nuclear fission‚ you can get enough energy to build an atomic

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  • The Bombing of Hiroshima

    responsibility of choosing many of the sites for research and testing‚ including the “secret cities.” These “secret cities” were remote towns built with prefabricated homes established specifically for the engineers working to separate uranium or plutonium isotopes. In choosing these cities‚ General Groves “sought out a relatively undeveloped

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